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Lord Help Me Be the Kind of Person (My Dog Thinks I Am)14
I Need More Of You7
Vertical Expression (of Horizontal Desire)2
Bye Bye Love2
Let Your Love Flow1
I Need More Of You - Re-Recorded1
Old Hippie1
Almost Jamaica1
Lovin' On1
Vertical Expression (Of Horizontal Desire) (feat. Freddy Fender)1
If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body0
Redneck Girl0
Let Your Love Flow - Re-Recorded0
If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me0
Lovers Live Longer0
Some Broken Hearts0
You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie0
Sugar Daddy - Re-Recorded0
If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body0
Do You Love as Good as You Look0
Let You Love Flow0
I'd Lie to You for Your Love0
When I'm Away From You - Re-Recorded0
For All The Wrong Reasons0
Lovers Live Longer - Re-Recorded0
You'll Never Be Sorry0
Sugar Daddy0
Inside of My Guitar0
When I'm Away From You0
Kids Of The Baby Boom0
For All The Wrong Reasons - Re-Recorded0
Do You Love As Good As You Look - Re-Recorded0
Take Me Home0
Crazy From The Heart - Re-Recorded0
If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me0
Dancin' Cowboys0
Crazy From The Heart0
Jesus Is Coming0
Like She's Not Yours0
Rebels Without A Clue0
Lie To You For Your Love0
Reggae Cowboy0
Slippin' Away0
My Wife Left Me for My Girlfriend0
Guilty of the Crime0
I'll Give You All My Love Tonight0
Rip Off the Knob0
Vertical Expression0
Big Hair0
Let Your Love Flow ('94 dance remix)0
Cowboy Beat0
Dancing Cowboys0
The Vertical Expression of Horizontal Desire0
Dancin' Cowboys - Re-Recorded0
I Love You (More and More)0
World's Greatest Lover0
Achy Breaky Heart0
She Don't Know That She's Perfect0
If It's So Easy0
Drug Problem0
Hillbilly Hell0
Santa Fe0
Blue California0
I Wish I Had You0
I Need More of You (Almighty radio mix)0
Old Hippe0
You're My Favorite Star0
Neon Cowboy0
Old Hippie (The Sequel)0
Strong Weakness0
Too much is not enough0
What'll I Do (Acoustic Version)0
She's Gone With the Wind0
She don't know she's perfect0
Forget About Me0
We Dared the Lightning0
Big Love - Re-Recorded0
Lonely Planet0
Satin Sheets0
Bird Dog0
Redneck Girl (Re-Recorded Version)0
I Love Her Mind - Re-Recorded0
Redneck Girl (Remix)0
Redneck Girl (Guitar Mix)0
Let Your Love Flow (classic remastered radio version)0
Let Your Love Flow (live)0
Blame It ... On the Fire In My Heart0
If I Sid You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me0
Faith Came Back to Me0
Spiders and snakes0
Get Into Reggae Cowboy (Live)0
If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body (Re-recorded)0
I'd Lie To You For Your Love - Re-Recorded0
Redneck Girl (Live)0
Highway 2 - 18 (Hang on to Your Dreams)0
God Ain't Finished With Me Yet0
Redneck Girl (Live) [Re-Recorded]0
I Need More of You (Almighty Radio Edit)0
I Could Be Persuaded (Live) [Re-Recorded]0
Ole Hippie0
Almost Jamaica (Re-Recorded)0
Tough Love0
The Center Of My Universe0
Save Your Love0
Tropical Christmas0
On a Summer Night0
Do You Love as Good as You...0
Wonderful Mistake0
Sugar Daddy (Live)0
Redneck Girl (Live 2011)0
Makin' Music Mama0
Redneck Girl (dance mix)0
If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me) [Live & Re-Recorded]0
She's Awesome0
If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body...(Live)0
If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me) (Re- Recorded)0
Lonely Eyes0
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree0
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight0
If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body (Re-recorded)0
Rodeo for Jesus0
I Could Be Persuaded0
Get Into Reggae Cowboy (dance mix)0
Fly Me to Eden0
Let Your Love Flow (Remake '91)0
My Indiana Lady0
Let Your Love Flow (Reggae Holiday mix)0
Hemmingway Hideaway0
Can I Come Home to You0
Let's Roll America0
Our Love0
Anyway I Can0
Native American0
Fountain of Middle Age0
The Andy Griffith Show0
Country Rap0
How Can You Be Everywhere At the Same Time0
Can I Come on Home to You0
Our Family0
All in the Name of Love0
Down to You0
The Vertical Expression (Of Horzontal Desire)0
Get Into Reggae Cowboy0
What's This World Coming To0
Old Hippie (The Sequel) - Live0
Sante Fe - Live0
Too Much Is Not Enough (w. The Forrester Sisters)0
Hell Cat0
Let Your Love Flow (Live - Digital Remastered)0
If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me) - Live0
I Could Be Persuaded - Live0
You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie (40th Anniversary Version / Live)0
Nothin' Heavy0
Livin' In the West0
Feelin' the Feelin'0
If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body (The Sexy Country mix)0
Let Your Love Flow (1998 Reggae mix)0
I Love Her Mind0
Wings of the Wind0
Spiritually Bankrupt0
Old Hippie III (Saved)0
Beautiful Night0
Let Your Love Flow (gospel mix)0
You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie (Live Version)0
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