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The Fall Of Troy

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"You Got a Death Wish, Johnny Truant?"--0
Your Loss--0
A Man a Plan a Canal Panama--0
A Single Word--0
Shhh!!! If You're Quiet, I'll Show You a Dinosaur--0
Oh! The Casino!?--0
Auto Repeater--0
Inside / Out--0
Chapter II: a Strange Conversationtransl0
Chapter I: Introverting Dimensionstransl0
A Man. a Plan. a Canal. Panama.transl0
Shhh!!! If You're Quiet I'll Show You a Dinosaurtransl0
Chapter III: Nostalgic Mannerismstransl0
Chapter IV: Enter The Black Demontransl0
Empty The Clip, The King Has Been Slain, Long Live The Queen!transl0
Straight-Jacket Keelhauledtransl0
Chapter V: The Walls Bled Lusttransl0
The Hol[ ]y Tape...--0
Side by Side--0
An Ode to the Masochists (Instrumental)--0
Suck-O-Matic (Instrumental)--0
Side by Side (Instrumental)--0
A Single Word (Instrumental)--0
Auto Repeater (Instrumental)--0
Love Sick (Instrumental)--0
What Sound Does a Mastadon Make?--0
Your Loss (Instrumental)--0
Savior (Instrumental)--0
Inside / Out (Instrumental)--0
Ghostship I.--0
Love Sick--0
Mouths Like Sidewinder Misssles--0
Oh! The Casino!--0
Ghostship IV.--0
Ghostship V.--0
401K (Instrumental)--0
Nature Vs. Nature--0
We Better Learn to Hotwire a Uterus--0
Battleship Graveyardtransl0
Caught Uptransl0
Tom Waitstransl0
Laces Out, Dan!transl0
People And Their Livestransl0
Mirrors Are More Fun Than Televisiontransl0
Oh! The Casino !?transl0
The Adventures Of Allan Gordontransl0
Dark Trailtransl0
I Just Got This Symphony Goin'transl0
Act One, Scene Onetransl0
Panic Attack!transl0
Quarter Pasttransl0
Dirty Pillow Talktransl0
A Classic Case Of Transferencetransl0
Walk Of Fametransl0
Nobody's Perfecttransl0
We Better Learn How To Hotwire a Uterustransl0
Macaulay McCulkintransl0
Ghostship Part vtransl0
Ghostship Part IVtransl0
Cut Down All The Trees And Name The Streets After Themtransl0
Ghostship Part IItransl0
The Dark Trailtransl0
The Vomiting Wintertransl0
Ghostship Part Itransl0
What Sound Does a Mastodon Make?transl0
The Circus That Has Brought Us Back To These Nights (Yo Chocola)transl0
Rockstar Nailbomb!transl0
Nature Vs. Nurturetransl0
Mouths Like Sidewinder Missilestransl0
The Last March Of The Entstransl0
Reassurance Rests In The Seatransl0
Whacko Jacko Steals The Elephant Man's Bonestransl0
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