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I'm So Exitedtransl18
You Gotta Believe--2
Jump (For My Love)transl2
Heart to Heart--1
Jump (For My Love) (single remix)--1
Don't Walk Away--1
Dare Me (single version)--1
Neutron Dance--1
Baby Come and Get It--1
We Are Family--1
Slow Hand--1
Neutron Dance (Beverly Hills Cop)--1
My Life--0
Sweet Lover Man--0
The Love Too Good To Last--0
Someday We'll Be Together--0
What A Surprise--0
Easy Days--0
We've Got the Power--0
Here Is Where Your Love Belongs--0
I'm So Excited (original 12" version)--0
I'm So Excited (From 'National Lampoon's Vacation')--0
Burn Down the Night--0
Hey You--0
Sexual Power--0
Dreaming As One--0
Wanting Things--0
Hot Together--0
American Music--0
Wang Dang Doodle--0
Going Down Slowly--0
Telegraph Your Love--0
Easy Persuasion--0
Black and Blue--0
I Need You--0
Dance Electric--0
How Long (Betcha Got A Chick On The Side)--0
Black Coffee--0
All I Know Is the Way I Feel--0
He Turned Me Out--0
Twist My Arm--0
See How the Love Goes--0
Having a Party--0
Could I Be Dreamin'--0
Everybody Is A Star--0
If You Wanna Get Back Your Lady--0
I Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues--0
Slow Hand (Live)--0
Jump (For My Love) [Live]--0
Overture - Prelude To Islandia--0
Yes We Can Can - Remastered--0
Take My Heart, Take My Soul--0
We're Gonna Make It--0
Automatic (extended mix)--0
Yes We Can Can (Live)--0
Nothin' but a Heartache--0
What A Surprise - Original Edit--0
KSAN Pointer Sisters Intro--0
Someday We'll Be Together (UK Single Edit)--0
Fire (Live)--0
Jump (Live)--0
Don't It Drive You Crazy--0
Little Pony--0
Don't Let A Thief Steal Into Your Heart - Original Edit--0
Just a Little Closer--0
I'm So Excited (From "Beverly Hills Cop")--0
Send Him Back--0
Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do--0
Jump (For My Love) (long version)--0
Echoes of Love--0
Angry Eyes--0
As I Come of Age--0
Come and Get Your Love--0
Automatic (long mix)--0
Could I Be Dreaming--0
Jump (Four My Love)--0
Send Him Back (Pilooski edit)--0
All of You--0
Special Things--0
Where Did the Time Go--0
Save the Night for Love--0
Lay It on the Line--0
Automatic (Album Version)--0
Black Coffee (Live)--0
Happiness (Live)--0
Automatic (12" version)--0
Dirty Work--0
Be There--0
Blind Faith--0
Automatic (Live)--0
Fairytale (Live)--0
Wang Dang Doodle (Live)--0
Don't Let a Thief Steal Into Your Heart--0
I’m So Excited (Live)--0
Neutron Dance (Live)--0
He’s So Shy (Live)--0
Dare Me (Live)--0
I Need You (Live)--0
Jump (For My Love) (12" extended mix)--0
I'm So Excited (12" extended mix)--0
Dare Me--0
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town--0
I Feel for You--0
9. I'm So Excited--0
I'm So Excited--0
He's So Shy--0
Back in My Arms--0
Jump (For Your Love)--0
Should I Do It--0
Neutron Dance (12 Inch extended mix)--0
Automatic (12" extended mix)--0
Dare Me (12" extended mix)--0
Neutron Dance (From "Beverly Hills Cop")--0
Yes We Can Can--0
Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)--0
Who Do You Love--0
Neutron Dance (Radio Mix)--0
Automatic (Extended Version)--0
Freedom (single version)--0
Dare Me (instrumental)--0
My Life (remix)--0
Dare Me (12" dance mix)--0
Save This Night for Love--0
Jump (For My Love) (12" instrumental mix)--0
Happiness (12" disco version)--0
I'm So Excited (12" remix)--0
Serious Slammin'--0
Shut Up and Dance--0
I Will Be There--0
Neutron Dance (12" extended mix)--0
He's So Shy (single version)--0
Jump for My Love (12" version)--0
Dare Me (remix)--0
Dare Me (extended version)--0
Baby Come and Get It (single edit)--0
Neutron Dance (single edit)--0
Be There (dub version)--0
Be There (a cappella)--0
Be There (From Beverley Hills Cop II) (12" extended remix)--0
Be There (single version)--0
Be There (extended version)--0
He's So Shy (Album Version)--0
I'm So Excited (Re-EQ'd Version)--0
I'm So Excited (Remastered)--0
Jump (original mix)--0
Operator (original mix)--0
Jump (For My Love) (remix)--0
Automatic (single edit)--0
I'm So Excited (single remix)--0
Baby Come and Get It (12" extended version)--0
Neutron Dance (12" remix)--0
Automatic (12" Special remix)--0
Jump (For My Love) (12" long version)--0
Jump (For My Love) (single version)--0
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