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Anna Lucia - Trophy Scars lyrics
♪ Anna Lucia ♪ official lyrics
Anna Lucia steps out of her car
Loosens her scarf as she enters the bar
Then she goes dancing
And romancing

Anna Lucia drinks rum for revenge
Thinks of her cowboy all covered in red
The she just smiles
Turns to her left and...

Anna makes talk with the man to her side
Asks him his plans for the rest of the night
Then he says "Anna,"
"You are gorgeous,"

Then she falls into his arms
Says "This won't be so hard,"
"Just to love you,"
"Over nothing,"
"Over something."

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do
Doesn't matter how she gets it
Or if she speaks the truth
Her eyes bright with love
And a warm sense of touch...
She'd confess herself to heaven just to kill the God above.

Anna Lucia just follows his car
Parks on the street while he opens his door
To his apartment
But she's conflicted

Anna conceals a blade in her purse
Her mind is made up when she pulls down her skirt
She say "Please excuse me,"
"I'll be right back, hun,"

Anna goes back to her bag for the knife
Returns to the room and then turns out the light

For the wolves that try to hurt us
For the wolves that go desert us
For the wolves that don't deserve us
Here's luck's revenge

He spots her knife when she gets on top and
Asks her calmly what she's going to do then
She looks up at the ceiling then cries, says:
"I want revenge."

Then he grabs her by her arms
Says "Will it fix your heart?"
"Just to kill me?"
"Over nothing?"
"Over something?"

Then she falls right to her knees
Screams "Please don't break my heart!"
"Just to love me,"
"Over nothing"
"Just for something"

For the snakes that will betray us
For the sharks that still destroy us
For the fucks who set your heart on fire
Who's crying now?

Anna Lucia
I'm pleased to meet ya
Please don't say goodnight, no, no

Anna Lucia
I'm pleased to meet ya
Please don't call this luck, no
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Trophy Scars - Anna Lucia song lyrics
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