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Visions of Atlantis

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New Dawn0
Seven Seas0
At the Back of Beyond0
Realm of Fantasy0
Pharaoh's Repentance0
Cast Away0
Last Shut of Your Eyes0
Return to You0
Send Me a Light0
Flow This Desert0
Atlantis, Farewell...0
The Poem0
Return To Lemuria0
The Deep & the Dark0
The Last Home0
Cleric’s Emotion0
The Ark0
Vicious Circle0
Burden of Divinity0
Cave Behind the Waterfall0
A.E.O.N. 19th0
Bestiality vs. Integrity0
Maria Magdalena0
Change of Tides0
Distant Shores0
Black River Delta0
Where Daylight Fails0
Conquest of Others0
Twist of Fate0
Elegy of Existence0
Gravitate Towards Fatality0
Lovebearing Storm0
Mermaid's Wintertale0
Lords of the Sea0
Seduced Like Magic0
The Quest0
Chasing the Light0
State of Suspense0
Lovebearing Storm (original version)0
Mermaid's Wintertale (original version)0
Seduced Like Magic (original version)0
The Secret0
Passing Dead End0
Nothing Left0
My Darkside Home0
Wing-Shaped Heart0
Through My Eyes0
Tlaloc's Grace (Orchestra Version) (Bonus Track)0
Tlaloc's Grace (Bonus Track - Orchestra Version)0
Seduced Like Magic (Demo Version)0
Lovebearing Storm (Demo)0
Seduced like Magic (Demo)0
Beyond Horizon - The Poem Pt. II0
Beyond Horizon - The Poem, Pt. 20
Mermaid's Wintertale (Demo)0
Tialuc’s Grace0
Tlaloc's Grace0
Where Daylight Falls0
At the Black of Beyond0
Beyond Horizon – The Poem, Part II0
Sent to Rule0
Ritual Night0
The Silent Mutiny0
Book of Nature0
The Grand Illusion0
Dead Reckoning0
Words of War0
Prayer To the Lost0
The Deep & the Dark (Live)0
New Dawn (Live)0
Book of Nature (Live)0
Ritual Night (Live)0
Lost (Live)0
The Silent Mutiny - Live0
The Last Home (Live)0
Words of War - Live0
The Grand Illusion (Live)0
Passing Dead End (Live)0
Return To Lemuria (Live)0
The Deep & The Dark (Live at Symphonic Metal Night)0
New Dawn (Live at Symphonic Metal Night)0
Book of Nature (Live at Symphonic Metal Night)0
Ritual Night (Live at Symphonic Metal Night)0
Lost (Live at Symphonic Metal Night)0
The Silent Mutiny (Live at Symphonic Metal Night)0
The Last Home (Live at Symphonic Metal Night)0
Words of War (Live at Symphonic Metal Night)0
The Grand Illusion (Live at Symphonic Metal Night)0
Passing Dead End (Live at Symphonic Metal Night)0
Return to Lemuria (Live at Symphonic Metal Night)0
The Deep & The Dark - Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights0
New Dawn - Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights0
Book Of Nature - Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights0
Ritual Night - Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights0
Lost - Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights0
The Silent Mutiny - Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights0
The Last Home - Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights0
Words Of War - Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights0
The Grand Illusion - Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights0
Passing Dead End - Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights0
Return To Lemuria - Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights0
Heroes of the Dawn0
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