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Warn Him - Raw--14
Neva Get a Gyal Weh Mi Love So Much--13
Hello Riddim (Instrumental Version)--9
How Yu Pussy Tight--9
Whine Fi Me--8
Gwan Suhtransl8
Birthday Fuck (Birthday Sex Remix)--7
Beg You A Fuck--7
Happy Pum Pum--7
Too Fucky Fucky--7
Me Love You Bad--6
Tell Him a Lie--6
No Games (Explicit)--6
Tell You Say--6
Pum Pum (Paradise)--5
Compass Riddim (Instrumental)--5
Tun Back Way--5
Pussy Clean--5
Tell You Say (Raw)--5
Fuck Fi Di Pum Pum--5
Tun Up the Fuck--4
My Love My Love--4
Freaky Gal, Pt. 3--4
Ever Blessed Riddim (Instrumental)--4
Freaky Girl, Pt. 3--4
Colouring This Life--4
Dem a No Gangster--4
Gates of Heaven--4
Nuh Fraid (Never Scared)--4
Open Up--4
Cya Defeat We--3
Real Youth--3
Drink Up--3
Warn Him _ Clean--3
Most High--3
Thank You Jah--3
Wah Dat Fah--3
Brooklyn Anthem--3
Bet Mi Money--3
Sorry Babe--3
She Holding On--3
Do Di Maths (Wah Do You)--3
Clarks (Feat Popcaan & Gaza Slim)transl3
Affi Come Back--3
All Out--2
Si Dwn--2
Beat Up the Cat (Remix)--2
Bicycle Ride--2
Gaza Commandments--2
Love Yuh to Mi Heart--2
Under Water--2
Virginity (Raw)--2
Mhm Hm--2
Good Night--2
Poco Man Skank--2
Good Pussy--2
You Make Me Cry--2
Yuh Love Chat--2
No Man--2
Pussy to the Test--2
In Heaven--2
Can't Say No (feat. MonCherie)--2
Like Christmas--2
Ever Blessed--2
Talk to Dem--2
Nymphomaniac (Clean)--2
Thank Yuh Jahtransl2
Ghetto Youth--2
Horny & Proud - Raw--2
Mi fi a Dweet--2
Picture This--2
Buss My Gun--2
In Heaven (Radio Edit)--1
Neva Drop My Guard--1
Real Friend--1
Mothers Love Riddim (Instrumental)--1
Last Man Standing--1
Life Goes On--1
Like Xmas (Edit) (feat. Sheba)--1
Rough Sex (feat. Delicious)--1
Hold Me (Hurt It Up)--1
Hold Me--1
Ever Blessed (Raw)--1
Sick Inna Mi Head--1
VIP - Raw--1
Dumper Truck (That Sweet Yuh)--1
She so Pretty--1
Straight & Narrow--1
Freaky Gyal--1
Get Gal Eazy - Raw--1
Love Yuh Suh--1
Jamaica Land We Love--1
Poor People Land--1
Born Again Virgin--1
Pum Pum Heaven--1
Closed Casket--1
Like Xmas (Raw) (feat. Sheba)--1
Gimme di Benz Punany--1
Bare Vybz--1
Can't Move We--1
My Rainbow--1
Give Thanks(Harmony)--1
Never Turn a Raper--1
Pussy Me Say--1
Higher Altitude (feat. Don Corleon, Baby G & Bounty Killer)--1
Sex & the City--1
Life Me Say--1
Clarks (feat. Popcaan and Gaza Slim)--1
Mad Dawg (Radio Version)--1
Don't Come Back--1
Ramping Shoptransl1
Mi Baby U--1
Ignite The World--1
Every Gyal a My Gyal--1
Girl You Too Bad--1
Benz Punany--1
Punani a Mi Best Friend--1
Whine (Wine)--1
Back to Life (Raw)--1
I Neva--1
Make Up Break Up--1
Make Di Star Shine--1
Number One--1
In Love with You (Radio Edit)--1
You Make Me Cry (Radio Edit)--1
Pretty Little House (Radio Edit)--1
Murda Dem--1
Big Man Thing--1
Tek Gun Shot--1
Freaky Gal (Juleen)--1
Drink up (Remastered)--1
Come Back Home--1
Punany a Mi Best Friend (Instrumental Version)--1
Mi Love Baby (Instrumental)--1
Mofraudo (TimeLine Riddim)--1
Hello Moto--1
Buss It--1
My Baby U--1
Good Father--1
Weed Smoke (Shashamane Dubplate)--1
Slew Dem Like David--1
Born Bad--1
Ben Over--1
I've Been in Love with You--1
Broad Daylight--1
Dancehall Hero - Clean--1
Come Yah Nuh Me Gal--1
Summer Time [Part 2]--1
Sexy Seductive Wine--1
My Scheme--1
Intro Skit--1
Dumpa Truck / That Sweet Yuh--1
Me a Pree--1
Beautiful Girl--1
Beg U a Kucktransl1
Straight Jeans & Fitted (Feat. Russian)transl1
Protect Me--1
Credit Alone Done--1
Yuh Love--1
Come Breed Me--1
Wine To Di Top--1
Mr Officer--1
Pale Blue Dot (Rihanna Wine)--1
Money Me a Look--1
My Heaven My Hell--1
I Promise You--1
Without Money--1
Mile High Club--1
Facebook Like--1
Best Place Pon Earth--1
Nuh Permission--0
Looking Glass--0
Galopoly (Raw)--0
Put It On Hard - Raw--0
Come Breed Me (Raw)--0
Million by a Morning--0
Hott Grabba (Raw)--0
Love Yuh Enuh--0
Wine Fi Money--0
When Last--0
Jeans & Fitted--0
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