Xzibit Myltiply [ En Duo Avec Nate Dogg ] song lyrics
Myltiply [ En Duo Avec Nate Dogg ] Xzibit lyrics sheet
Myltiply [ En Duo Avec Nate Dogg ] - Xzibit lyrics
♪ Myltiply [ En Duo Avec Nate Dogg ] ♪ lyrics
I've beeeeen this way and I can't stop (ah)
Hands on the ball and I won't drop (no)
Half-assed rhymes that you can't watch (no)
It ain't cause I want to it's cause I got-ta
Get it Crip while the gettin is good
before the game is 10% skill and 90% Hollywood
I don't need that, I don't believe that
E'rybody gon' get hurt, if I do dirt
I flirt with the idea of quittin' the game
Nah!! I'ma evolve continue to change
It take brains, balls and backbones to get it on
and keep it on, we keepin it movin, to each his own
So I spit about it, whatever I feel about it
I'm just bein real about it; X get hot nigga forget about
Speech don't failllll me now
Dedicated to the enemies and friends that hold me down

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]
(We) back on line (We) came to ride
(We) deal (We) stack (We) multiply
(We) stay on the grind (Until) we die
And back for mo', cause we can't get enough

Above the rest, accept no less
Go ahead, check the game, be my guest
Somethin brand new and heavy to get off my chest
Win time after time 'til there ain't none left
Hardhat, punch the clock, back to work
I'm bigger, stronger, faster, built to hurt
everybody and anybody who come to my party
like they ready to get roudy and touch somebody
Who's that nigga y'all came to see? "X!"
Often imitated, but cannot be, "X!"
What's next, collect respect like paychecks
Straight to the bank with my bitch and have safe sex
What do you believe in? I believe in
seizin the moment, livin and dyin to spit with a vengeance
Here for redemption - been around forever
Y'all cats were just too blind to listen


[Nate Dogg]
It ain't my fault.. we keep droppin hits
And you can't spit like this, so I'm takin yo' bitch
It ain't shit changed.. we gon' bang like this
And I'm drinkin this fifth, we still don't take no shit

I got a "Sixth Sense," that tells me you ain't worth six
I'm sick with my sixth sense
Whattup Doc? I'm gettin down to business
Crooked ass the cops to the Rampart district
Loose yourself in the music, move it or lose it
Abuse it, let's booze it, please don't confuse it with the
next man, it's the X Man rollin
Stand firm, solid as the ground I'm holdin
Make mine +Golden+, permanent +State+ issue
Stacked with the wealth that you can't take witchu
Long range missile, if we got issues
I'ma squeeze this shit and nobody gon' miss you
I'ma keep swingin 'til the medics come get you
We busy, stay off my line, you can't get through
Peep the design from the mastermind
Yo Dre, bring that shit back one more time!

[Chorus - repeat 2X]
Lyrics credits : lyrics added by slick-will
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Xzibit - Myltiply [ En Duo Avec Nate Dogg ] song lyrics
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