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Performers Jean-Jacques GoldmanCarole Fredericks

C'est pas d'l'amour song translation by Jean-Jacques Goldman official

Translation of C'est pas d'l'amour from French to English

It looks like Tuscany
Sweet and beautiful from Vinci
The wise and beautiful landscapes
Make men wise too
It looks like images
To the mild seasons, to the beautiful days
To the silence after the storm
To the soft touch of velvet
It's a bit like these musics
That we hear without listening
These things that never exist so much
As the lack they have left

It looks like these highways
Without bend, without detour
The "Dolce Vita", no doubt
But in any case, it's not love

It looks like wisdom
To these peace that we sign one day
Just at the cost of our youth
Without trumpet or drum
It's full of kisses-caresses
Full of sweet words from children
Testimony of tenderness
Reassuring ritual
Harmony, intelligence and reason or serenity
"Accomplice, connivance", so many words
To express all that it is

It's a bit of all that, in turn
But in any case, it's not love

Without fear and without solitude
Happiness has what we say
There are many lives without Beethoven and without opinion
Why not lives without screams?

But whether we are against or for
In any case, it's not love

It's not love
It's more than love

It's more than love
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