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Performers Jean-Jacques GoldmanCarole FredericksMichael Jones

Chanson d'amour (...!) song translation by Jean-Jacques Goldman official

Translation of Chanson d'amour (...!) from French to English

Love song, hysteria of the moment, screens, novels, all the time
Little ones, heavy ones, real ones, others made of fluff
It's too much, let's end it

It oozes from all the magazines
It sticks to the fingers, it sticks to the heart, it's disgusting
In truth
Who could name me
Just one that has given
More freedom

Clean loves, the dirtiest, disgusting
I've crossed paths with many
Children parents, photos, smiles, charming!
Born to avenge all their failures, tit for tat
"Vulture" loves, or "showcase" loves, I've seen
But just loves, they're not common on the streets

Abuse of trust, vulgar anesthetic
Pathetic unconsciousness
It can hide our miseries for a moment
Like alcohol, like a drug, a screen
But there's always one of those dirty mornings when we say that love
It's useless

Enough talk, there's nothing worse than love
Except not to love
Might as well do it, it's clear
And then keep quiet
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