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Performer Lynda Lemay

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Translation of Pas De Mot from French to English

When one loses their parents
They're called an orphan
When one loses their wife
Then they're called a widower
When one loses their youth
Of course, they become old
When one loses their child
There's no word

There's no name
To describe the father
The one who tucks his son in
At the cemetery
Never a single poet
A single pastor
Never a single author
Has had enough letters for so much pain

When one loses their mind
Of course they're called mad
And then they're called poor
For losing too much money
When one loses their memory
Immediately they're called amnesiac
But there are things that no word explains

We can search the oldest dictionaries
Possess the most extensive vocabulary
Dissect Baudelaire, even underground
Until his last verse
There's no word, no way
To call the parent of a child who is no more
There's no known word for that

When one loses their parents
They're called an orphan
When one loses their husband
Then they're called a widow
When one loses their little one
It's obvious, there's no word
Yet there are words
That move us

But here, there's none
There's really nothing to say
We don't even know anymore
If we have the right to live
But well, we live anyway
We live simply to not die
We laugh so as not to cry endless tears
Yes, we live because he
Can no longer do so
We live because we tell ourselves that undoubtedly
He would be proud
When one saves a child
They're called a hero
But when one loses one
There's no word

No word
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