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Paroles de Versipellis

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Paroles de la chanson Versipellis par ADÉ lyrics officiel

Versipellis est une chanson en Anglais

My skin will turn tonight
I can smell it in the sky
full moon gives sight to my eyes
so I can go and seek for blood

Damned by fate I need flesh to rest
I will make from nightmare once the beat will be sate
dazed visions travel into my blind mind
I act like the beast, I do am the beast

Skin turned inside out
now I smell only your fear
full moon gives strenght to my jaws
and the blood I'm hunting is yours

Cursed by Gods I'm their plaything of death
they're gratified by my bloody roars
my hand penetrate inside your bowels
you'd scream if I wasn't eating your throar

Dabbling blood on my hair
I am the name of fear
tomorrow they'll think I'm insane
when they'll find me spread in blood

Your fear silence your moans
petrified by Ade's eyes
no soul inside this body
just instinct for devouring
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