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Well I guess the best way
For me to begin is
The other day I was hanging
With some friends
Going around the room talking
About our favorite noise
I said I had a brother
In the Backstreet Boys

So everyone screamed
"Hey is this some kinda trick"
Yeah, which one is he?
The blond one, Nick
Then the cutest girl said
"I have to see their show
But I have no ticket, Aaron
How can I go?"

Your wish is my command
See it's no problem, hon
In fact I'll get some tickets
Here for everyone
All I gotta do is just pick up my celly
And it's a done deal
Let me call Nick and tell him

By the way Aaron
If you could, while you're at it
Can you hook up some seats
For my friends and my parents?
So I said to myself
"Well heck, why not?"
There's nothing that can
Beat the connection I got

Aaron, oh Aaron
What are you going to do?
You make empty promises
Oh so big
How gonna make
Them come true?
(I don't know)

Aaron, oh Aaron
What are we going
To do with you?
Always a makin'
A bigger mistake
(Yo, I gotta make a phone call)
Always a-makin'
A fool

Hey Nick
I need a favor from you, dude
I promised people tickets
So you gotta come through
Sure, bro
How many do you need?
1, 2, uh, 3003

I can get you maybe a dozen
You can't promise seats to
Everyone and their cousin
What did you do?
How'd you get in this mess?
I was talking to this girl
Hold your breath
I know the rest

Guess you better get yourself
A whole lotta money
For 3000 tickets?
Nick, that's isn't funny
How'm I supposed to pull
That off in so little time?
You got me, Aaron
That's your problem
Not mine

Aaron, oh Aaron
(What do I do?)
What are you going to do?
You make empty promises
Oh so big
How gonna make
Them come true?

Aaron, oh Aaron
What are we going
To do with you?
(I don't know)
Always a makin'
A bigger mistake
(So, it was just one mistake)
Always a-makin'
A fool

How in the world could
He do that to me?
I thought we were blood
I thought we were family
We'll get into the show
We'll get good seats
Everyone on the bus
You're all coming with me

I'm tellin' you guys
When we get to the gate
He can never say "No"
When he looks at my face
Hook me up
Nick, man, I swear
I'll pay you back
Well come to think about
We need an opening act

What do you want me to do
Tell jokes, dance, act?
Nah, I want you on stage
I want you to rap
'Cause if you don't
You're gonna have
Some disappointed friends
And by the way
You're on at eight
That's when the show begins

Aaron, oh Aaron
(Come on)
What are you going to do?
You make big promises
Oh so big
How you gonna make
It come true?
(One promise man)

Aaron, oh Aaron
What are we going
To do with you?
(I'm desperate)
Always a-makin'
A bigger mistake
(I'm desperate, man)
Always a-makin'
A fool

Aaron, oh Aaron
(Will you be quite)
(Will you shut up)
What are you going to do?
You're making up promises
Oh so big
How can you make it
Come true

Aaron, oh Aaron
(Now opening up)
(For the backstreet boys)
What are we going
(Give it up for)
(Aaron Carter)
To do with you
Always a-makin'
A bigger mistake
How can you make it
Come true

Aaron, oh Aaron
What are we going
To do with you?
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Reproduction parole interdite sans autorisation. Writer(s): ANDY GOLDMARK, JOSHUA MICHAEL SCHWARTZ, BRIAN KEIRULF Lyrics powered by
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Aaron Carter - Ho Aaron paroles
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