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Akon lyrics
Fiche de Akon


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Smack That (feat Eminem)trad185
Mr. Lonelytrad125
Never Took The Timetrad57
Lonely (Bad remix)--56
Nobody wanna see us together--30
Am I Dreaming ? (Feat. Kat DeLuna)trad22
I Wanna Love You (feat Snoop Dogg)trad16
Sunny Day (feat Wyclef Jean)trad15
Lonely (Instrumental)--15
The Way She Moves (feat Zion)trad15
No More You--14
Sorry Blame It On Metrad13
I Wanna Be With Youtrad12
Right Now (Na Na Na) (Instrumental Version)--9
Beautiful (Reggae Remix)--8
Belly Dancer (Bananza) (remix)--7
Keep On Callingtrad7
Be With Youtrad6
RIGHT NOW Na Na Natrad6
Locked Up (remix) (feat. Styles P)--5
MP3 (feat. K. Michelle)--5
That Girl On Fire (ft. Paul Wall)trad5
Keep You Much Longertrad4
Rock (Ft. Filapine)trad4
Locked Up Remix (feat. Taz & Styles P)--4
Story of My Life--4
I Wanna Fuck You (feat Snoop Dogg)trad4
Hurt Somebody (Ft. French Montana)trad3
Weekend (feat. Usher)--3
Time Or Money (feat. Big Meech)--3
Holla Holla (Feat T-Pain)trad3
Right Now (Na Na Na) (instrumental)--3
Right Now (Na Na Na)--3
I'm So Paid (instrumental)--3
Snitch (feat Obie Trice)trad3
Locked Up (Remix) [Clean]--3
Don't Mattertrad3
I Wanna Love You (remix)--3
Take It Down Low (feat. Chris Brown)--2
Over The Edgetrad2
I Can't Wait (instrumental)--2
Don't Let Uptrad2
Self Made (feat. French Montana, Juicy J & Project Pat)--2
Club Certifiedtrad2
Good Girls Lie--2
America's Most Wanted--2
Rely Ontrad2
I'm So Lonelytrad2
Love You No More--2
Can U Believe--2
You Don't Want It (freestyle)--2
Honey I'm Home (feat. 2 Chainz) (Noodles Mix)--2
Until U Come Back--2
Mama Africatrad2
We Don't Caretrad2
Top Chef (feat. Gucci Mane & French Montana)--2
Trouble Nobody (instrumental)--1
Smack That (Remix)--1
Gringo (Bonus Track)--1
Tired of Running--1
Time Is Money--1
Smack That (Without Eminem)--1
Her Shoes--1
I'm Sorry--1
Nosy Neighbor--1
I Can't Wait (clean)--1
Baby, I'm Back Baby--1
I Wanna Love You (feat. Snoop Dogg) (edit)--1
Ride on' Em--1
Burn That Bridge (DJ Graff extended mix)--1
Do It--1
Smack That (Live)--1
Locked Up (remix) (feat. Nas)--1
Ghetto - feat. Ali B & Yes-R--1
Chasin’ You--1
Ain’t No Sunshine--1
Beautiful (Album Version)--1
Beautiful (Radio Edit)--1
Survivor (feat. Mavado)--1
Chammak Challo--1
Gansta Bop--1
Don't Matter (Calypso Remix) [Main]--1
Used to Know feat. Money J & Black Frost--1
Work It--1
Long Gone (feat. R. City)--1
Saddest Day--1
Locked Up (Clean Remix)--1
Lonely - UK Radio Edit--1
Right Now (Na Na Na) (super clean)--1
I Promise--1
Don't Matter (original radio edit)--1
Trouble Nobodytrad1
Trouble Nobodytrad1
Bananza (Belly Dancer)trad1
Oh Africatrad1
Sexy Bitchtrad1
That Na Natrad1
Pot Of Goldtrad1
Saviour Tonitetrad1
The Raintrad1
Blown Away (feat Styles P)trad1
Bartender (feat T-Pain)trad1
The Sweet Escape (Feat. Gwen Stefani)trad1
Against The Grain (feat Ray Lavender)trad1
Beautiful (feat Colby O'Donis & Kardinal Offishal)trad1
Smack That--1
Sorry, Blame It On Me - Main--1
So Blue--1
Lonely (Live)--0
I Can't Wait (UK Radio Edit)--0
Locked Up - Album Version (Edited)--0
Don't Matter (Live Lounge)--0
Sorry, Blame It On Me (UK Radio Edit)--0
Gunshot (Fiesta Riddim) (Explicit)--0
Never Took the Time (Live)--0
Right Now (Na Na Na) [Radio Edit]--0
Lock Down--0
Mama Africa - UK Radio Edit--0
Once In A While - Album Version (Edited)--0
So Flytrad0
So Flytrad0
Ball fa Eva--0
Look at Me Now--0
Locked Up (Explicit)--0
Right Now (Na Na Na) [UK Radio Edit]--0
Gangsta (feat. Daddy T. Picklehead & Devyne)--0
Banaza (Belly Dancer)--0
Watch Out Now--0
Smack That (instrumental)--0
Loked Up--0
We On It feat. Yo Gotti--0
Salute feat. Te Money & Fabulous--0
I Wanna Love U--0
In Yours Eyes--0
Time Is Money (Mastered) (feat. Big Meech)--0
Shake Down - Album Version (Edited)--0
No Sunshine (freestyle)--0
Senegal (freestyle)--0
Moonshine (feat. Savage)--0
Struggle Everyday - Bonus Track--0
Don't Let Up - Version without sample--0
Pot Of Gold - UK Radio Edit--0
Ghetto - feat. Ali B & Yes-R (Moroccan Edit)--0
Shake Downtrad0
Pot of Gold (UK Radio Edit)--0
Soldier (freestyle)--0
Bananza (Belly Dancer) [12" Version]--0
Last Man Standing (feat. Asher Roth)--0
Don't Matter (Edited)--0
I Can't Waittrad0
Kill the Dance--0
Who Dat Girl - feat. Flo Rider--0
Don't Matter (Radio Edit)--0
Don't Matter - Radio Edit--0
Gangsta Bop - Album Version (Edited)--0
Still Alone--0
Make it jump--0
Wanna Rock (feat. Rock City)--0
Lonely (Disney Edit)--0
We Don't Care - Radio Edit--0
Chammak Challo (Sanjoy Deb Remix)--0
Cashin Out (Akon)--0
Don't Matter - (Calypso Remix) - Main--0
Never Took The Time - Album Version (Edited)--0
Trouble Nobody (dirty)--0
Mama Africa (Explicit)--0
Never Took the Time (main version)--0
DJ Vlad--0
I Can't Wait (explicit)--0
Kill the Dance (Got Something for Ya)--0
Belly Dancer (Bananza) (dirty)--0
Don't Matter (BBC radio 1's live Lounge)--0
The Rain - Album Version (Edited)--0
Show Out (Explicit)--0
Trouble Nobody (Explicit)--0
Senegal (Explicit)--0
When the Time's Right (Explicit)--0
Locked Up (Remix) [Dirty]--0
Senegal (Album Version (Explicit))--0
Senegal (Edited)--0
When the Time's Right (Edited)--0
Shake Down (Live)--0
Mama Africa (Live)--0
We Don't Care (Radio Edit)--0
Locked Up (Edited)--0
Show Out (Edited)--0
Trouble Nobody (Edited)--0
Struggle Everyday (Bonus Track)--0
Don't Matter (UK Radio Edit)--0
Trouble Nobody (clean)--0
Belly Dancer (Bananza) (instrumental)--0
Where Do I Go--0
Lonely (Radio Disney edit)--0
Little Do They Know (feat. All Stars)--0
Never Took the Time (main)--0
Shake Down / We Takin Over / I Wanna Love You / Smack That / Don't Matter / Mama Africa--0
Belly Dancer (Bananza) (clean)--0
So Fly (feat. Blewz)--0
Bananza (Belly Dancer) [Explicit Version]--0
Locked Up (Explicit Version)--0
Lock Down (feat. Ya Boy)--0
Belly Dancer (Bananza) (explicit)--0
Locked Up (album version, edited)--0
I Wanna Love You (Live)--0
Sucker for Love--0
When The Time's Righttrad0
Look at Me Now (Freestyle)--0
Cashin' Out (Akon Remix)--0
You Could Be--0
Show Outtrad0
Lockdown 2--0
Easy Roadtrad0
Locked Up (remix feat Styles P)trad0
Angel (G-Wizard & Def Rok DJ Mix)--0
On the Block--0
Mama Africa (Radio Edit)--0
I Can't Wait - UK Radio Edit--0
Locked Up (feat Booba)trad0
Don't Matter - UK Radio Edit--0
Smack That - Without Eminem--0
Bananza (Belly Dancer) - Instrumental--0
Ghetto ([email protected])--0
Locked Up ([email protected])--0
Lonely ([email protected])--0
Locked Up (Live)--0
Smack That (NBA Version)--0
Shake Down (Remix (Explicit))--0
Shake Down (Remix)--0
Bananza (Belly Dancer) [Instrumental]--0
Don't Matter - Live Lounge--0
Locked Up - Radio Edit--0
Bananza (Belly Dancer) - UK Radio Edit--0
Locked Uptrad0
Come Back 2 Me--0
Locked Up (Radio Edit)--0
Grady Babyz - Yey'--0
I’m so Paid (Live)--0
Tired Of Runnin'trad0
Make It In The City--0
Time or Money--0
Gunshot (fiesta riddim)--0
Lonely - Old Version--0
I'm Back (feat. Baby Bash)--0
Ghetto (remix)--0
Give It to Em--0
Life Of a Superstartrad0
Lonely (Old Version (dirty))--0
Still A Survivor--0
Hurt Somebody (feat. French Montana)--0
Lights On--0
So High--0
Oo La Latrad0
Blown Away--0
Cashin Out--0
Searchin for Love--0
Lonely (Old Version) [Clean]--0
I Wanna Love You (Live From Canal Room)--0
Long Gone--0
Don't Matter - Album Version (Edited)--0
Thats-Me (Feat 615)trad0
Guarantee ( Feat. Flo-Rida)trad0
Going To Jail Tonight (ft. Chamillionaire)trad0
Wanna Be Starting Something--0
Party Animaltrad0
Cashin Out (re-remix)--0
Locked Up (Remix)--0
Gun Shot--0
Burn That Bridge--0
Aint Sayin Nothin--0
Drop Down Low--0
Holla Holla--0
Keep Up--0
Smack That (feat. Eminem)--0
Smack That (Dirty)--0
Chammak Challo (International Version)--0
Sorry, Blame It On Me (Main)--0
Mr Lonely (Bonus Track)--0
One more time--0
Sunny Day--0
Against the Grain--0
Dangerous (Live)--0
Clap Again--0
Akon (intro)--0
Right Now (Na Na Na) (main)--0
Searching for Love--0
Belly Dancer (Bananza)--0
Angel (produced by David Guetta)--0
I Won't--0
Hold My Handtrad0
Lonely (Old Version)--0
Better Than Hertrad0
Me Myself & I--0
Ditch Ya Boyfriend--0
You Don't Want It--0
Blown Away (feat. Styles P)--0
I Wanna Love You--0
Just a Man--0
Sorry, Blame It On Me--0
Strawberry Letter 23--0
Don't Matter (Calypso Remix)--0
Locked Up (album version Explicit)--0
Struggle Everydaytrad0
I'll Still Kill (feat 50 Cent)trad0
Rush Hour 3trad0
I Wanna Love You (Edited)--0
Give It to 'em (remix) (feat. Ya Boy)--0
Stay Down (feat. Flashy)--0
Beautiful (Live)--0
Gringo - Bonus Track--0
Locked Up (feat. Styles P)--0
Same Damn Time--0
Aint Sayin Nothing--0
Sorry, Blame It On Me - UK Radio Edit--0
Tired Of Runnin' - Album Version (Edited)--0
I Can't Wait - Album Version (Edited)--0
I'm So Paid (no rap)--0
Once In a Whiletrad0
Belly Dancer--0
Gangsta Boptrad0
I'm Wanted Man--0
Beautiful (Radio Edit with Rap)--0
Throw Dat D--0
Lonely (Unreleased)--0
Fair To Youtrad0
Right Now (Na Na Na) - UK Radio Edit--0
Put It On Me--0
Call da Police feat. Verse Simmonds & Busta Rhymes--0
Bad Man--0
Bananza (Belly Dancer) - 12" Version--0
Mama Africa - Album Version (Edited)--0
Death Row--0
Get Away--0
Top Chef--0
Each His Own--0
Walk Away--0
Love Handles--0
What's Love (feat Shaggy)trad0
I'm So Paidtrad0
What You Got ( Feat O'Donis )trad0
Dangerous ( Feat Kardinal Offishall )trad0
Locked Uptrad0
Let's Just Fall In Love--0
Slow Motion feat. Money J--0
We on (feat. Yo Gotti)--0
Get By--0
Throw Dat--0
Gun In Hand--0
Baby I'm Backtrad0
Don't Matter (konvict remix)--0
Body On Me--0
Beautiful (feat. Colbie O'Donis & Kardinal Offishall)--0
Be More Careful feat. E-40--0
Long Gon' (feat. Rock City)--0
Boo Thang--0
Big Dog--0
Get Buck In Here (feat P. Diddy, Ludacris)trad0
Still Will (feat 50 Cent)trad0
Wanna Be Staring Somethingtrad0
We Takin' Overtrad0
Right Nowtrad0
We Takin’ Over (Live)--0
Lonely (UK Radio Edit)--0
In Your Eyes--0
Could You Be the Reason--0
Locked Up (Main)--0
Right Now (Na Na Na) (Live)--0
Don't Let Up (Version Without Sample)--0
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