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Al Stewart

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Time Passages (Remastered)--5
Year Of The Cat - 2001 Remastered Version--1
If It Doesn't Come Naturally Leave It (Live) (Remastered)--1
Night Train to Munich--1
Year Of The Cattrad1
Palace of Versailles--1
Broadway Hotel - 2001 Remastered Version--0
Samuel Oh How You've Changed! - 2007 Remastered Version--0
Midas Shadow - 2001 Remastered Version--0
Bedsitter Images - 2005 Remastered Version--0
Merlin's Time - 2005 Remastered Version--0
Time Passages - 2005 Remastered Version--0
A Small Fruit Song - 2005 Remastered Version--0
Bedsitter Images--0
One Stage Before - 2001 Remastered Version--0
Belsize Blues--0
(A Child's View of) The Eisenhower Years--0
Gethsemene Again--0
Fields of France (live)--0
Apple Cider Re-Constitution--0
Hanno the Navigator--0
Angry Bird--0
If It Doesn't Come Naturally Leave It - Live; 2005 Remastered Version--0
Elvaston Place--0
Elvis at the Wheel--0
Football Hero--0
Bedsitter Images - 2007 Remastered Version--0
Mona Lisa--0
In Brooklyn--0
Year Of The Cat - 2001 Digital Remaster--0
Year Of The Cat [Live]--0
Samuel, Oh How You've Changed!--0
A Small Fruit Song--0
Electric Los Angeles Sunset (Remastered)--0
Trains (Remastered)--0
Merlin's Time (Remastered)--0
Running Man (Remastered)--0
Manuscript (Remastered)--0
Year Of The Cat [Live 1981]--0
On The Border [Live 1981]--0
On The Border - Live; 2001 Remastered Version--0
Roads To Moscow [Live 1981]--0
Roads To Moscow - Live; 2005 Remastered Version--0
Year Of The Cat - Single Version;Live--0
Time Passages - Live--0
Merlin's Time [Live 1981]--0
Time Passages [Live 1981]--0
If It Doesn't Come Naturally Leave It - Live--0
Katherine Of Oregon--0
Class Of '58--0
Denise at 16--0
Bedsitter Images (Remastered)--0
House of Clocks (Remastered)--0
Franklin's Table--0
Cleave to Me--0
A Long Way Down From Stephanie--0
A Small Fruit Song (Remastered)--0
Beleeka Doodle Day--0
Down in the Cellars--0
Cafe Society--0
Bad Reputation--0
King of Portugal--0
Last Days of the Century (Remastered)--0
Ghostly Horses of the Plain--0
Josephine Baker--0
License to Steal--0
Accident on 3rd Street--0
Helen and Cassandra (Remastered)--0
Gethsemane, Again (2007 - Remaster)--0
Burbling (2007 - Remaster)--0
Ballad of Mary Foster--0
Laughing Into 1939 (Remastered)--0
Always the Cause--0
Joe the Georgian--0
Intro / Year of the Cat--0
Katherine of Oregon (Remastered)--0
Beacon Street--0
Gina in the Kings Road--0
Night Train to Munich (Remastered)--0
A League of Notions--0
Delia's Gone--0
Black Hill (2007 - Remaster)--0
Electric Los Angeles Sunset (2007 - Remaster)--0
I Don't Believe You--0
I'm Falling--0
Indian Summer--0
Here in Angola--0
Electric Los Angeles Sunset--0
A Long Way Down from Stephanie (2007 Remastered Version)--0
Cleave to Me (2007 Remastered Version)--0
Pretty Golden Hair (2007 Remastered Version)--0
Scandinavian Girl (2007 Remastered Version)--0
Beleeka Doodle Day (2007 Remastered Version)--0
In Brooklyn (2007 Remastered Version)--0
You Should Have Listened to Al (2007 Remastered Version)--0
Life and Life Only (2007 Remastered Version)--0
Ballad of Mary Foster (2007 Remastered Version)--0
Old Compton Street Blues (2007 Remastered Version)--0
The Carmichaels (2007 Remastered Version)--0
Swiss Cottage Manoeuvres (2007 Remastered Version)--0
Once an Orange, Always an Orange--0
Room of Roots--0
Life and Life Only--0
Stormy Night--0
Nostradamus, Part 1 / The World Goes to Riyadh / Nostradamus, Part 2 (live)--0
On the Border - Remastered 2001--0
Year of the Cat - Remastered 2001--0
Year of the Cat (Remastered 2001)--0
Beleeka Doodle Day - Remastered 2007--0
Love Chronicles (2007 Remastered Version)--0
My Enemies Have Sweet Voices (2007 Remastered Version)--0
Ivich (2007 Remastered Version)--0
Bedsitter Images (2007 Remastered Version)--0
Anna (2007 - Remaster)--0
Year of the Cat - Edit--0
Small Fruit Song (2007 Remastered Version)--0
Gethsemane, Again (2007 Remastered Version)--0
Princess Olivia [Live 1981]--0
Life And Life Only - 2007 Remastered Version--0
House Of Clocks--0
Year of the Cat (2001 Remastered Version)--0
One Stage Before (2001 Remastered Version)--0
Lord Grenville (2001 Remastered Version)--0
Anna (2007 Remastered Version)--0
Manuscript (2007 Remastered Version)--0
Electric Los Angeles Sunset (2007 Remastered Version)--0
On the Border (2001 Remastered Version)--0
Midas Shadow (2001 Remastered Version)--0
Broadway Hotel (2001 Remastered Version)--0
Flying Sorcery (2001 Remastered Version)--0
Sand in Your Shoes (2001 Remastered Version)--0
Broadway Hotel (Live)--0
Time Passages (Live)--0
Ivich (2007 Remaster)--0
A Long Way Down From Stephanie (2007 Remaster)--0
Cleave To Me (2007 Remaster)--0
Pretty Golden Hair (2007 Remaster)--0
Beleeka Doodle Day (2007 Remaster)--0
Lover Man (2007 Remaster)--0
Old Compton Street Blues (2007 Remaster)--0
In Brooklyn (2007 Remaster)--0
My Contemporaries (2007 Remaster)--0
Clifton In the Rain (2007 Remaster)--0
Scandinavian Girl (2007 Remaster)--0
The Carmichaels (2007 Remaster)--0
Black Hill--0
Blow Your Mansion Down--0
Roads to Moscow (Live) (Remastered)--0
My Enemies Have Sweet Voices (2007 - Remaster)--0
Manuscript (2007 - Remaster)--0
Swiss Cottage Manoeuvres (2007 Remaster)--0
Bedsitter Images (2007 Remaster)--0
Clifton In the Rain / Small Fruit Song (Live)--0
Ballad of Mary Foster (2007 Remaster)--0
Life and Life Only (2007 Remaster)--0
One Stage Before (Remastered)--0
Broadway Hotel (Remastered)--0
If It Doesn't Come Naturally Leave It (Remastered)--0
Sand In Your Shoes (Remastered)--0
On the Border (Live) [Remastered]--0
Belsize Blues (Remastered)--0
Flying Sorcery (Live)--0
A Small Fruit Song (2005 Digital Remaster)--0
Year of the Cat (Single Version;Live)--0
Midas Shadow (Remastered)--0
Coldest Winter In Memory (Remastered)--0
Fantasy (2007 Remaster)--0
Jackdaw (2007 Remaster)--0
Love Chronicles (2007 Remaster)--0
You Should Have Listened To Al (2007 Remaster)--0
Russians and Americans--0
The Gypsy and the Rose--0
Flying Sorcery (Remastered)--0
Medley: Intro / Year of the Cat (Live)--0
Valentina Way (Live 1978)--0
Mr. Lear (Remastered)--0
How Does It Happen--0
Valentina Way (Live 1981)--0
On the Border (Live 1981)--0
Soho (Needless to Say) [Live 1981]--0
Nostradamus (Live 1981)--0
Year of the Cat (Live 1981)--0
Peter on the White Sea--0
You Should Have Listened to Al--0
Roads to Moscow (Live 1981)--0
If It Doesn't Come Naturally, Leave It (Live 1981)--0
Indian Summer (Live 1981)--0
Pandora (Live 1981)--0
Here In Angola (Live 1981)--0
My Contemporaries--0
Delia's Gone (Live 1981)--0
Princess Olivia (Live 1981)--0
Merlin's Time (Live 1981)--0
Time Passages (Live 1981)--0
Running Man (Live 1981)--0
Red Toupee--0
Real and Unreal--0
Mixed Blessing--0
Merry Monks--0
The One That Got Away--0
Rumours of War--0
Russians & Americans--0
Strange Girl--0
Night Meeting--0
Willie the King--0
The Bear Farmers of Birnam--0
Night Rolls In--0
Small Fruit Song (2007 - Remaster)--0
Soho (Needless to Say) (live)--0
The Palace of Versailles--0
Timeless Skies--0
The Coldest Winter in Memory--0
Soho (Needless to Say)--0
Where Are They Now--0
Tonton Macoute--0
The Ringing of Bells--0
Lord Grenville--0
Running Man--0
If It Doesn't Come Naturally, Leave It--0
Year of the Cat (Single Version)--0
Midas Shadow--0
Broadway Hotel--0
Year of the Cat (live)--0
Valentina Way--0
Roads to Moscow (live)--0
Year of the Cat (Edit)--0
Year of the Cat - Single Version--0
Song On The Radio--0
The Year of the Cat--0
Time Passages--0
On the Border--0
Songs Out Of Claytrad0
Merlin's Time--0
Almost Lucy (Remastered)--0
Life in Dark Water--0
One Stage Before--0
Sand in Your Shoes--0
The Ear of the Night--0
The Loneliest Place on the Map--0
Year of the Cat (BBC Live Version)--0
On the Border (Remastered)--0
Year of the Cat (2001 Digital Remaster)--0
Nostradamus (Live)--0
Year of the Cat (Remastered)--0
Year of the Cat (2001 Remastering)--0
What's Going On?--0
Genie on a Table Top--0
Clifton in the Rain / Small Fruit Song--0
Soho (Needless To Say) [Alternate Version] (Remastered)--0
Life & Life Only--0
If It Doesn't Come Naturally Leave It - 2001 Remastered Version--0
On The Border - 2001 Remastered Version--0
Lord Grenville - 2001 Remastered Version--0
Flying Sorcery--0
End Of The Day--0
On The Border - Live--0
Josephine Baker (Live)--0
Lord Grenville (Remastered)--0
Almost Lucy--0
One, Two, Three (1, 2, 3)--0
The Candidate--0
Modern Times--0
The Dark and Rolling Sea--0
Years of the Cat--0
My Egyptian Couch--0
Sirens of Titan--0
Lord Salisbury--0
Like William McKinley--0
Silver Kettle--0
Shah of Shahs--0
Out in the Snow--0
Mona Lisa Talking--0
Pink Panther / Song on the Radio--0
One, Two, Three--0
Turn Into Earth--0
The Elf--0
The Immelman Turn--0
Mr. Lear--0
Somewhere in England--0
Rain Barrel--0
Royal Courtship--0
News From Spain--0
Year of the Cat (live on the OGWT)--0
In Brooklyn (Remastered)--0
Charlotte Corday--0
Don't Forget Me--0
Fields of France--0
In Red Square--0
Candy Came Back--0
A Sense of Deja Vu--0
Angel of Mercy--0
Feel Like--0
The Dark and the Rolling Sea--0
Next Time--0
Not the One--0
Somewhere in England 1915--0
Swallow Wind--0
On the Border (live)--0
Between the Wars--0
A Man for All Seasons--0
Clifton in the Rain--0
Marion the Chatelaine (Remastered)--0
Life Between the Wars--0
Pretty Golden Hair--0
Scandinavian Girl--0
The Carmichaels--0
Swiss Cottage Manoeuvres--0
Samuel, Oh How You've Changed--0
Old Compton Street Blues--0
Lover Man--0
Love Chronicles--0
The Ballad of Mary Foster--0
Three Mules--0
Toutes Les Etoiles--0
Tasting History--0
Waiting for Margaux--0
Lori Don't Go Right Now--0
The Gypsy & the Rose--0
Turning It Into Water--0
Millie Brown--0
The Night That the Band Got the Wine--0
My Enemies Have Sweet Voices--0
Zero She Flies (2007 - Remaster)--0
Paint By Numbers--0
Rocks in the Ocean--0
Murmansk Run / Ellis Island--0
Mondo Sinistro--0
Optical Illusion--0
Princess Olivia--0
Lindy Comes To Town--0
The Age of Rhythm--0
Midnight Rocks--0
Old Admirals--0
Night of the 4th of May--0
The News from Spain--0
You Don't Even Know Me--0
Warren Harding--0
The Last Day of June 1934--0
Terminal Eyes--0
Roads to Moscow--0
Post World War Two Blues--0
In the Dark--0
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