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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Marionettes (Score)--1
Red And Dying Eveningtrad1
Before Him All Shall Scattertrad1
Fatima Rusalkatrad1
The Martyr--0
Hidden Track--0
Through The Eyes of Uriel--0
The Acolyte--0
The Puppeteer--0
Dancing Alone--0
What Goes Around... (Justin Timberlake cover)--0
Sirens Soliloquy--0
Last Three Letters--0
Apology (acoustic)--0
Comedy of Errors--0
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night--0
A Lunatic’s Lament--0
Early Mourning--0
Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen--0
Fatima Rusallka--0
What Goes Around…--0
Fatal Optimist--0
In Her Tomb by the Sounding Sea--0
The Goddess--0
Second Guessing--0
Necro's Decay--0
Early Mourning (Bonus Track)--0
Fits and Starts--0
Lullaby of the Crucified (Score)--0
Apology (Remix)--0
Apology (Acoustic Version)--0
The Dark Wood of Error (Score)--0
This Converstion Is Over--0
And Now for the Final Illusion (Score)--0
The Wanderer (Score)--0
Before Him All Shall Scatter (Score)--0
All Night Dance Parties In The Undergound Palace--0
Third Temptation of Paris--0
Secret Song--0
Hymm for the Shameless--0
Ciao, Bella--0
Deja Vu All over Again--0
A Gilded Masquerade (Score)--0
Interlude 3--0
Interlude 4--0
Vestige (Score)--0
Apology RMX--0
Ending Without Stories--0
Double or Nothing--0
A Gilded Masqueradetrad0
Pathetic, Ordinarytrad0
Alchemy Sounded Good At The Timetrad0
Not a Single Word About Thistrad0
Daggers Speak Louder Than Wordstrad0
The Last Three Letterstrad0
A Siren's Soliloquytrad0
Nero's Decaytrad0
The Third Temptation Of Paristrad0
This Conversation Is Overtrad0
Tilting The Hourglasstrad0
Early Morningtrad0
Obsession Is Such An Ugly Wordtrad0
A Most Profound Quiettrad0
Goodbye, Goodnight, For Goodtrad0
This Is Usually The Part Where People Screamtrad0
Congratulations, I Hate Youtrad0
Better Luck Next Time, Prince Charmingtrad0
The Uninvited Thirteenthtrad0
Endings Without Storiestrad0
As You Wishtrad0
All Night Dance Parties In The Underground Palacetrad0
And They Call This Tragedytrad0
Sweetheart, You Are Sadly Mistakentrad0
Beautiful In Bluetrad0
Curse Of The Virgin Canvastrad0
The Temptresstrad0
Circle VII: Sins Of The Liontrad0
Beyond The Sacred Glasstrad0
Hand In Hand With The Damnedtrad0
A Forbidden Dancetrad0
Lullaby Of The Crucifiedtrad0
The Wanderertrad0
The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Marionettestrad0
Welcome To The Vanity Fairetrad0
The Fiendtrad0
The Dark Wood Of Errortrad0
Kiss Me Kill Metrad0
Hymn For The Shamelesstrad0
The Thespiantrad0
The Murderertrad0
A Lunatic's Lamenttrad0
The Artisttrad0
Heavy Hangs The Albatrosstrad0
The Lovertrad0
Best Ex-Friendtrad0
What Goes Around...Comes Aroundtrad0
To Be Scared By An Owltrad0
In Her Tomb By The Soundingtrad0
And Now For The Final Illusiontrad0
parole traduction visites
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