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Alice Cooper

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Chop, Chop, Choptrad2
The Sharpest Pain--2
Second Comingtrad1
Lace And Whiskeytrad1
School's Out - 1986/Live In Detroit--1
Yeah, Yeah, Yeahtrad1
Go To Helltrad1
House Of Firetrad1
I Am The Futuretrad1
Gutter Cat vs. The Jets--1
My Godtrad1
My Generation--1
Under My Wheels (feat. Axl Rose, Slash and Izzy)--1
Dead Babies (Killer Live St. Louis)--1
No More Mr. Nice Guy--1
Ain't That Just Like a Woman (Live)--1
Be My Lover - 1986/Live In Detroit--1
Identity Crisises--1
Not That Kind of Love--1
Raped And Freezingtrad1
I Got a Line on You--1
Hard Rock Summer (Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives' Film 1986)--1
For Britain Only--0
Look at You Over There, Ripping the Sawdust From My Teddybear (demo)--0
I Am the Future (single version)--0
See Me in the Mirror--0
Hard Rock Summer--0
Is Anyone Home?--0
Levity Ball (studio version)--0
Nobody Likes Me (demo version)--0
Caught in a Dream (single version)--0
Call It Evil (demo)--0
School's Out (single version)--0
It Rained All Night--0
Levity Ball (Live at the Cheetah)--0
Devil's Food (alternate version)--0
Sister Sara--0
Cold Ethyl (alternate version)--0
The Awakening (alternate version)--0
10 Minutes Before the Worm--0
Elected (single version)--0
Respect for the Sleepers (demo)--0
Hey Stoopid (single version)--0
He's Back (demo)--0
Generation Landslide '81 (Live)--0
No Time for Tears--0
From the Inside (single version)--0
I Love the Dead / Go to Hell / Wish You Were Here--0
Devil's Food / The Black Widow--0
I'm Flash--0
Space Pirates--0
Welcome to My Nightmare (single version)--0
Only Women Bleed (single version)--0
Who Do You Think We Are (single version)--0
I'm So Angry--0
I Am the Spider / Epilogue--0
The One That Got Away--0
Shadow of Yourself--0
I'll Still Be There--0
Wrapped In Silk--0
(In Touch With) Your Feminine Side--0
Nobody Likes Me (Live)--0
Welcome to My Nightmare (reprise) / Escape--0
Escape (instrumental) / School's Out--0
He's Back--0
Salvation (unplugged with string section)--0
An Instrumental--0
Welcome To My Nightmare - 1986/Live In Detroit--0
Stand (feat. Xzibit)--0
Billion Dollar Babies - 1986/Live In Detroit--0
No More Mr. Nice Guy - Live In Detroit / 1986--0
The World Needs Guts - LIve In Detroit / 1986--0
Your Own Worst Enemy--0
Steal That Car--0
You Make Me Wanna--0
Pretty Ballerina--0
Zombie Dance--0
Six Hours--0
[drum solo] / Halo of Flies (instrumental reprise)--0
Feed My Frankenstien--0
Going to the River--0
Freak Out Song--0
Feed My Frankenstein (feat. Rob Zombie)--0
Wicked Young Man (Live)--0
My Generation (live)--0
Hey Stoopid (live)--0
Somewhere In the Jungle--0
Man of the Year--0
Spirits Rebellious--0
The Song That Didn't Rhyme--0
Freak Out Song (Live)--0
Street Fight--0
School's Out / [band intros and solos] / School's Out (reprise)--0
Years Ago (instrumental)--0
The Black Widow (intro)--0
Welcome to My Nightmare (reprise)--0
Who Do You Think We Are (reprise)--0
Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies)--0
Love's a Loaded Gun (live)--0
Dirty Diamonds--0
Woman of Mass Distraction--0
Between High School and Old School--0
What Do You Want from Me?--0
I’m Eighteen (live)--0
Under My Wheels (Killer Live St. Louis)--0
Is It My Body (Seattle Live)--0
School's Out (School’s Out Demo)--0
Under My Wheels (Live at Madison Square Garden)--0
Long Way To Go (Killer Live St. Louis)--0
Killer (Killer Live St. Louis)--0
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Killer Live St. Louis)--0
I'm Eighteen (Killer Live St. Louis)--0
Halo of Flies (Killer Live St. Louis)--0
Is It My Body (Killer Live St. Louis)--0
Be My Lover (Intro) (LIVE) - Killer Live St. Louis--0
Be My Lover (LIVE) - Killer Live St. Louis--0
Killer (Live) (Killer Live St. Louis)--0
Long Way To Go (LIVE) - Killer Live St. Louis--0
Under My Wheels (Live) (Killer Live St. Louis)--0
School's Out (Remastered)--0
Dead Babies (Live) (Killer Live St. Louis)--0
Is It My Body (Live) (Killer Live St. Louis)--0
You Drive Me Nervous (Live) (Killer Live St. Louis)--0
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Live) (Killer Live St. Louis)--0
I'm Eighteen (Live) (Killer Live St. Louis)--0
Halo of Flies (Live) (Killer Live St. Louis)--0
You Drive Me Nervous (Killer Live St. Louis)--0
Be My Lover (Killer Live St. Louis)--0
Raped And Freezin' - Live Version--0
My Stars - Live Version--0
Unfinished Sweet - Live Version--0
Sick Things - Live Version--0
Elected - Live Version--0
Billion Dollar Babies - Live Version--0
Gimme (Live)--0
Feed My Frankenstein (Live)--0
Wish I Were Born In Beverly Hills (Live)--0
Hello Hooray - Live Version--0
Dead Babies - Live Version--0
I Love The Dead - Live Version--0
Welcome To My Nightmare (Remastered Single Version)--0
School's Out (Live At Sweden Rock Festival)--0
School's Out (Remastered Version)--0
Be My Lover (Intro) (Killer Live St. Louis)--0
Welcome To My Nightmare (Live)--0
Wish You Where Here--0
Slick Black Limousine (UK Release)--0
Painting a Picture (Live)--0
Science Fiction (Original)--0
No More Mr. Nice Guy (Remastered)--0
King Herod's Song--0
Eat Some More--0
Cold Machines--0
Hello Hooray (live)--0
Goin' to the River--0
Science Fiction--0
Welcome to My Nightmare (re-recorded)--0
Freak Out--0
Painting a Picture--0
I've Written Home to Mother--0
Billion Dollar Babies (live)--0
Elected (live)--0
Dead Babies (live)--0
I Love The Dead (Live)--0
Coal Black Model T (outtake)--0
Sick Things (live)--0
Unfinished Sweet (live)--0
Give It Up - 1986/Live In Detroit--0
Raped and Freezin’ (live)--0
My Stars (live)--0
Elected (re-recorded)--0
No More Mr. Nice Guy (re-recorded)--0
Only Women--0
I'm Eighteen (live version)--0
No More Mr. Nice Guy (live version)--0
Cold Ethyl (live version)--0
Under My Wheels (Live On the OGWT)--0
You And Me (Remastered)--0
Black Widow--0
The Black Widow (live)--0
We Gotta Get Out of This Place--0
Swing Low Sweet Cheerio--0
Earwings to Eternity--0
For Britain Only (UK only single 1982)--0
School's Out (re-recorded)--0
Ten Minutes Before the Worm--0
Levity Ball (live, 1968)--0
The Black Widow (live at Download Festival)--0
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