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Forever Youngtrad4
Dance With Me (12" New edit)--2
Forever Young (special dance version)--1
Next Generation (remix)--1
Next Generationtrad1
Dance With Me (Razormaid!)--1
Dance With Me (12th Edit 1998)--1
Big in Japan (Eiffel 65 mix) / Jerusalem (Georg Kaleve mix 2)--1
Big in Japan (live in Moscow)--1
Dance With Metrad1
Sounds Like a Melodytrad1
Montego Bay (live)--0
Big in Japan (FFF Time Warp)--0
Wake Up!--0
She Fades Away (demo 1, Titanic version)--0
Astral Body (demo remix)--0
Those Were the Days--0
Lady Bright (demo 1)--0
Afternoons in Utopia (instrumental remix)--0
Universal Daddy (demo 1)--0
Imperial Youth (instrumental)--0
My Brothers in China (instrumental)--0
All in a Golden Afternoon (instrumental)--0
Jet Set (demo 1)--0
Romeos (demo 1)--0
Caroline (demo 1)--0
Welcome to the Sun (Retro version)--0
Traumtänzer (demo 1)--0
Blauer Engel--0
That's All (instrumental)--0
Recycling (H-Babe Tape)--0
Summer in Berlin (demo 2 remix)--0
Forever Young (demo 2)--0
Flame (Atomix Sound mix)--0
Big in Japan (The mix) (single edit)--0
Those Wonderful Things--0
Big in Japan (Freedom mix) (single edit)--0
Tomorrow (instrumental)--0
Elevator (M. F. version '99)--0
Shadows She Said (Omerta)--0
Return to Paradise, Part 2--0
A Victory of Love (2players remix)--0
On the Beach--0
Joyride (instrumental)--0
Iron Gate (instrumental)--0
C Me Thru--0
Wishfull Thinking--0
Danger in Your Paradise (demo 1)--0
Feathers & Tar (Britannia Row remix)--0
In Bubblegum--0
Flame (demo 1)--0
Fools (12' Speed remix)--0
Here by Your Side--0
Script of a Dead Poet--0
Sister Sun (remix)--0
Big Yello Sun (remix)--0
Headlines (demo 1)--0
Golden Feeling (demo 1)--0
Fools (Faithful&True version)--0
Legend (remix)--0
Jet Set--0
Never Get Out of the Boat (intro piece)--0
Life Is King (demo 1)--0
Like Thunder (Flag remix)--0
20.000 lieues sous les mers (Poem remix)--0
The Other Side of U (remix)--0
Summer Rain (demo 3)--0
Lassie Come Home (demo 2)--0
Jerusalem (demo remix)--0
Airport Sketch (instrumental)--0
For a Million (instrumental)--0
Romeos (12" New edit)--0
Fantastic Dream (demo 2)--0
Welcome to the Sun (remix)--0
Elevator (remix)--0
Seeds (remix)--0
Mercury Girl--0
Underworld (live)--0
Heart of the Flower--0
And I Wonder--0
Because of You--0
Do the Strand--0
The End--0
Change the World (demo 1)--0
If the Audience Was Listening (demo 2)--0
Peace on Earth--0
Days Full of Wonder--0
Burning Wheels--0
Red Rose (demo 2)--0
To the Underworld--0
Highschool Confidential--0
Roll Away the Stone--0
Thunder & Lightning--0
The Shape of Things to Come--0
Carol Masters (demo 1)--0
Big in Japan (extended instrumental)--0
A Victory of Love (Live)--0
Beethoven (Live)--0
New Horizons (Live)--0
Jerusalem (Live)--0
Euphoria (Live)--0
Jet Set (Live)--0
Dance With Me (Live)--0
My Brother In China (Instrumental)--0
Cosmopolitician (Demo)--0
Underworld (Live Version)--0
Wishful Thinking (Live)--0
Ascension Day (Live)--0
Headlines - Demo--0
Big in Japan (extended vocal remix '88)--0
Big In Japan (Torsten Fenslau Remix)--0
Big in Japan (Extended Instrumental Mix)--0
Forever Young - 2006 Digital Remaster;--0
Cuando El Diablo Del Silencio--0
The Other Side Of You - Remix 1998--0
Universal Daddy (Demo)--0
I Die for You Today (Blank & Jones so8os Mix)--0
I Die for You Today (Demo Version)--0
Danger In Your Paradise (Demo)--0
In Bubblegum (Original Demo)--0
A Handful of Darkness--0
Beyond the Laughing Sky--0
Sensations (Dub Edit)--0
Marionettes With Halos--0
Sensations (New dub edit)--0
Soul Messiah (radio edit)--0
Romeos (12th Edit 1998)--0
Mafia Island--0
Lady Bright--0
De Mascaras Y Enigmas--0
El Innombrable--0
A Victoty of Love--0
Sounds Like a Melodie--0
Palacio de invierno--0
House of Ghosts--0
Ariana (demo 1)--0
Cosmopolitician (demo 1)--0
Summer In Berlin - Demo--0
Forever Young - Live Version--0
Sounds Like a Melody (Staggman mix)--0
Lassie Come Home (@home mix)--0
Summer in Berlin (Christian Fleps mix)--0
Jerusalem (Georg Kaleve mix)--0
Summer Rain (De-Phazz mix)--0
A Victory of Love (Jab mix)--0
Big in Japan (Eiffel 65 mix)--0
Romeos (maxi version)--0
Romeos (LP version)--0
Romeos (single version)--0
A Victory of Love - Sweet Harmony--0
Romeos (Rewarped mix)--0
Big in Japan (Roland Spremberg mix)--0
First Monday in the Y3K--0
To Germany With Love (Sebastian R. Komor extended remix)--0
Forever Young (Bill Hamel club mix)--0
Moonboy (Thank You)--0
Jet Set (Jellybean mix)--0
Dance With Me (Paul Van Dyk long Run)--0
Iron Gate--0
Big in Japan (live)--0
Airport Sketch--0
Monkey in the Moon (live)--0
Dance With Me (Sebastian Komor2008 edit mix)--0
Romeos (Balcony mix)--0
Jerusalem - Live Version--0
New Horizons - Live Version--0
Euphoria - Live Version--0
Ascension Day - Live Version--0
Sounds Like A Melody - Live Version--0
A Victory Of Love - Live Version--0
Beethoven - Live Version--0
Big In Japan - Live Version--0
Wishful Thinking - Live Version--0
Dance With Me - Live Version--0
Jet Set - Live Version--0
The Nelson Highrise (Sector Two: The Mirror)--0
Forever Young 2001 (F.A.F. mix)--0
Dance With Me (Paul Van Dyk instrumental)--0
Dance With Me (Paul Van Dyk short cut)--0
Forever Young (Factory mix)--0
Forever Young (F.A.F.'s Diamons in the Sun mix)--0
Big in Japan (Swemix remix 7")--0
Big in Japan (Swemix remix 12")--0
Big in Japan (Big Beat mix)--0
Jet Set (Saunaclub mix)--0
Forever Young (F.A.F. mix)--0
Big in Japan (Swemix dub)--0
The II Girlz--0
The Opium Den--0
Forever Young (Razormaid!)--0
Big In Japan - Best Of-Version--0
Forever Young (unplugged)--0
Wishful Thinkingtrad0
Welcome To The Suntrad0
Big in Japan (Original)--0
Sounds Like a Melody (12")--0
Forever Young (Remastered Version)--0
Forever Young (special extended mix)--0
Big in Japan (extended remix)--0
Forever Young (album version)--0
Universal Daddytrad0
To Germany With Lovetrad0
The Jet Settrad0
The Impossible Dreamtrad0
Summer Raintrad0
Summer In Berlintrad0
The Mysteries Of Lovetrad0
The Nelson Highrise Sector 1 (the Elevator)trad0
The Voyagertrad0
The One Thingtrad0
The Nelson Highrise Sector 3 (20,000 Lieues Sous Les Mers)trad0
The Nelson Highrise Sector 2 (the Mirror)trad0
Forever Young 2001--0
Big in Japan (remix '88)--0
Red Rose (Mark Plati mix)--0
Forever Young (F.A.F. mix) (album version)--0
Victory of Love--0
Sounds Like a Melody (special long version)--0
Big In Japan (Extended Remix '88)--0
Big in Japan (extended mix)--0
Big in Japan (extended version)--0
Big In Japan (Original) - Remastered Version--0
Monkey in the Moon--0
The Voyager (demo remix)--0
Forever Young (demo remix)--0
Forever Young (Live)--0
Dance With Me (Empire Remix)--0
I Die for You Today--0
Heartbreak City--0
Forever Young (Special Dance Mix)--0
Dance With Me (long version)--0
Big in Japan (single version '88)--0
Forever Young (extended remix)--0
Call Me--0
Spirit Of The Agetrad0
Soul Messiahtrad0
Fallen Angeltrad0
Dangerous Placestrad0
Fantastic Dreamtrad0
Guardian Angeltrad0
Golden Feelingtrad0
For a Milliontrad0
Carol Masterstrad0
All In The Golden Afternoontrad0
Ain't It Strangetrad0
Afternoons In Utopiatrad0
A Victory Of Lovetrad0
Big Yellow Suntrad0
Big In Japantrad0
Ascension Daytrad0
Heaven Or Helltrad0
In The Moodtrad0
Point Of No Returntrad0
Paradigm Shifttrad0
Pandora's Lullabytrad0
Red Rosetrad0
Some Peopletrad0
Sister Suntrad0
She Fades Awaytrad0
Oh Pattitrad0
New Horizonstrad0
Ivory Towertrad0
Iron Johntrad0
Inside Outtrad0
Lassie Come Hometrad0
Monkey On The Moontrad0
Middle Of The Riddletrad0
Like Thundertrad0
Life Is Kingtrad0
I Die for You Today (demo)--0
Call Me (demo)--0
Romance (demo sketch)--0
Colours (instrumental)--0
Lies (demo 1)--0
Sounds Like a Melody (demo 1)--0
Leben Ohne Ende (original demo)--0
Jet Set (demo 2)--0
Traumtänzer (demo remix)--0
Carry Your Flag--0
Girl From Pachacamac--0
Ship of Fools--0
Into the Dark (demo remix)--0
Fallen Angel (demo remix)--0
In the Mood (demo remix)--0
Red Rose (12" mix)--0
Red Rose (single version '88)--0
Monkey in the Moon (demo)--0
Wishful Thinking Physical--0
Dream Machine--0
Dance With Me (Paul Van Dyk mix)--0
Flame (Physical Motion mix)--0
Patricia's Park--0
20th Centurytrad0
Inside Out / Thou Shalt Not (remix)--0
Because of U (Band-Rehearsal Around)--0
Last Summer on Earth--0
Diamonds Are 4 Eva--0
Upside Down--0
Scum of the Earth--0
State of Dreams--0
Return to Paradise, Part 1--0
Sounds Like a Melody (MaXx Mystery's 80's remix)--0
For the Sake of Love (demo-instrumental)--0
Waiting 4 the Nu Lite--0
Still Falls the Rain--0
Miracle Healing--0
About a Heart--0
Wish You Were Dead / Wishful Thinking (original demo)--0
Stranger Than Dreams--0
Forever Young (Remix - Extended version)--0
Astral Body (Sputnik Roadhouse mix)--0
Big in Japan (extended vocal)--0
Forever Young (original demo 1983)--0
Forever Young (Hamel album mix)--0
Universal Daddy (Aquarian Dance Mix)--0
I Die for You Today (Original Demo Version)--0
Around the Universe--0
Romeos (Long Version)--0
Big In Japan (Frankfurt Forum Freedom Time Warp)--0
Fallen Angel (Orchestral Demo Version)--0
Big in Japan (The mix) (extended version)--0
Big in Japan (Freedom mix) (extended version)--0
Summer in Berlin (demo 1)--0
Big In Japan (Culture Mix)--0
Song for No One--0
Call Me Down--0
Victory of Love (demo remix)--0
To Germany With Love (demo 1)--0
Forever Young (unplugged version)--0
What Is Love--0
And as for Love--0
Big in Japan (demo remix)--0
Big Yellow Sun (Remix)--0
The Paradigm Shift--0
The Things I Didn't Do--0
Forever Young 2001 (Factory mix)--0
Fallen Angel (orchestral demo)--0
Lady Bright - Faster Than Light--0
The Deep--0
Gravitation Breakdown--0
I Die for You Today (Acoustic Version)--0
Guardian Angel (live)--0
End of the World--0
Nijinsky (El loco) (instrumental)--0
Monkey in the Moon (demo 1)--0
Afternoon In Utopia (Instrumental Remix)--0
Heaven on Earth (The Things We've Got to Do)--0
The Nelson Highrise (Sector One: The Elevator)--0
Point of Know Return--0
Lassie Come Home (Demo)--0
Sounds Like a Melody (Live)--0
Jerusalem (The Palace Version)--0
Forever Young (Remastered)--0
Astral Body (Demo)--0
Change the World (Demo)--0
Shadows She Said--0
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