Motteke! Sailor Fuku (Lucky Star) lyrics officiel
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parole Motteke! Sailor Fuku (Lucky Star) - AmaLee lyrics
paroles officielles ♪ Motteke! Sailor Fuku (Lucky Star) ♪
3 centimetres it's a rule we can overlook. (Woo!)
My sailor uniform it's lucky i'm so off the hook. (Hey!)
Hypocrite - just do it!
Pull back and release it - Yeah!
No sweat! (WOO!) No sweat! (WOO!)
You've got it going – darlin' darlin' freeze!
Feeling kinda lazy borderlinein' crazy.
Wait no - I think maybe I love you!
Worry wort - no - wait - introvert miss food court
HEY - just cut it out!
I don't get what's cool 'bout the new girl
But she's loved like the last in the whole world
Is it just me?
She's just a school - girl!
Can I get seconds please? Right n - n - now!!!
LA LA welcome home
Brilliant confidence look out! shooting star.
Take it away,
Squad rangers sing your heart out with us as we Sing and
Take it all and be on the attack
I'll be the one that will have the last laugh
And I'll rock my sailor uniform like no big deal
I'm at a loss - I don't know what to do
It's Monday, so I'm in a bad mood
But at least my sailor uniform is super cute!
3 different pieces and no time to overthink hey!
Just do it (yeah!)
You'll kill it (yeah!)
My Darlin Darlin, please!
Love makin' me blur like a rollercoaster
Wait no - can we keep that a secret
Look at you fight back, like that spoiled brat - Red flag!
You better cut it out!
You're my height now, so get a good look
Your pinky's no match for the heel of my foot
Now I'm in control and hey I'm on a
Roll from the hem of my skirt to my soul
MON-MON delusion
LET'S GO back in time
YAI-YAI soarin' moves
Need a part time job
'Cause I'm broke as heck
I'm gonna be set for life so just
Sit back and watch as I SING AND DANCE
Give it a try, and give it all you got
The challenge you now face needs your best shot
Underneath my sailor uniform I am still me
The weekend's here but what's there to
Do but to show off whenever I'm near you
With a simple sailor uniform, life sure is great!
3 meter record I'm holdin on for dear life (GYU)
Make my heart race when we embrace
Learning's so easy! Love is ABC
I fall in love - I fall in love OO LA LA everyone now, SING
Take it all and be on the attack I'll
Be the one that will have the last laugh
And I'll rock my sailor uniform like no big deal
I'm at a loss - I don't know what to do
It's Monday, so I'm in a bad mood
But at least my sailor uniform is super cute!
So naturally,
I'll be on the attack I'll be the one that will have the
last laugh
And I'll rock my sailor uniform like no big deal
3 centimetres it's a rule we - can overlook (Wow!)
My sailor uniform it's lucky so I'm off the hook (Yeah!)
Hypocrite – Just do it!
Do your best, and I got the rest!
No sweat! (WOO!) No sweat! (WOO!)
You got it going – darlin' darlin' amused!
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parole AmaLee - Motteke! Sailor Fuku (Lucky Star) officiel
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