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Paroles de To the Sea

Interprète Andrew Barth Feldman

Paroles de la chanson To the Sea par Andrew Barth Feldman lyrics officiel

To the Sea est une chanson en Anglais

I've been humming a song all day
I couldn't place it
And then I remembered it's the song you wrote for him
Can I ask why you stay
You're scared of the ocean and me, let's face it
And I'm scared of what you think you could've been
And when you don't call I start to spin
I feel myself trying to get sucked in
But you never pull, you push so I know it's just me
But I wonder if you're seeing his face
And wondering if I could ever replace
'Cause he never saw in you the things that I can see
But if he asked you tonight would you run to the sea
And whenever I say his name
Your whole face changes
It lights up in a way I never see you do anymore
Why do I play this game
I know I'll love and lose
And you'll just rearrange your world whenever he knocks on your door
Did you only kiss me on a whim
Whenever you finally gave up on him
'Cause after the years of hurt you needed to feel free
I put myself in a cell and threw the key away
And told you that you didn't have to stay
But that I love you and I pray that you agree
And as you said you love me your eyes ran to the sea
And you're kissing me slow
As I pretend I don't know
That you wanna go with him
And your head's on my chest
And my heart just won't rest
So you know I'm obsessed and I've always been
Till I finally ask what would you be if he didn't leave
And you say you were always meant to find me
Is that what you convince yourself as you run to the sea
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Auteur: Andrew Feldman
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