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Ane Brun

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Koop Island Blues (Koop feat. Ane Brun, French version)--13
Big In Japan--8
Halo (feat. Linnéa Olsson)--7
Feeling Good--6
Koop Islands Bluestrad5
All My Tearstrad4
This Voice--3
From Me To You--2
Oh Lovetrad2
1 Thing--1
If I Had a Ribbon Bow--1
Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz Remix) [Dixon Edit]--1
Miss You More--1
Changing of the Seasons--1
Humming One of Your Songs--1
Another World--1
Shape of a Heart--1
Song No 6--1
Du Gråter Så Store Tåra (Norwegian Version)--1
What's Happening With You and Him--1
Du gråter så store tåra (english version)--1
Humming One of Your Songs (Encore)--1
Make You Feel My Love--1
Humming One of Your Songs (feat. Bao) (live)--1
Lift Me (feat. Madrugada)--1
The Light From Onetrad1
The Dancer--1
Raise My Head (Sketches Version)--0
Lullaby for Grown-Ups (Sketches version)--0
Changing of the Seasons (Sketches Version)--0
My Star (Sketches Version)--0
Ten Seconds (Sketches version)--0
Temporary Dive (Live)--0
The Puzzle (Sketches Version)--0
Little Lights (feat. Syd Matters)--0
This Road (feat. Lars Bygdén)--0
Across the Bridge (feat. Ellekari Larsson)--0
10 Seconds--0
Linger With Pleasure (Sketches Version)--0
Round Table Conference (Sketches Version)--0
Gillian (Sketches Version)--0
Don't Leave (Sketches Version)--0
Armour (Sketches Version)--0
Raise My Head--0
Rubber & Soul--0
Morning Theft--0
Balloon Ranger--0
Laid in Earth--0
Where Friend Rhymes with End--0
Stop (feat. Liv Widell)--0
Temporary Dive--0
One More Time--0
What I Want--0
Sleeping by the Fyris River--0
Wooden Body--0
Song No. 6 (feat. Ron Sexsmith)--0
The Fight Song--0
Round Table Conference--0
A Temporary Dive--0
The Treehouse Song (Sketches Version)--0
Ten Seconds--0
Lift Me (feat. Nina Kinert)--0
My Lover Will Go (acoustic version)--0
Temporary Dive (Biosphere remix)--0
Changing of the Seasons / Fight Song--0
So Real--0
The Fall (Sketches Version)--0
Shape of a Heart - La Fleur Radio Edit--0
Undertow (Live)--0
On Off - Live--0
Rubber and Soul--0
Lamento Della Ninfa / Oh Love (Bonus Track)--0
Don't Leave (Live)--0
These Days (Live)--0
The Light From One (Live)--0
Oh Love (Live)--0
Do You Remember (Live)--0
Märk hur vår skugga--0
My Baby's Arms (Studio Version)--0
Headphone Silence (Dixon edit)--0
Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz Remix/DF Noizy Edit)--0
Undertow (Andrew Bayer Radio Edit)--0
Miss You More - Live--0
One (Live)--0
One - Live From Cirkus Arena, Sweden/2013--0
Headphone Silence - Henrik Schwarz Remix, Dennis Ferrer NoiZy Edit, Mixed--0
Undertow (Live From Cirkus Arena, Sweden/2013)--0
Big In Japan (Live From Cirkus Arena, Sweden/2013)--0
Shape of a Heart - La Fleur Remix--0
Worship feat. José Gonzáles--0
Worship (feat. Nina Kinert)--0
The Light From One - Live From Cirkus Arena, Sweden/2013--0
So You Did It Again--0
Shape of a Heart - Dante Remix--0
Love & Misery (feat. Tobias Fröberg)--0
Big in Japan (Ivan Spell Radio Mix)--0
Signing Off--0
My Lover Will Go - Live From Cirkus Arena, Sweden/2013--0
The Puzzle - Live From Cirkus Arena, Sweden/2013--0
Do You Remember - Live From Cirkus Arena, Sweden/2013--0
True Colors - Live From Cirkus Arena, Sweden/2013--0
These Days - Live From Cirkus Arena, Sweden/2013--0
Don't Leave - Live From Cirkus Arena, Sweden/2013--0
Humming One Of Your Songs - Live From Cirkus Arena, Sweden/2013--0
This Voice - Live From Cirkus Arena, Sweden/2013--0
The Treehouse Song - Live From Cirkus Arena, Sweden/2013--0
Lullaby For Grown-ups - Live From Cirkus Arena, Sweden/2013--0
To Let Myself Go - Live From Cirkus Arena, Sweden/2013--0
Easier (feat. Tingsek)--0
Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz remix / Dennis Ferrer Noizy edit)--0
I Would Hurt a Fly--0
Alfonsina y el Mar--0
She Belongs to Me--0
Headphone Silence--0
These Days--0
Humming One of Your Songs 2013--0
It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)--0
Orphan Girl--0
Oh Love (Piano Version)--0
My Star--0
Lullaby for Grown-Ups--0
Let in Your Love--0
Oh Love - Live From Cirkus Arena, Sweden/2013--0
Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)--0
True Colours--0
Better Than This--0
Still Waters--0
Falling Down--0
Such a Common Bird (feat. Wendy McNeill)--0
Headphone Silence - Henrik Schwarz Remix--0
Hunting High and Low--0
All We Want Is Love--0
My Lover Will Gotrad0
Linger With Pleasuretrad0
The Falltrad0
True Colors--0
Don´t Leavetrad0
One Last Trytrad0
The Treehouse Songtrad0
Black Notebook--0
You Lit My Fire--0
Jóga (Live at the Polar Music Prize 2010)--0
The Puzzle--0
Ain't No Cure For Love--0
Don't Leave--0
Daring To Love--0
To Let Myself Go--0
Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz Remix/Dixon Edit/Ame Approved)--0
To Let Myself Go (André Hommen Remix)--0
Do You Remembertrad0
This Voice (2013)--0
The Dancer (live)--0
To Let Myself Go (Malkyl Mix)--0
True Colors (Live)--0
Sleeping By the Fyris River (Live)--0
Ten Seconds (Live)--0
Big In Japan (Live)--0
My Star (live)--0
The Fall (live)--0
Rubber & Soul (feat. Teitur)--0
Are They Saying Goodbye?--0
I Shot My Heart--0
Queen and King--0
Take It Slow--0
Du gråter så store tåra--0
Half Open Door--0
Dirty Windshield--0
Linger With Pleasure (Live)--0
Lullaby for Grown-ups (Live)--0
Rubber & Soul (Live)--0
This Voice (Live)--0
My Lover Will Go (Live)--0
Balloon Ranger (Live)--0
To Let Myself Go (Live)--0
Big In Japan (Original Mix)--0
To Let Myself Go (Dennis Ferrer Mix)--0
Ge en sol--0
To Let Myself Go (Dennis Ferrer Remix)--0
So You Did It Again (Live)--0
Changing of the Seasons / Fight Song (Live)--0
The Puzzle (Live)--0
Humming One of Your Songs (Live)--0
The Treehouse Song (Live)--0
Laid In Earth (Live)--0
Drowning In Those Eyes (Live)--0
Where Friends Rhymes With End (Live)--0
So Real (Live)--0
Song No 6 (Live)--0
Drowning in Those Eyes--0
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