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Autopsy lyrics
Fiche de Autopsy


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Shit Eater (Live)--1
Pagan Saviour (live '90)--0
Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves--0
After the Cutting--0
Mauled to Death (rehearsal '88)--0
Human Genocide (rehearsal '88)--0
Service for a Vacant Coffin (live '90)--0
Disembowel (live '90)--0
Gasping for Air (live '90)--0
Stillborn (rehearsal '88)--0
Pus - Rot--0
Slaughterday (Live)--0
Death Twitch (live)--0
Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay (live)--0
Broken People--0
Maggot Holes--0
Hole in the Head (live)--0
Torn From the Womb (live)--0
Fiend for Blood (live)--0
King of Flesh Ripped--0
Slaughter At Beast Housetrad0
Destined to Fester (live)--0
Waiting for the Screams--0
An End To The Miserytrad0
The 24 Public Mutilationstrad0
Bathe In Firetrad0
Bowel Rippertrad0
Burnt To a Fucktrad0
Excremental Ecstasytrad0
Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay--0
Service for a Vacant Coffin (Live)--0
Severed Survival - Bonus Live Tracks--0
The Withering Death--0
Hole In The Head - Bonus Live Tracks--0
Torn From The Womb - Bonus Live Tracks--0
Service For A Vacant Coffin - Bonus Live Tracks--0
Embalmed - Bonus Live Tracks--0
Robbing The Grave - Bonus Live Tracks--0
Charred Remains - Bonus Live Tracks--0
Teeth of the Shadow Horde--0
Strung Up and Gutted--0
Embalmed (live)--0
Charred Remains (live)--0
Maim Rape Kill Rapetrad0
Sign of the Corpse--0
Service for a Vacant Coffin (1990) [Live]--0
Disembowel (1990) [Live]--0
Gasping for Air (1990) [Live]--0
Pagan Saviour (1990) [Live]--0
Destined To Fester - Bonus Live Tracks--0
Embalmed (rehearsal '87)--0
Spinal Extractions (live)--0
Fiend for Blood (Live Version)--0
Gasping for Air (Live 90)--0
Dead (live)--0
Dead (Live) - live--0
Severed Survial (1990) [Live]--0
All Tomorrow's Funerals--0
Severed Survial--0
Severed Survial (Live 90)--0
Gas Mask Lust--0
Pagan Saviour (Live 90)--0
Disembowel (Live 90)--0
Mauled to Death--0
Parasitic Eye--0
Severed Survival (live)--0
Robbing the Grave (live)--0
Severed Survival (live '90)--0
The Howling Dead--0
Forever Hungry--0
All Shall Bleed--0
Deep Crimson Dreaming--0
Service for a Vacant Coffin (Live 90)--0
Retribution for the Dead--0
In The Grip Of Winter - Studio--0
Service For A Vacant Coffin (Live) - Live--0
Slaughterday (Live) - live--0
Torn From The Womb (Live) - live--0
Charred Remains (Live) - live--0
Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay (Live) - live--0
I Shit On Your Gravetrad0
Grave Violatorstrad0
Mangled Far Belowtrad0
Bludgeoned And Brainedtrad0
Dirty Gore Whoretrad0
Always About To Dietrad0
Macabre Eternaltrad0
Deliver Me From Sanitytrad0
Seeds Of The Doomedtrad0
Bridge Of Bonestrad0
Born Undeadtrad0
Sewn Into Onetrad0
Sadistic Gratificationtrad0
Mutant Villagetrad0
Spill My Bloodtrad0
Charred Remainstrad0
Service For a Vacant Coffintrad0
Gasping For Airtrad0
Ridden With Diseasetrad0
Pagan Saviourtrad0
Impending Dreadtrad0
Hand Of Darknesstrad0
Human Genocidetrad0
Critical Madnesstrad0
Horrific Obsessiontrad0
She Is a Funeraltrad0
Coffin Crawlerstrad0
When Hammer Meets Bonetrad0
Thorns And Ashestrad0
Arch Cadavertrad0
Flesh Turns To Dusttrad0
Running From The Goatheadtrad0
The Headless Ritual--0
Feast Of The Gravewormtrad0
Seven Skullstrad0
Fiend For Bloodtrad0
Keeper Of Decaytrad0
Squeal Like a Pigtrad0
Ravenous Freakstrad0
A Different Kind Of Mindfucktrad0
Dead Holetrad0
The Tomb Withintrad0
My Corpse Shall Risetrad0
Severed Survivaltrad0
No More Hatetrad0
Battery Acid Enematrad0
Tortured Moans Of Agonytrad0
Ugliness And Secretionstrad0
Orgy In Excrementstrad0
Walls Of The Coffintrad0
Humiliate Your Corpsetrad0
Praise The Childrentrad0
The Birthingtrad0
Shit Eatertrad0
I Sodomize Your Corpsetrad0
Brain Damagetrad0
Blood Orgytrad0
Pus / Rottrad0
Death Twitchtrad0
Destined To Festertrad0
Twisted Mess Of Burnt Decaytrad0
In The Grip Of Wintertrad0
Torn From The Wombtrad0
Robbing The Gravetrad0
Hole In The Headtrad0
Spinal Extractions--0
Dark Crusadetrad0
Mental Funeraltrad0
Necrocannibalistic Vomitoriumtrad0
Your Rotting Facetrad0
Blackness Withintrad0
An Act Of The Unspeakabletrad0
Frozen With Feartrad0
Corpses at War--0
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