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Beast est une chanson en Anglais

Is it in my mind, listen to the signs
Mission of precision I give vision to the blind
Busy on my line cuz I’m busy on my grind
It could freaky like missy when I rhyme
You Piss poor hopeless to get more focused than me Got a Zoe kravitz I’m as cold as Lenny
The bravado lovato you hoes is Demi
This a wolf in the night you don’t know what’s in me
I go
Wave by wave I’m stuck in my ways it
Day by day I’m glitching the matrix
Ok ok I’m learning the patience
Play by play I’m Brady or Payton I make a Mockery, I’m the new black Socrates
My art sharp tell lame niggas get offa these Got bored of the game and it’s monopolies Now I’m back for my property
When the sun go down
(That’s when the beast come alive in the night)
This is not a guessing game, this is well prep Well set, and they ain’t made me afraid to fail yet Mild temps to a hell raised angel child
Listen to the catelog cuz it could take while Never fake a smile, never hide a tear
Phx god both piolet & pioneer
Their probability to reach me is low
I don’t keep it PG or PC when I flow
We could be real or We could get surrealer Makin Mozzerra from the words, I’m a gorilla

MJ moon walk-in, Ali hitta
My girl off white ima thriller in vanillaaa
Funny guy, hunny I study the greats
They all taught me one thing, that it’s money to make
They all taught me one thang, dummies gonna be late
They all taught me one thing that we want em to hate until the sun down
Its too late you know Im coming for you Its too late you know I’m coming
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