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Addicted To Youtrad17
Waiting For Love - Marshmello Remix--11
Hey Brother (ft. Dan Tyminski)trad7
Wake Me Up (Pump It Up Edit)--3
Without You--2
Waiting For Lovetrad2
Waiting For Love - Sam Feldt Remix--2
True - Preview Mix--2
Wake Me Up (ft. Aloe Blacc)trad2
You Make Me (Avicii by Avicii)--1
Addicted To You (RT Summer 2014 Edit)--1
Wake Me Up (PIU Beach Edit)--1
The Days (extended mix)--1
I Could Be the One (Bent Collective Remix) [Avicii vs. Nicky Romero]--1
Waiting For Love - Addal Remix--1
Hold On Never Leave Ft Martin Garrixtrad1
Waiting For Love (Vegas CA Edit)--1
Malo (Radio Mix)mtrad1
Pure Grinding - iSHI Remix--1
Dear Boytrad1
Addicted To You - Radio Edit--1
I Could Be The One (Nicktim)trad1
Fade Into Darkness (Uberjakd Remix)--0
Fade Into Darkness - Extended Vocal--0
Fade Into Darkness (Jakob Leidholm Remix)--0
Fade Into Darkness (Neon Feather Remix)--0
Levels (The Annual 2013 Edit) (Skrillex Remix)--0
Fade Into Darkness (Extended Mix)--0
Sweet Dreams (Cazzette meets At Night Mix)--0
Sweet Dreams (Radio Mix)--0
Sweet Dreams (Cazette Meets At Night Mix)--0
I Could Be the One (Dank Remix) [Avicii vs. Nicky Romero]--0
Sound of Now--0
Malo (Mysto & Pizzi Remix)--0
Levels (Live)--0
Malo (SGT Slick Remix)--0
ade Into Darkness (Extended Mix)--0
Sound of Now (Vocal Mix)--0
Penguin (Fade Into Darkness) - Instrumental Radio Edit--0
Fade Into Darkness (Instrumental Mix)--0
Levels (Original Extended)--0
Jailbait - John Course & mrTimothy Remix--0
Silhouettes (Addicted To Bass 2013 Edit) (EDX's Arena Club Mix)--0
You Make Me (A2B 2014 US Edit) (Diplo & Ookay Remix)--0
Lay Me Down (Live)--0
You Make Me - Throttle Remix Radio Edit--0
Jailbait - Vandalism Remix--0
Because Our Love--0
Levels (instrumental mix)--0
Wake Me Up (Radio Edit) (Crave Vol. 8 Mixed by Havana Brown Soft Edit)--0
Jailbait - Sneaker Fox Remix--0
Sweet Dreams (Sweeder Dreams mix)--0
Sweet Dreams (Swede dub mix)--0
Sweet Dreams (Gregory Klosman Remix)--0
Addicted To You (A2B Sub Zero Edit) (David Guetta Remix)--0
The Nights (Ultimate Dance Workout 2015 Edit) (Mike Mago Remix)--0
Street Dancer (Midnite Sleaze Remix)--0
Levels (Andy Pitch Remix)--0
Lay Me Down (Radio Edit)--0
So Excited (Original Mix)--0
You Make Me (Diplo & Ookay extended remix)--0
For A Better Day - Original Mix--0
Fade Into Darkness - Instrumental Club Mix--0
Fade Into Darkness (Instrumental Radio Edit)--0
Sweet Dreams - Avicii Sweeder Dreams Mix--0
Addicted To You (Ibiza Sessions 2014 Edit) (David Guetta Remix)--0
Bromance (Avicii’s Arena Radio Edit)--0
Levels (Instrumental Version)--0
Jailbait (Original Mix)--0
Levels (Sound of Dubstep Classics Edit) (Skrillex Remix)--0
Levels (Radio Mix)--0
Seek Bromance--0
Penguin (Fade Into Darkness) - Vocal Radio Mix--0
Levels - Instrumental Radio Edit--0
Fade Into Darkness - MYNC Stadium Remix--0
Wake Me Up (original mix)--0
Fade Into Darkness (Original Edit)--0
You Make Me (Extended Version)--0
Wake Me Up (Pang! Slow Things Down Mix)--0
Sweet Dreams (Cazzette meet At Night Mix)--0
Le7els (extended dub mix)--0
Derezzed (Remixed by Avicii)--0
Broken Arrows (The Aston Shuffle Remix)--0
Lay Me Down (Avicii By Avicii Remix)--0
Sweet Dreams (Mick Kastenholt & Andrew Dee Remix)--0
Malo (Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney Remix)--0
Levels (Radio Version)--0
Hey Brother (Radio Edit Long)--0
Street Dancer - Delta Heavy Remix--0
Fade Into Darkness (Jidax remix)--0
Fade Into Darkness (Albin Myers radio remix)--0
Swede Dreams (Fade Into Darkness)--0
Fade Into Darkness (Original Mix)--0
Wake Me Up (EDM Euphoria 2013 Edit)--0
Muja (Original Mix)--0
X You (Running Trax Summer 40 Min Mix)--0
You Make Me (Throttle Extended)--0
Wake Me Up - PANG! Slowing Things Down Remix--0
Bom - Original Mix--0
Hey Brother (Radio Edit)--0
Jailbait (FTampa Vicious21 Remix)--0
Sweet Dreams (Swede Dreams mix)--0
Fade into Darkness (Radio Mix)--0
Levels (Cazzette's NYC Mode Radio Mix) [In Bed With Space Pt. 15 Edit]--0
Malo (Adrian Lux & Flores Remix)--0
I Could Be the One (Nicktim Audrio Remix) [Avicii vs. Nicky Romero]--0
I Could Be the One (Nicktim Original Mix) [Avicii vs. Nicky Romero]--0
I Could Be the One (Nicktim Instrumental Mix) [Avicii vs. Nicky Romero]--0
I Could Be the One (DubVision Remix) [Avicii vs. Nicky Romero]--0
I Could Be the One (Nicktim Didrick Remix) [Avicii vs. Nicky Romero]--0
My Feelings for You (The Noise remix)--0
Lay Me Down (RT15 Edit) (Avicii By Avicii)--0
Levels (Weekend Edit)--0
Levels (Breakdowns Edit)--0
Hey Brother (Workout Mix by Alistaire)--0
I Could Be the One (John Christian Remix) [Avicii vs. Nicky Romero]--0
Sweet Dreams (Timo Juuti & Hector 87 Remix)--0
So Excited (Sebastien Benett remix)--0
So Excited (Philgood's Lost Remix)--0
So Excited (Sebastien Drums & Eric G Work Machine Remix)--0
So Excited (The Good Guys Remix)--0
Sweet Dreams (Avicci Swede Dreams mix)--0
Malo (Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney mix)--0
Malo (Bobby Vena Remix)--0
Record Breaker--0
Street Dancer (Two Fresh mix)--0
Lay Me Down (EDM Euphoria Edit) (Avicii By Avicii)--0
You Make Me (Extended)--0
Broken Arrows (M-22 Remix Edit)--0
The Nights (Running Trax Summer Edit)--0
For A Better Day (KSHMR Remix / Radio Edit)--0
Waiting For Love (I Am Raver Edit)--0
Wake Me Up - (radio edition)--0
Waiting For Love (Vegas US Edit)--0
Sweet Dreams - Swede Dreams Mix; Strictly Miami Edit--0
Sweet Dreams (Strictly Miami Edit) [Avicii Swede Dreams Mix]--0
Sweet Dreams (Avicii Swede Radio Edit) - Avicii Swede Radio Edit--0
The Nights (Vegas CA Edit) (Mike Mago Remix)--0
The Nights (Felix Jaehn Remix (Tropical House Edit))--0
Wake Me Up (Drive Edit) (Radio Edit)--0
The Nights (Sunset Soul Edit) (Felix Jaehn Remix)--0
Ryu - Laidback Luke Edit--0
I Could Be the One (with Nicky Romero) (Nicktim Mix)--0
Lay Me Down (Annual 2015 Edit) (Avicii By Avicii Remix)--0
Waiting For Love (Running Trax Series Pro Edit)--0
The Nights (CHI2015 Edit) (Felix Jaehn Remix)--0
Wake Me Up (IW Edit) (Radio Edit)--0
The Nights (IS2015 Edit) (Mike Mago Remix)--0
The Nights (HK Tropical House Edit) (Felix Jaehn Remix)--0
Jailbait (Avon Stringer Remix)--0
Street Dancer (Sneaker Fox Remix)--0
Triple Tracker: Avicii--0
You Make Me (A2B 2014 CA Edit) (Diplo & Ookay Remix)--0
Wake Me Up (PANG! Slowing Things Down mix)--0
Lay Me Down (Black Coffee Radio Edit)--0
Wake Me Up (PANG! Slow Things Down Remix)--0
You Make Me (ESRR Edit) (Radio Edit)--0
Wake Me Up (Radio Edit MOS compilation “This Is… Schoolies" Soft Edit)--0
Fade Into Darkness (with Albin Myers) (Albin Myers Remix)--0
Levels (Pump It Up Edit) (Radio Edit)--0
So Excited (Sebastien Bennett Remix)--0
I Could Be the One (Nicktim) [with Nicky Romero]--0
Derezzed (remixed vocal version of the Music by Daft Punk From Tron: Legacy)--0
Jailbait (A-Lab Radio Edit)--0
Bom - David Garcia & High Spies Remix--0
Jailbait - Demo Mix--0
Fade Into Darkness (Albin Myers Radio Mix)--0
Sound of Now (original instrumental mix)--0
So Excited (Laurent Simeca Remix)--0
Addicted To You (Top 100 2014 Edit) (David Guetta Remix)--0
Sweet Dreams - Avicii Swede Dub Mix--0
So Excited (Original Dub)--0
Street Dancer (Radio Mix)--0
Sweet Dreams (Radio Edit) [Mixed By Peter Luts]--0
Jailbait (A-Lab Club Mix)--0
Fade Into Darkness (Instrumental Mix/ Edit)--0
Fade Into Darkness (Danny Lang, Oakes & Lennox Remix)--0
Fade Into Darkness (Danny Merx & Henrique Remix)--0
Sweet Dreams (Avicii Sweede Dreams Mix)--0
Fade Into Darkness (Original Edit Extended)--0
Street Dancer (Two Fresh Remix)--0
My Feelings for You (Booty Callers remix)--0
Sweet Dreams - Cazeette meet AT NIGHT Mix--0
Sweet Dreams (Avicii Radio Edit)--0
Fade Into Darkness (Radio Instrumental Mix)--0
Street Dancer - Kenny Hayes Remix--0
Silhouettes (World Series USA Edit)--0
Street Dancer - Whelan & Di Scala Remix--0
Fade Into Darkness (Club Instrumental Mix)--0
Sweet Dreams (Swede Dreams Mix) [Mixed By Dim Chris]--0
Sweet Dreams (Avicii Swede Dreams Mix -Strictly Miami Edit)--0
Silhouettes (Nightclub Vol 1 Edit Comp Edit)--0
Silhouettes (10k/60min Mix)--0
Fade Into Darkness (MYNC Stadium Mix)--0
Sweet Dreams (Avicii Swede Dreams Mix)--0
Levels - Original Version--0
Waiting For Love - Prinston & Astrid S Acoustic Version--0
All You Need Is Love--0
The Nights - Felix Jaehn Remix--0
Lay Me Down (Avicii by Avicii)--0
Fade Into Darkness - Vocal Radio Mix--0
Broken Arrows - Kid Remix--0
Hey Brother - Extended Version--0
I Could Be The One (Avicii vs Nicky Romero)--0
Wake Me Up (original extended mix)--0
Long Road To Hell--0
Dear Boy (Avicii by Avicii)--0
You Make Me (Radio Edit)--0
Hey Brother (Live)--0
Hope There's Someone--0
I Could Be the One--0
Levels (original mix)--0
Silhouettes (Original Radio Edit)--0
Waiting For Love - Carnage & Headhunterz Remix--0
For a Better Day (KSHMR Remix)--0
Hey Brother - Syn Cole Remix--0
Hey Brother / You Make Me / I Could Be the One--0
Silhouettes - Original Mix--0
Fade Into Darkness (Vocal Club Mix)--0
The Days - Henrik B Remix--0
Fade Into Darkness - Vocal Mix Edit--0
The Days (radio edit)--0
Addicted To You (Original mix)--0
Waiting For Love - Autograf Remix--0
Addicted To You (Albin Myers Remix)--0
Fade into Darkness (Radio Edit)--0
Sweet Dreams--0
My Feelings for You--0
X You - Radio Edit--0
Hope There's Someone (Avicii by Avicii)--0
Broken Arrows - M-22 Remix--0
Liar Liar (Avicii by Avicii)--0
Wake Me Up - Avicii Speed Remix--0
Shame On Me (Avicii by Avicii)--0
You Make Me - Diplo & Ookay Remix--0
Always On the Run--0
Fade Into Darkness - Vocal Edit--0
Touch Me--0
The Nights (Mike Mago Remix)--0
Feeling Goodtrad0
Fade Into Darknesstrad0
Shame On Metrad0
Liar Liartrad0
City Lightstrad0
Gonna Love Yatrad0
Wake Me Up--0
The Nights--0
Back Where I Belong (Ft. Otto Knows)trad0
Jesus Sunsettrad0
Heart Upon My Sleevetrad0
Lay Me Downtrad0
You Make Me (ft. Salem El Fakir)trad0
Dance In The Watertrad0
Stay With Youtrad0
Blessed (feat. Tom Hangs) [Avicii Edit]trad0
Last Dancetrad0
You're Gonna (Feat. Nervo)trad0
X Youtrad0
Hey Brother--0
The Days--0
Somewhere In Stockholm--0
Talk To Myself--0
Can't Catch Me--0
Sunset Jesus--0
Addicted To You (Avicii by Avicii)--0
The Nights (extended mix)--0
Levels (radio edit)--0
True Believer--0
Addicted To You (David Guetta Remix)--0
You Make Me--0
Levels - Skrillex Remix--0
You Make Me (Diplo Remix)--0
For a Better Day--0
Wake Me Up (Avicii by Avicii)--0
Broken Arrows--0
Wake Me Up (Radio edit)--0
The Nights - Avicii By Avicii--0
Ten More Days--0
Pure Grinding--0
Hey Brother (Avicii by Avicii)--0
My Feelings for You (with Sebastien Drums) (Radio Edit)--0
For a Better Day (DubVision Remix)--0
Levels (Cazzette's NYC Mode Mix)--0
Wake Me Up (instrumental)--0
Levels (Clockwork remix)--0
Last Dance - Avicii Instrumental Radio Edit--0
Fade Into Darkness (Afrojack remix)--0
Lay Me Down (Black Coffee Remix)--0
I Could Be The One(Nicktim - Radio Edit)--0
Sweet Dreams - Avicii Swede Radio Edit--0
Wake Me Up (Deep House 2 Edit) (Pang! Slowing Things Down Remix)--0
Stories - Megamix--0
For a Better Day (Billon Remix)--0
Fade Into Darkness (Albin Myers Remix)--0
Levels - Instrumental--0
Wake Me Up (Pang Remix)--0
Levels (Original)--0
Street Dancer - Original Mix--0
Levels (ID) (radio dub)--0
Addicted To You (Sick Individuals Remix)--0
Speed (Burn & Lotus Team F1 Mix)--0
Collide (radio edit)--0
Wake Me Up (Ibiza Annual 2013 Edit)--0
Sweet Dreams (Gregori Klosman Remix)--0
Fade Into Darkness - Vocal Extended--0
Silhouettes - Syn Cole Creamfields Mix Radio Edit--0
Silhouettes - EDX's Arena Club Mix--0
Adiicted to You--0
Silhouettes (original & disco Fries remix)--0
Two Million--0
I Could Be the One (Nicktim Radio Edit) [Avicii vs. Nicky Romero]--0
Fade Into Darkness (Instrumental Radio Mix)--0
Last Dance (original club instrumental)--0
Wake Me Up (Radio Edit) (Ministry of Sound Radio Presents - On The Download the Best of 2013 Soft Edit)--0
Levels (Cazzette's NYC Mode Radio Mix)--0
Wake Me Up (Live)--0
You Make Me (Throttle Radio Edit)--0
X You - Original Version--0
Silhouettes - Lazy Rich Remix--0
Levels (DJ Footy Remix)--0
My Feelings for You - Radio Edit--0
Broken Arrows - Aston Shuffle Remix--0
Waiting For Love - Tundran Remix--0
Waiting For Love - Astma & Rocwell Remix--0
UMF (Ultra Music Festival Anthem)--0
Silhouettes - Syn Cole Creamfields Mix--0
Addicted To You (Ashley Wallbridge Remix)--0
So Excited--0
Fade Into Darkness - Radio Vocal Mix--0
Waiting For Love - Fabich Remix--0
Malo (Radio Edit)--0
So Excited (Radio Edit)--0
Last Dance (Radio Edit)--0
Speed (Burn & Lotus F1 Team Mix)--0
Street Dancer (Radio Edit)--0
Fade Into Darkness (Vocal Mix)--0
Malo - Original Mix--0
Wake Me Up (EDX Miami Sunset Remix)--0
Levels (Skrillex Remix Soft Edit)--0
Wake Me Up - Reggae Mix--0
Penguin (Fade Into Darkness)--0
The Nights (Felix Jaehn Remix Radio Edit)--0
Street Dancer--0
You Make Me (Live)--0
The Days (original mix)--0
Wake Me Up (EDX's Miami Sunset Remix)--0
Don’t Give Up on Us (Enough Is Enough)--0
Silhouettes (Radio Edit)--0
Street Dancer (Tristan Garner Remix)--0
Hey Brother (Syn Cole Radio Edit)--0
The Days (Grant Nelson Remix)--0
Wake Me Up (Speed remix)--0
Wake Me Up (EDX Miami Sunset Radio Edit)--0
Hey Brother (Syn Cole Extended Mix)--0
Last Dance (Club Instrumental)--0
Addicted To You (Video)--0
Hey Brother (Radio Edit Short)--0
Superlove (with Lenny Kravitz) (Remix Radio Edit)--0
You Make Me (Throttle Remix)--0
Ryu - Original Mix--0
Addicted To You (Bent Collective Remix)--0
Last Dance (Reeva & Black Remix)--0
Last Dance (Reeva & Black Dub)--0
Hey Brother (Syn Cole Remix Radio Edit)--0
Broken Arrows - Didrick Remix--0
Last Dance (Instrumental Radio Edit)--0
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