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Wish You Were Heretrad32
When You're Gonetrad31
I'm With Youtrad14
Knockin'on Heaven's Doortrad12
I Love Youtrad12
Give You What You Liketrad10
My Happy Endingtrad9
I Will Betrad7
Rock ’n’ Roll (clean version)--6
Skater Boytrad5
Alice In The Wonderlandtrad3
Girlfriend (clean edit)--3
How You Remind Metrad2
What The Helltrad2
Girlfriend Feat Lil Mamatrad2
Hello Kittytrad2
Bad Girl (feat. Marilyn Manson)trad2
I Will Be (feat. Leona Lewis)--2
Complicated (The Matrix mix)--2
Let Me Gotrad2
Complicated (instrumental)--2
Complicated (remix)--1
What the Hell (Remix)--1
Girlfriend (German Version - Explicit) - German Version - Explicit--1
Suggested Call Out Research Hook--1
Sk8er Boi (Nissan Live Sets on Yahoo! Music)--1
I Wish You Were Heretrad1
The Scientist - Live from BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge--1
(Pick Me Up) Take Me Away--1
Rock n Rolltrad1
Sk8er Boi--1
Here’s to Never Growing Up--1
Remember Whentrad1
Wish You Were Here (Acoustic Version)--1
It's Not OKtrad1
Nobody's Hometrad1
Keep Holding Ontrad1
I Can Do Bettertrad1
Complicated (Live)--0
Girlfriend (Japanese Version - Explicit) - Japanese Version - Explicit Version--0
Hot (Video)--0
Girlfriend (Portugese version)--0
My Happy Ending (Live)--0
Don't Tell Me (Live Acoustic Version)--0
Girlfriend (The Submarines' Time Warp '66 Mix - Italian)--0
Losing Grip (instrumental)--0
The Best Damn Thing (album version)--0
Nobody's Home (acoustic set)--0
Nobody's Fool (acoustic session 2002)--0
I'm With You (live BBC-Radio 1)--0
Goodbye Lullaby… the Songs--0
Girlfriend (instrumental)--0
A Day in the Life--0
Fuel (live)--0
I Don't Give (demo version)--0
Fall to Pieces (Live)--0
Happy Birthday Jesse--0
Smile (instrumental)--0
Everything Back But You (Explicit Version)--0
Girlfriend (Italian clean version)--0
Girlfriend (Mandarin Version - Explicit) - Mandarin Version - Explicit--0
Losing Grip (TV Track version)--0
Girlfriend (English version)--0
Girlfriend (live performances from the Orange Lounge)--0
Girlfriend (Spanish Version - Clean) - Spanish Version--0
Girlfriend (Japanese Version - Clean) - Japanese Version - Clean--0
When You're Gone - Walmart Soundcheck--0
Girlfriend (From "Burnout Dominator") (Radio Edit)--0
Best Damn Dance Break--0
Skater Girl TV Spot--0
Song 2--0
Losing Grip (live)--0
Bad Reputation Video Montage--0
I Don't Have to Try (Explicit Version)--0
Bonez Tour Documentary--0
I'm With You (Nissan Live Sets on Yahoo! Music)--0
Smile (acoustic)--0
Smile (radio edit)--0
Tomorrow (acoustic)--0
When You're Gone (live performances from the Orange Lounge)--0
Keep Holding On (instrumental)--0
Smile スーパークリーン・ヴァージョン (s**t, f***ing, b**chがスっていません)--0
I Can Do Better (Explicit Version)--0
Girlfriend (Japanese clean version)--0
Hey Mickey--0
I'm With You (album version)--0
Everything Back But You (live)--0
Nobody's Home (Live Acoustic Version)--0
Sk8er Boi - Walmart Soundcheck--0
When You're Gone (Nissan Live Sets on Yahoo! Music)--0
The Sk8er Boi--0
Smile クリーン・バージョン (s**t, f***ingがスっていません)--0
Girlfriend - Live - Explicit--0
Girlfriend (Explicit Version)--0
Sk8er Boi (MSN Control Room)--0
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Studio Version)--0
When You're Gone (Live from Toronto, Best Damn Tour)--0
SpongeBob SquarePants Theme--0
[data track]--0
He Wasn't (live acoustic version)--0
He Wasn't (live)--0
Innocence - MSN Control Room--0
Sk8r Boi--0
I Can Do Better (acoustic)--0
What the Hell (Bimbo Jones remix)--0
Girlfriend (German version)--0
Things I'll Never Say (live)--0
Nobody's Home (New Mix)--0
Smile (Acoustic Version)--0
Things I’ll Never Say (instrumental)--0
Girlfriend (remix)--0
Smile (Promo Only squeaky clean edit)--0
Fall to Pieces (album version)--0
Girlfriend (Portugese Version - Clean) - Portugese Version - Clean--0
Girlfriend (Junkie XL mix)--0
Sk8ter Boi (live acoustic)--0
Freak Out (Live)--0
Forgotten (Live)--0
Knocking on Heaven's Door (live)--0
Oh Holy Night (feat. Chantal Kreviazuk)--0
Girlfirend (Video)--0
Take Me Away (Live Acoustic Version)--0
Sk8er Boi (live acoustic)--0
Mobile (acoustic session 2002)--0
What the Hell (callout hook)--0
Take Me Away (live)--0
Things I'll Never Say (demo version)--0
Avril Hit Mix--0
Hot (Mandarin Version)--0
Girlfriend (The Submarines' Time Warp '66 Mix - Mandarin)--0
Sk8er Boi (TV Track version)--0
Girlfriend (French clean version)--0
Innocence (MSN Control Room) [Live]--0
Hot (MSN Control Room) [Live]--0
The Best Damn Thing (Nissan Live Sets on Yahoo! Music)--0
Everything Back But You (Nissan Live Sets on Yahoo! Music)--0
I Can Do Better (Nissan Live Sets on Yahoo! Music)--0
Losing Grip (MSN Control Room) [Live]--0
Girlfriend (The Submarines' French Time Warp '66 mix)--0
Girlfriend (The Submarines' Time Warp '66 Mix - Japanese)--0
Girlfriend (The Submarines' Spanish Time Warp '66 mix)--0
Too Much to Ask (instrumental)--0
Girlfriend (German clean version)--0
Girlfriend (The Submarines' German Time Warp '66 mix)--0
Naked (instrumental)--0
Girlfriend (The Submarines' Time Warp '66 Mix - French)--0
Girlfriend (The Submarines' Time Warp '66 Mix - Portugese)--0
Girlfriend (Spanish clean version)--0
Girlfriend (The Submarines' Time Warp '66 Mix - German)--0
Girlfriend (The Submarines' Time Warp '66 Mix - Spanish)--0
The Scientist (Live)--0
Hot (live)--0
Fall to Pieces (acoustic set)--0
Tomorrow (acoustic set)--0
Forgotten (piano version)--0
Together (piano version)--0
Slipped Away (piano version)--0
Girlfriend (Junkie XL Extended Mix)--0
Hot (Japanese version)--0
Complicated (TV Track version)--0
Losing Grip (live MSN Control Room Performance)--0
Sk8er Boi (live MSN Control Room performance)--0
Losing Grip (live in Dublin)--0
Unwanted (live BBC-Radio 1)--0
First Band Rehearsal for “What the Hell”--0
The Making of Goodbye Lullaby--0
Street Performer TV Spot--0
Sk8er Boi (international version)--0
Nobody's Fool (live BBC-Radio 1)--0
Things I'll Never Say (live BBC-Radio 1)--0
Mobile (live BBC-Radio 1)--0
Naked (live BBC-Radio 1)--0
Losing Grip (live BBC-Radio 1)--0
Girlfriend (Italian version)--0
Nobody’s Fool (instrumental)--0
Girlfriend (Italian Version - Explicit) - Italian Version--0
Complicated (live BBC-Radio 1)--0
Girlfriend (French Version - Clean) - French Version - Clean--0
Sk8er Boi (live BBC-Radio 1)--0
Tomorrow (acoustic session 2002)--0
Complicated (live MTV VMA 2002)--0
He Wasn't (live full band performance)--0
Take Me Away (live acoustic)--0
Girlfriend (The Submarines' Mandarin Time Warp '66 mix)--0
Introducing the Band--0
He Wasn't (live acoustic)--0
What the Hell (instrumental)--0
Sk8er Boi (instrumental)--0
Don’t Tell Me (acoustic)--0
Nobody's Home (radio edit)--0
O Holy Night (feat. Chantal Kreviazuk)--0
Tomorrow (instrumental)--0
Girlfriend (MSN Control Room) [Live]--0
Under My Skin Diary--0
When You're Gone (Video)--0
Girlfriend (German Version - Clean) - German Version - Clean--0
Girlfriend (live)--0
Naked (live)--0
Girlfriend (The Submarines' Time Warp '66 mix)--0
Complicated (DJ REN MIX)--0
Don’t Tell Me (video)--0
Girlfriend (The Submarines' Portugese Time Warp '66 mix)--0
Hot (live performances from the Orange Lounge)--0
Girlfriend (Portugese clean version)--0
I’m With You (instrumental)--0
Anything but Ordinary (instrumental)--0
Unwanted (instrumental)--0
Mobile (instrumental)--0
Girlfriend (The Submarines' Italian Time Warp '66 mix)--0
Girlfried (The Submarines' Time Warp '66 mix)--0
Everything Back but You (live performances from the Orange Lounge)--0
Hot (live MSN Control Room Performance)--0
Girlfriend (live MSN Control Room Performance)--0
Girlfriend (Mandarin version)--0
Nobody's Home (live)--0
Girlfriend (Mandarin clean version)--0
Girlfriend (French version)--0
Girlfriend (Portugese Version - Explicit) - Portugese Version--0
Girlfriend (The Submarines' Japanese Time Warp '66 mix)--0
Girlfriend (French Version - Explicit) - French Version - Explicit--0
Girlfriend (Italian Version - Clean) - Italian Version - Clean--0
Smile アルバム・ヴァージョン--0
When Your Gonetrad0
Girlfriend 2trad0
Once And For Realtrad0
Holy Nighttrad0
23 April 2003 Kathy's Songtrad0
Stop Standing Theretrad0
Everybody Hurtstrad0
4 Realtrad0
Kiss Metrad0
Move Your Little Self Ontrad0
Angry Nerd Rocktrad0
Angelic Metrad0
And Itrad0
Another Daytrad0
Bad Womantrad0
Bad Reputationtrad0
You Never Satisfy Metrad0
Grilfriend (german Version)trad0
Better Of Alonetrad0
Black Startrad0
Don't Let Me Fall (feat. Skylar Grey)trad0
Could It Be Any Hardertrad0
This Must Be Lovetrad0
What You Liketrad0
Echo (feat. Chad Kroeger Of Nickelback)trad0
All Day And All Of The Nighttrad0
Hello Heartachetrad0
Bitchin' Summertrad0
Understand Metrad0
Hush Hushtrad0
Here's To Never Growing Uptrad0
Won'T Let You Gotrad0
Make Uptrad0
Not Enoughtrad0
Best Years Of Our Lives (feat. Evan Taubenfeld)trad0
Happy Endingtrad0
Chop Suey!trad0
Best Damn Thingtrad0
All The Small Thingstrad0
All You Will Never Knowtrad0
All My Life Wedding (remix)trad0
Things I'll Never Saytrad0
Too Much To Asktrad0
Temple Of Lifetrad0
Sk8er Boi (Skater Boy)trad0
Nobody's Fooltrad0
Touch The Skytrad0
Two Riverstrad0
Fall To Piecestrad0
My Worldtrad0
Falling Downtrad0
Don't Tell Metrad0
Don't Tell Metrad0
Get Over Ittrad0
Losing Griptrad0
I Need Youtrad0
I Don't Givetrad0
Freak Outtrad0
He Wasn'ttrad0
Take Ittrad0
Falling Into Historytrad0
Girlfriend(version Espagnole)trad0
Girlfriend(version Française)--0
All Abouttrad0
Let Gotrad0
Girlfriend(version Italienne)trad0
One Of Those Girlstrad0
Take Me Awaytrad0
Slipped Awaytrad0
I Always Get What I Wanttrad0
How Does It Feeltrad0
Who Knowstrad0
I Don't Have To Trytrad0
Everything Back But Youtrad0
The Best Damn Thingtrad0
Falling Fasttrad0
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yettrad0
Girlfriend (Japanese version)--0
Hot (Wolfadelic Remix)--0
When You're Gone (instrumental)--0
Unwanted (live)--0
Nobody's Home (live acoustic)--0
Basket Case--0
Losing Grip - MSN Control Room--0
Don't Tell Me (live acoustic)--0
Complicated (Tom Lord-Alge mix)--0
Girlfriend (The Submarines' Time Warp '66 Mix - English)--0
I'm With You (TV Track version)--0
Push (acoustic)--0
My Happy Ending (video)--0
Skater Boi--0
Nobody's Home (acoustic)--0
Girlfriend (Dr. Luke remix)--0
My Happy Ending (album version)--0
Hot - MSN Control Room--0
Girlfriend (feat. Lil' Mama)--0
Don't Tell Me - MTV.com Live - Avril Lavigne--0
I Can Do Better (acoustic version)--0
Get Over It (demo version)--0
I'm With You - Walmart Soundcheck--0
I Always Get What I Want (Bonus Track)--0
When You're Gone (acoustic version)--0
Nobody’s Home (video)--0
Sk8er Boi (live)--0
Girlfriend (Spanish Version - Explicit) - Spanish Version - Explicit--0
Sk8er Boi (Live Acoustic Version)--0
Adia (MSN Control Room)--0
Wish You Were Here (instrumental)--0
Girlfriend (Callout Hook)--0
He Wasn't - MTV.com Live - Avril Lavigne--0
Girlfriend (Spanish Version)--0
Not the Only One--0
My Happy Ending (Live Acoustic Version)--0
Girlfriend (Nissan Live Sets on Yahoo! Music)--0
Anything But Ordinarytrad0
Push (Acoustic Version)--0
Here’s to Never Growing Up (Instrumental)--0
Girlfriend - MSN Control Room--0
Innocence (live MSN Control Room Performance)--0
Sk8ter Boi--0
Girlfriend - Walmart Soundcheck--0
Adia (live)--0
Innocence (Live)--0
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door--0
Knocking on Heaven’s Door--0
Keep Holding On (suggested callout hook)--0
Alice (extended version)--0
Rock 'n' Roll (acoustic)--0
When You're Gone (acoustic)--0
Bad Girl--0
What the Hell (main)--0
I'am with you--0
Wish You Were Here (acoustic)--0
Kiss Me (live acoustic)--0
Alice (From "Alice in Wonderland")--0
Rock 'n' Roll (instrumental)--0
Stay (Be The One)trad0
Take Me Away (B-side)trad0
Sippin' On Sunshinetrad0
Think About Ittrad0
Here Is to Never Growing Up--0
When Your're Gone--0
Let Me Go (feat. Chad Kroeger)--0
Here's To Never Growing Up (Explicit Version)--0
Rock ’n’ Roll--0
When You're Gone (live)--0
When You're Gone (Callout Hook)--0
What the Hell (acoustic)--0
Sk8ter Boy--0
Girlfriend (Dr. Luke remix feat. Lil Mama)--0
Girlfriend - Radio Edit--0
Complicated (acoustic)--0
Basketcase - Live--0
My Happy Ending (live acoustic)--0
Tomorrow You Didn't--0
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Live)--0
What the Hell (Acoustic Version)--0
Tomorrow (live)--0
I'm With You (live)--0
Knockin' On Heaven's Door - MTV.com Live - Avril Lavigne--0
Girlfriend [Mandarin]--0
Girlfriend [Spanish]--0
I Don't Give a Damn--0
The Scientist--0
Sk8er Boy--0
My Happy Ending (radio edit)--0
Get It Over--0
Tik Tok--0
Nobody's Fool (live)--0
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