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Ben Harper

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Boa Sorte ( Good Luck)trad235
Boa sorte / Good Luck--14
Waiting On An Angeltrad14
Walk Awaytrad11
Amen Omentrad8
Power Of The Gospeltrad7
Excuse Me Mrtrad7
The Three Of Us--6
Like a Kingtrad6
Jah Worktrad6
High Tide Or Low Tide (feat Jack Johnson)trad5
With My Own Two Handstrad5
In Your Eyestrad5
She's Only Happy In The Suntrad4
My Father's House (Benefiting Artists for Peace and Justice) [Live from the Kennedy Center Honors]--4
Shimmer & Shine--4
Please Me (Like You Want To)--4
Diamonds On The Insidetrad4
Indifference (live)--3
Please Me Like You Want Totrad3
Fly One Time--3
Suzie Bluetrad3
Out Of My League (I Love Her)trad2
Number Three (live)--2
Morning Yearningtrad2
My Father's House--2
Another Lonely Daytrad2
Better Waytrad2
Burn One Downtrad2
Beloved Onetrad2
Excuse Me Mr.--2
Fade Into You--2
When She Believestrad2
Dirty Little Lover--1
The Woman In Youtrad1
Pleasure And Paintrad1
Crazy Love--1
Steal My Kissestrad1
I Can't Takit No Longer--1
Picture In a Frametrad1
She Believes--1
Paris Sunrise #7--1
Sexual Healing (Hollywood Bowl) - Live--1
Blessed To Be a Witnesstrad1
Wicked Mantrad1
Take My Handtrad1
Needed Yout Tonighttrad1
Skin Thin--1
Happy Everafter In Your Eyestrad1
Gold To Metrad1
Show Me a Little Shametrad1
Amen Omen (Hollywood Bowl) [Live]--1
Don't Give Up on Me Now--1
Sexual Healing--1
Brown Eyed Bluestrad1
Fight For You Mindtrad1
There Will Be a Lighttrad1
By My Sidetrad1
Burn To Shinetrad1
Please Bleed (live)--0
Excuse Me Mister--0
Forgiven - Live--0
The Modern World--0
Glory & Consequence--0
Better Way (War mix)--0
Waiting for You (alternate mix)--0
Get It Like You Like It (live acoustic)--0
Morning Yearning (alternate mix)--0
Nobody's Fault but Mine (live)--0
Beloved One (live)--0
Welcome to the Cruel World (Live)--0
Reason to Mourn (alternate mix)--0
Sweet Nothing Serenade--0
Widow of Living Man--0
Better Way (live in Six-Fours-Les-Plage)--0
Exscuse Me Mister--0
Pictures of Jesus--0
In the Lord's Arm--0
Better Way (Peace mix)--0
Number Three--0
Mama's Trippin' (The Freedom Mix)--0
Voodoo Chile--0
Do It for You, Do It for Us--0
Get There from Here--0
Whipping Boy (Remix)--0
Bye and Bye I'm Going to See the King--0
Spilling Faith--0
I Will Not Be Broken--0
Whipping Boy (Live)--0
There Will Be a Light (Live)--0
Remember (live)--0
Superstition (live)--0
Fight for Your Mind (live)--0
Burn One Down (Live)--0
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)--0
Glory & Consequences--0
I Heard It Through the Grapevine--0
Ain't Too Proud to Beg--0
Brown Eyed Blues (Radio Edit)--0
Faded / Whole Lotta Love--0
Burn On Down--0
Burn to Shine (live)--0
Alone (live)--0
Mama's Trippin' (live)--0
There Will Be a Light (extrait studio)--0
Homeless Child (live)--0
The Will to Live (live)--0
Gold to Me (live)--0
You Can't Blame The Youth--0
By My Side (live)--0
Nobody's Fault but Mine--0
Steal My Kisses (live)--0
Church On Time - Live at the Apollo--0
Well, Well, Well - Live at the Apollo--0
11th Commandment - Live at the Apollo--0
11th Commandment--0
Church House Steps - Live at the Apollo--0
Wicked Man - Live at the Apollo--0
Satisfied Mind - Live at the Apollo--0
Mother Pray - Live at the Apollo--0
Put It On Me - Live--0
Sliding Delta--0
Put It On Me (Live)--0
Gold to Me (live acoustic version, Nashville, TN)--0
Please Me Like You Want To (live)--0
Brown Eyed Blues (Hollywood Bowl) [Live]--0
Like a King (remix)--0
Excuse Me Mr. / Burnin' and Lootin'--0
Don't Take That Attitude to Your Grave (Live)--0
With My Own Two Hands - Remix--0
With My Own Two Hands/ War (Hollywood Bowl) - Live--0
Faded (edit)--0
Gold to Me (Radio Edit)--0
Burn One Down / With My Own Two Hands (Live)--0
Ground on Down (edit)--0
Mamma's Trippin'--0
Diamonds On the Inside (Acoustic Version Newbury Comics)--0
Excuse Me Mr/Burnin' & Lootin'--0
With My Own Two Hands (Radio Edit)--0
Faithfull Remain--0
Steal My Kisses - Neptunes Beat Box Mix--0
Number Three - Live--0
Ground On Down - Live--0
Get It Like You Like It - Live at Hammersmith Apollo--0
Ground On Down - Live at Hammersmith Apollo--0
Up to You Now--0
Number With No Name--0
Walk Away - Live at Hammersmith Apollo--0
Waiting For You - Live at Hammersmith Apollo--0
Picture of Jesus - Live at the Apollo--0
Take My Hand - Live at the Apollo--0
I Want To Be Ready - Live at the Apollo--0
Give A Man A Home - Live at the Apollo--0
I Shall Not Walk Alone - Live at the Apollo--0
There Will Be A Light - Live at the Apollo--0
In the Lord's Arms (Live)--0
Welcome to the Cruel World - Live--0
Heart of Matters - Live--0
In The Colors - Live--0
Say You Will - Live--0
Fight Outta You - Live--0
Needed You Tonight - Live--0
Whipping Boy - Live--0
Fool for a Lonesome Train - Live--0
Younger Than Today - Live--0
Brown Eyed Blues (Hollywood Bowl) - Live--0
Amen Omen (Hollywood Bowl) - Live--0
Beloved One - Live--0
Not Fire, Not Ice - Live--0
The Drugs Don't Work - Live--0
Walk Away - Live--0
Another Lonely Day - Live--0
Please Don't Talk About Murder While I'm Eating - Live at Hammersmith Apollo--0
By My Side - Live--0
Pleasure And Pain - Live--0
Power Of The Gospel - Live--0
Alone - Live--0
Excuse Me Mr. - Live--0
Sexual Healing - Live--0
Burn One Down - Live--0
Roses From My Friends - Live--0
Mama's Got A Girlfriend Now - Live--0
Better Way - Live in Six-Fours-les-Plage--0
Well, Well, Well--0
Cryin' Won't Help You Nowtrad0
More Than Sorrytrad0
Both Sides Of The Guntrad0
Engraved Invitationtrad0
Gather 'Round The Stonetrad0
Black Raintrad0
Reason To Mourntrad0
Never Leave Lonely Alonetrad0
Well Well Welltrad0
Church House Stepstrad0
Satisfied Mindtrad0
Mother Praytrad0
Waiting For Youtrad0
Church On Timetrad0
Please Don't Talk About Murder While I'm Eatingtrad0
Get It Like You Like Ittrad0
Heart Of Matterstrad0
Put It On Metrad0
Breakin' Downtrad0
The Drugs Don't Worktrad0
Feel Love--0
Strawberry Fields Forever--0
Younger Than Todaytrad0
Say You Willtrad0
Serve Your Soultrad0
The Way You Found Metrad0
Fight Outta Youtrad0
In The Colorstrad0
Having Wingstrad0
Fool For a Lonesome Traintrad0
Where Could I Gotrad0
I'll Risetrad0
Please Bleedtrad0
Two Hand Of a Prayertrad0
In The Lord's Armstrad0
Roses From My Friendstrad0
Homeless Childtrad0
Picture Of Jesustrad0
Touch From Your Lusttrad0
When It's Goodtrad0
Bring The Funktrad0
So High So Lowtrad0
Temporary Remedytrad0
The Will To Livetrad0
Whipping Boytrad0
One Road For Freedomtrad0
Don't Take That Attitude To Your Gravetrad0
Mama's Got a Girlfriend Nowtrad0
Welcome To The Cruel Worldtrad0
How Many Miles Must We Marchtrad0
God Fearing Mantrad0
Give a Man a Hometrad0
Glory And Consequencetrad0
Widow Of a Living Mantrad0
Mama's Trippin'trad0
I Shall Not Walk Alonetrad0
People Leadtrad0
Ground On Downtrad0
Beautiful Boy--0
Fight for Your Mind--0
Voodoo Chile (Live)--0
I Shall Not Walk Alone (Live)--0
Well, Well, Well (Live)--0
I Want to Be Ready (Live)--0
Picture of Jesus (Live)--0
Take My Hand (Live)--0
Forever (Live)--0
Please Bleed (Live In NYC)--0
Burn to Shine (Live In Angers, France)--0
Alone (Live In Paris)--0
The Woman In You (Live In Angers, France)--0
Steal My Kisses (Live In Seattle)--0
Faded (Live)--0
Nobody's Fault But Mine (Live In Byron Bay Australia)--0
Church House Steps (Live)--0
Give a Man a Home (Live)--0
Younger Than Today (Live)--0
Needed You Tonight (Live)--0
Fool for a Lonesome Train (Live)--0
Heart of Matters (Live)--0
With My Own Two Hands (Live)--0
Mama's Got a Girlfriend Now (Live)--0
In the Colors (Live)--0
Say You Will (Live)--0
Mother Pray (Live)--0
Wicked Man (Live)--0
Church On Time (Live)--0
Where Could I Go (Live)--0
Fight Outta You (Live)--0
Satisfied Mind (Live)--0
Cover Songs That Speak to Me On a Soul Level--0
I Want To Be Readytrad0
Waymore's Blues--0
If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again--0
With My Own Two Hands / War--0
Amen Omen (Live)--0
The Woman in You (live)--0
Sexual Healing (Live)--0
Clearly Severely--0
Excuse Me Mr. (Album Version)--0
Pray That Our Love Sees the Dawn--0
Rock 'N' Roll Is Free--0
Get Up Stand Up--0
High Tide, Low Tide--0
One Road To Freedom--0
Woman in You--0
Diamond on the Inside (radio edit)--0
The Drugs Don't Work (live)--0
Crazy Amazing--0
Waiting On A Sign--0
Diamonds on the Inside (snippet)--0
Two Hands of a Prayer--0
Burn One Down / With My Own Two Hands--0
Not Fire Not Ice--0
Waiting On An Angel - Live--0
Needed You Tonight--0
Steal My Kisses From You--0
Rock N' Roll Is Free--0
Where Could I Go - Live at the Apollo--0
Woman In You - Live--0
Sexual Healing (Hollywood Bowl) [Live]--0
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