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Paroles de The Boss Americana

Interprète Bonnie Tyler

Paroles de la chanson The Boss Americana par Bonnie Tyler lyrics officiel

The Boss Americana est une chanson en langue indéterminée

Jump as you go alone inside my room
Just for a bit can't you see I watch as you go by
While all the others try for a while

Oh, can't you stay on my face, these stains you can't see
Now have you gone for a bit, I know you're not the same
It's hard for me to blame

Well, I won't know if I won't ask you to stay
Would you let me go?
And I will have your way, you know they took it down
The things you'd say

Crap, have you seen we trust an empty green?
With a face of regret we could have washed the stains
Another night remains

After all I'm not with you and I know the trees go back below
High as we fly one more time, I'm not beneath the wind
I'm not beneath the wind

Well, you're all I know and I don't want you to stay
Oh, won't you please let go?
I wouldn't have you that way disperse our love
If you won't ask me to pay, yeah, oh
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