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I need a Herotrad237
Si Demain (Avec Kareen Antonn)trad125
Turn Aroundtrad99
Total Eclipse Of The Hearttrad27
Si demain... (Turn Around) (feat. Kareen Antonn)--11
Si Demain... (Turn Around)--11
Si Tout S'arrête (Avec Kareen Antonn)trad9
Betty Davis Eyestrad8
It's a Headache--6
Eclipse Totale De Coeurtrad5
Have You Ever Seen the Rain?--5
It's a Heartachetrad5
Have You Ever Seen The Rain ?trad3
Making Love Out Of Nothing At Alltrad3
Total Eclipse--2
Simply Believe--2
Whenever You Need Metrad2
Total Eclipse of the Heart (extended)--2
Lovers Againtrad1
I Can't Leave Your Love Alone--1
Merry Christmastrad1
Holding Out for a Hero (dance-version-Jellybean remix)--1
Emotional Firetrad1
Chante Avec Moi--1
Total Eclipse of the Heart (long version)--1
I Do It For Youtrad1
Chante Avec Moi (Celebrate)--1
Corazón Herido--1
When I Close My Eyestrad1
Tonight Is What It Means To Be Youngtrad1
Angel Of The Morningtrad1
Angel Of The Morning *--1
Simply Believe (Live)--1
Holding Out For a Herotrad1
Don't Turn Around--1
A Natural Woman--1
A Rocking Good Way (feat. Shaking Stevens)--1
Holding Out for a Hero (From "Footloose")--1
I Want You--0
Human Touch--0
You're Breaking My Heart Again ***--0
Need Your Love So Bad--0
Silent Night--0
You Always Saw The Blue Skies *--0
A Rockin' Good Way (To Mess Around and Fall in Love)--0
We Can Start Here *--0
You Try--0
A Whiter Shade of Pale--0
Silhouette in Red--0
Sending Me Angels--0
Loving You's a Dirty Job but Somebody's Gotta Do It--0
Cryin' A Little--0
Crying In Berlin--0
Here She Comes (Metropolis)--0
Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)--0
Till The End Of Time--0
Love Is the Knife--0
Si tout s'arrête (It's a Heartache) (feat. Kareen Antonn)--0
Sexual Deviance--0
Where Were You - Radio Mix--0
Hey Love (It's a Feelin')--0
Loving You's a Dirty Job but Somebody's Gotta Do It (long version)--0
Here's Monday--0
Tyre Tracks and Broken Hearts--0
If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man) (extended version)--0
Band of Gold (long version)--0
Stand Up--0
Believe In Me (Eurovision Edit)--0
I'll Never Let You Down *--0
I Can't Make You Love Me--0
Soon Will Be Too Late--0
I'll Stand By You--0
Lord Help Me--0
You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman--0
What You Need From Me - feat. Vince Gill--0
Holding Out for a Hero (club mix)--0
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For--0
(The World Is Full Of) Married Men--0
Holding Out for a Hero (En public)--0
Holding Out For A Hero (Footloose)--0
Believe in Me (Radio Edit)--0
Sometimes When We Touch--0
Holding Out For A Hero [Single Version]--0
Holding Out for a Hero (dance version)--0
All I Ever Wanted--0
Believe In Me (Eurovision 2013 - United Kingdom)--0
The Total Eclipse of the Heart--0
A Rockin' Good Way--0
Bye Bye Now My Sweet Love--0
Total Eclipse of the Heart (Version 2006)--0
Total Eclipse of the Heart (Live)--0
Run Run Run (Live)--0
Crying In Berlin (Live)--0
Notes from America (Full Version)--0
Total Eclipse of the Heart (Re-Recorded)--0
Flat On the Floor--0
Little Superstar--0
United Kingdom: Believe In Me--0
Driving Me Crazy (Live)--0
The Reason Why **--0
If You Were a Woman--0
He's Got A Hold On Me--0
He's the King--0
Goin' Through the Motions--0
Streets of Stone--0
I Wont Look Back--0
I'm Only a Lonely Child--0
I'm a Fool--0
It's a Jungle Out There--0
Hide Your Heart (Live)--0
Against the Wind (radio mix)--0
God Gave Love to You (extended version)--0
Sally Comes Around (radio mix)--0
Stay (radio version)--0
Sexual Device (The Vari mix)--0
Faster Than the Speed of the Night--0
A Matter of the Heart--0
Till the End of Time (feat. Dan Hartman)--0
He's the King (acoustic version)--0
He's the King (extended version)--0
He's the King (radio version)--0
Islands (feat. Mike Oldfield)--0
Loving You Is a Dirty Job but Somebody's Gotta Do It (feat. Todd Rundgreen)--0
Learning to Fly--0
Lean on Me--0
And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going--0
Sitting on the Edge of the Ocean--0
Right Here Waiting--0
It's Over--0
Louise (Il Est Mon Homme)--0
Louise (original)--0
It's a Hearthache--0
Call Me (extended mix)--0
Holdin' Out for a Hero--0
Hey Love (It's a Feeling)--0
Call Me (unplugged mix live)--0
Hey Love--0
Loving You Is a Dirty Job but Somebody's Gotta Do It--0
Loving You's a Dirty Job--0
Soon Will Be to Late--0
I'm Not Foolin' (Single Edit)--0
Faster Than the Speed of the Night (long version)--0
Sally Comes Around (unplugged mix)--0
What You Need From Me--0
Hide You Heart--0
Say Goodbye (Classical Version)--0
Before the Night Is Through--0
Fools Lullaby (Sweet Lullaby mix)--0
Fools Lullaby (radio mix)--0
Lovin' You Is a Dirty Job but Somebody's Got to Do It--0
Making Love (Out of Nothing at All) (long version)--0
Race to the Fire (radio mix)--0
Race to the Fire (Race mix)--0
Bitterblue (True Blue mix)--0
Here She Comes (Edited version)--0
Loving You Is a Dirty Job--0
I Tout S'Arrete (It's a Heartache)--0
Take Another Look at My Heart--0
Fool's Lullabye--0
Louise (Live)--0
Lost In France (Live)--0
Hold Out Your Heart (Live)--0
Celebrate (Live)--0
All I Need Is Love (Live)--0
If You Were a Woman (Live)--0
Here She Comes (Live)--0
Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Re-recorded / Remastered)--0
Louise (French Version)--0
Louise (Original Version)--0
It's a Heartache (Live)--0
Holding Out for a Hero (Live)--0
Straight from the Heart (Live)--0
Open Your Eyes--0
Return To Blue ***--0
Like An Ocean *--0
It's Not Easy--0
Holding Out For a Hero (From "Short Circuit 2")--0
Against the Wind (instrumental)--0
Where Were You (Live)--0
To Love Somebody (Live)--0
Race to the Fire (Live)--0
Total Eclipse of the Heart (Radio Version)--0
Holding Out For a Hero (Remix)--0
Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Instrumental Version)--0
Holding Out for a Hero (extended remix)--0
Heaven Is Here (feat. Giorgio Moroder)--0
I Believe in Your Sweet Love (single version)--0
Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Dubstep Remix)--0
Turtle Blues (live)--0
Rockin' Good Way (To Mess Around and Fall in Love)--0
Save Your Love (feat. Frankie Miller)--0
Word Can Change Your Life--0
Getting So Exciting--0
Bitterblue (radio mix)--0
This Is Gonna Hurt--0
Holding Out For A Hero (Re-recorded / Remastered)--0
Going Through the Motions--0
Si tout s'arrête (It's a Heartache)--0
Holding Out For a Hero (Instrumental Version)--0
Holding Out for a Hero (From "Footloose") [Re-Recorded]--0
Holding out for a Hero (Re-Recorded)--0
Heaven is here (With Giorgio Moroder)--0
Till The End Of Time (Duet with Dan Hartman)--0
Faster Than the Speed of Light--0
Total Eclipse of the Heart (Instrumental)--0
I'm Not Foolin'--0
No Way To Treat a Ladytrad0
Here’s Mondaytrad0
Here She Comestrad0
Here Am Itrad0
Heaven Is Heretrad0
Hey Love (it’s a Feelin’)trad0
Hide Your Hearttrad0
You Won't See Me Crytrad0
You're Breaking My Heart Againtrad0
You're The Greatest Lovetrad0
Hold Out Your Hearttrad0
He’s Got a Hold On Metrad0
Given It Alltrad0
Give Me Your Lovetrad0
Getting So Excitedtrad0
Get Out Of My Headtrad0
God Gave Love To Youtrad0
Goin’ Through The Motionstrad0
He Is The Kingtrad0
Got So Used To Loving Youtrad0
Goodbye To The Islandtrad0
Gonna Get Bettertrad0
You Are So Beautifultrad0
You Are a Womantrad0
Under Suspiciontrad0
We Can Start Heretrad0
We Danced On The Ceilingtrad0
What a Way To Treat My Hearttrad0
Two Out Of Three Ain't Badtrad0
Turtle Bluestrad0
Tire Tracks And Broken Heartstrad0
To Love Somebodytrad0
Too Good To Lasttrad0
Too Hottrad0
What You Gottrad0
When Love Attackstrad0
Words Can Change Your Lifetrad0
Years May Cometrad0
Yesterday Dreamstrad0
You Always Saw The Blue Skiestrad0
Wild Side Of Lifetrad0
Where Were Youtrad0
Whiter Shade Of Paletrad0
Wild Lovetrad0
From The Bottom Of My Lonely Hearttrad0
Forget Hertrad0
Back Hometrad0
You're The Onetrad0
Baby, I Remember Youtrad0
Baby I Just Love Youtrad0
Back In My Armstrad0
Bad Dreamstrad0
Before We Get Any Closertrad0
Before This Night Is Throughtrad0
Band Of Goldtrad0
Baby Goodnighttrad0
Angel Hearttrad0
A Kiss Is a Terrible Thing To Wastetrad0
(you Make Me Feel Like) a Natural Womantrad0
'til The End Of Timetrad0
Loving You Is a Dirty Job But Somebody's Got To Do Ittrad0
A Rockin’ Good Waytrad0
Against All Oddstrad0
All We Have Is Tonighttrad0
All Night To Know Youtrad0
All I Need Is Lovetrad0
Against The Windtrad0
Blame Metrad0
Born To Be a Winnertrad0
Driving Me Crazytrad0
Don’t Turn Aroundtrad0
Don’t Stop The Musictrad0
Dead Ringer For Love (with Meat Loaf)trad0
Driving Me Wildtrad0
Everybody Hurtstrad0
Fools Lullabytrad0
First Lovetrad0
Fire In My Soultrad0
Faster Than The Speed Of Nighttrad0
Daytime Friendstrad0
Call MEtrad0
Bye Bye (now My Sweet Love)trad0
Bridge Over Troubled Watertrad0
Careless Hearttrad0
Clouds In My Coffeetrad0
Cryin’ a Littletrad0
Crying Berlintrad0
Come On, Give Me Lovingtrad0
Time Mends a Broken Hearttrad0
My! My! Honeycombtrad0
My Guns Are Loadedtrad0
More Than a Lovertrad0
Matter Of The Hearttrad0
Shy With Youtrad0
Sexual Devicetrad0
Say Goodbyetrad0
Sayonara Tokyotrad0
Sem Limites Pra Sonhartrad0
Send Me The Pillowtrad0
Married Mentrad0
Make It Right Tonighttrad0
Louisiana Raintrad0
Lost In Francetrad0
Living For The Citytrad0
Love Is In Love Againtrad0
Love Makes It Righttrad0
Making Lovetrad0
Gotta Do Ittrad0
Love Tangletrad0
Love Of a Rolling Stonetrad0
Save Your Lovetrad0
Save Up All Your Tearstrad0
Total Eclipse of the Heart (single version)--0
Total Eclipse of My Heart--0
Nobody Bettertrad0
Notes From Americatrad0
Making Love (Out of Nothing at All)--0
Total Eclipse of Heart--0
Total Eclipse of the Heart (radio edit)--0
I Put A Spell On You ****--0
Believe in Me--0
Holding on for a Hero--0
Nothing To Do With Lovetrad0
Open Your Armstrad0
Return To Bluetrad0
Run Run Runtrad0
Sally Comes Aroundtrad0
Save Metrad0
Rebel Without a Cluetrad0
Piece Of My Hearttrad0
Race To The Firetrad0
Like An Oceantrad0
Let The Show Begintrad0
Straight From The Hearttrad0
Streets Of Little Italytrad0
Take a Chancetrad0
Take Another Look At Your Hearttrad0
I Believe In Your Sweet Lovetrad0
I Can’t Leave Your Love Alonetrad0
I Put a Spell On Youtrad0
I Loved a Mantrad0
I Cry Myself To Sleep At Nighttrad0
I Climb Every Mountaintrad0
Take Me Backtrad0
The Reason Whytrad0
The Rosetrad0
The Streets Of Stonetrad0
The World Starts Tonighttrad0
The Fire Belowtrad0
The Eyes Of a Fooltrad0
Tell Me The Truthtrad0
The Besttrad0
The Closer You Gettrad0
The Desert Is In Your Hearttrad0
I Won't Look Backtrad0
I'll Never Let You Downtrad0
It’s Not Easytrad0
It’s About Timetrad0
It’s a Jungle Out Theretrad0
It's Not Enoughtrad0
I’m a Fooltrad0
I’m Only a Lonely Childtrad0
Let It Betrad0
Keep Your Love Alivetrad0
James Deantrad0
Jack Of Heartstrad0
It's In The Back Of My Mindtrad0
Is Anybody There?trad0
If I Sing You a Love Songtrad0
I’m Not Foolin’trad0
I'm Just a Womantrad0
I'll Stand By You (Feat. Lorraine Crosby)trad0
If You Ever Need Me Againtrad0
If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man)trad0
Into The Sunsettrad0
In My Lifetrad0
Il Est Mon Hommetrad0
The Rose ***--0
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