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The Only One for Me--4
Back at One--3
The Only One For Me (Live)--3
Another You--3
6 Months, 8 Days, 12 Hours--2
After the Love Has Gone (Live)--2
Everytime You Go Away--2
Used To Be My Girltrad2
Whenever You Call (feat. Mariah Carey)--2
Show Me the Way Back to Your Heart--1
Remember the Magic--1
Love of My Life--1
I Miss You (live)--1
Marry Your Daughter--1
What's It Gonna Be--0
What We Do Here (Live At the W Hotel Version)--0
Every Time You Go Away (Live At the W Hotel Version)--0
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen--0
Bless This House--0
Let It Snow--0
Don't Know Where to Start--0
My Kinda Girl--0
It's All About Love--0
Groovin Tonight--0
One of the Ones Who Did--0
All Night Long (Instrumental)--0
Back at One (Portuguese Version)--0
What We Do Here (Main)--0
Christmas You and Me--0
Gimme Yo Love--0
Back Seat (GettinDown) (call out hook)--0
Back Seat (GettinDown) (instrumental)--0
One More Time (live)--0
The Rest of My Life (live)--0
I Couldn't Say--0
My Prayer--0
Groovin Tonight (feat. St. Lunatics)--0
Still (live)--0
Come Back to Me (live)--0
Find Myself In You (live)--0
Just Me--0
Without You--0
More Than Wonderful (live)--0
Find My Way Back Home (live)--0
Can You Read My Mind (live)--0
Crazy Love (live)--0
Unforgettable (live)--0
Used to Be My Girl (Instrumental)--0
Win (From "Men of Honor")--0
To You (feat. Earth, Wind & Fire)--0
Your Love is Ooh--0
Anytime (Suave House remix) (feat. 8-Ball)--0
Kiss Your Love Goodbye--0
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas--0
The First Noel--0
For You--0
Silver Bells--0
More and More--0
Christmas Time Is Here--0
You Should Be Mine (Don't Waste Your Time) (feat. Mase)--0
Backseat (Gettin' Down)--0
Because of His Love--0
Bethlehem Tonight--0
Jam Knock--0
Hold Me--0
Come Back--0
All Over Now--0
Don't Know Where to Start (feat. Nate Dogg)--0
The Brian McKnight Show--0
One Last Cry (Re-Recorded)--0
Anytime (Re-Recorded)--0
Gothic Interlude--0
Still (Newly Recorded Version)--0
The Only One For Me (Newly Recorded Version)--0
Anytime / Back At One / One Last Cry--0
Lonely (Album Verison)--0
One Last Cry (Newly Recorded Version)--0
Fall 5.0 (Live)--0
My Kind of Girl (Live)--0
Overjoyed (Stevie Wonder) (Live)--0
Win - Men Of Honor/Soundrack Edit--0
In Love (Interlude)--0
If It Was Cool / I Don't Know yet (Interlude)--0
The Way I Do--0
Holdin' On (Missin' U)--0
Try Our Love Again--0
Reaching For My Goal--0
Red, White, And Blue--0
The Way Love Goes - Album Edit--0
Rock With You (Michael Jackson) (Live)--0
Unforgettable (Nat King Cole) (Live)--0
If Ur Ready 2 Learn--0
Whatcha Gonna Do?--0
The Way Love Goes (Album Version)--0
Once Again--0
iFUrReadyToLearn (C.A.T.S.)--0
Let It Snow - Feat. Brian McKnight Jr. & Nikolas McKnight--0
Night People - Re-recorded / Remastered--0
I'll Be Home for Christmas--0
The Way I Do (feat. Cheeks & Baby)--0
Don't Take Your Love Away--0
Adeste Fideles--0
Who Would Have Thought--0
Night People (Remastered)--0
Send One Your Love--0
Every Time You Go Away (Radio Edit)--0
Rouge (live)--0
Still (Live From Los Angeles, United States/2016)--0
Fall 5.0 (Live From Los Angeles, United States/2016)--0
Anytime (Live From Los Angeles, United States/2016)--0
One Last Cry (Live From Los Angeles, United States/2016)--0
Used To Be My Girl (Live)--0
On the Down Low (Live)--0
Genesis (Prelude)--0
Christmas Eve With You--0
On The Down Low - Album Edit--0
The Rest of My Life (Live From Los Angeles, United States/2016)--0
On the Down Low (Live From Los Angeles, United States/2016)--0
Find Myself In You (Live From Los Angeles, United States/2016)--0
Bio, Part 3 (Sweet Love) (live)--0
On the Battlefield for My Lord (live)--0
Used To Be My Girl (Live From Los Angeles, United States/2016)--0
Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda (Live From Los Angeles, United States/2016)--0
Crazy Love (Live From Los Angeles, United States/2016)--0
My Kind of Girl (Live From Los Angeles, United States/2016)--0
The Only One For Me (Live From Los Angeles, United States/2016)--0
Can't Leave You Alone--0
Shoulda Been Lovin' You--0
One Last Cry (single edit)--0
The Way I Do (feat. Mr. Cheeks & Baby)--0
Remember the Magic (Theme Song)--0
Back at One (radio edit)--0
You Should Be Mine (Don't Waste Your Time) (no rap radio version)--0
The Color of the Night (instrumental version)--0
Hold Me (live)--0
Hold Me (Trackmasters remix edit) (feat. Tone & Kobe Bryant)--0
Hold Me (Trackmasters remix edit) (feat. Tone)--0
One of the One's Who Did (feat. Kirk Franklin)--0
If It Was Cool--0
The Day the Earth Stood Still--0
Must Be Love--0
Up Around My Way--0
Niko's Lullaby--0
You Got the Bomb--0
I Can't Go for That--0
When the Chariot Comes--0
Til I Get over You--0
Watcha Gonna Do?--0
Your Song--0
Home for the Holidays--0
Back at One (remix)--0
Back at One (Johnny Vicious club mix)--0
God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman--0
I'll Take Her (feat. Ill Al Skratch)--0
Your Should Be Mine (Don't Waste Your Time)--0
All Night Long (Street Tracks remix)--0
The First Noel (feat. Claude Mcknight and Tim Miner)--0
Good Enough--0
Anytime (Suave House remix)--0
Anytime (Mr. Mig remix version)--0
The First Noel (feat. Claude McKnight & Tim Miner)--0
All Night Long--0
Night People--0
She (feat. Talib Kweli)--0
Whatcha Gonna Do? (feat. Juvenile, Akon & Skip)--0
Anytime (Cibola mix Show Bass)--0
Thank You (For Saving My Life) (feat. Jo Kyu Chan)--0
Anytime (Mr Big remix)--0
On the Down Low--0
Like I Do--0
I Believe--0
Fall 5.0--0
Love of My Life (Main)--0
Every Beat of My Heart--0
Baby It's You--0
Here With You--0
More Than Words--0
Can You Read My Mind--0
Stay or Let It Go--0
Every Time You Go Away - Radio--0
Hail Mary--0
Show Me the Way to Your Heart--0
Back At One (live)--0
What I've Been Waiting For--0
Come Back To Me--0
You Could Be the One--0
Get Over You--0
Never Felt This Way (live)--0
Find Myself In You (Newly Recorded Version)--0
Shall We Begin--0
Where Do We Go from Here--0
Anytime (Cibola Remix Edit)--0
My Kinda Girl (feat. Justin Timberlake)--0
Good Enough (feat. Joe, Carl Thomas, Tyrese & Tank)--0
All I Need Is You (live)--0
Thinkin 'Bout Me--0
You Should Be Mine (Don't Waste Your Time)--0
4th of July--0
What We Do Here--0
Everything I Do--0
When I Fall in Love--0
Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda - Main--0
A Little Too Late--0
Back At One (Newly Recorded Version)--0
Uno Dos Tres (Bonus Track)--0
Still In Love--0
Crazy Love--0
Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda--0
Back At One - Spanish Un Dos Tres--0
Never Felt This Way--0
The Rest of My Life--0
I Miss You--0
One Last Cry (Live)--0
One Last Cry--0
Back To Onetrad0
6, 8, 12--0
What's My Name--0
Holdin' On (Missin' You)--0
Unhappy Without You--0
So Sorry--0
Biggest Part of Me--0
My Kind of Girl--0
Love Is (feat. Vanessa Williams)--0
Only One for Me (live)--0
For the Rest of My Life--0
Back at Once--0
My Kind of Girl (feat. Justin Timberlake)--0
I Want U--0
Someday, Someway, Somehow--0
I Do--0
Uh Oh Feeling--0
Find Myself in You--0
The Biggest Part of Me--0
I Belong to You--0
Last Dance--0
Lovin You from a Distance--0
Love Is--0
Not Alone--0
Red, White, And Blue - With Rascal Flatts--0
Don't Lie--0
Me & You--0
Stay With Him (intro)--0
Anytime (radio edit)--0
I Wish It Would Rain Down--0
Distant Lover--0
Careless Whisper (feat. Kenny G)--0
Over and Over Again--0
Back at One / Un, Dos, Tres (Spanish version)--0
Played Yourself--0
Whatever You Want--0
When You Wanna Come--0
I Remember You--0
Thinking ’Bout Me--0
Let Me Love You--0
U Turn (feat. Fabulous & Six John)--0
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year--0
Just Lemme Know--0
The Front the Back the Side--0
Careless Whisper--0
Rock With You (live)--0
The Way Love Goes--0
Cherish (live)--0
Temptation (live)--0
Made for Love--0
Nothing but a Thang--0
Forever (Radio Edit)--0
(Six, Eight, Twelve) 6, 8, 12--0
Back at One (Re-Recorded)--0
Used to Be My Girl (Main Edit)--0
Angels We Have Heard On High--0
Let It Snow '98--0
Oh Lord--0
Is the Feeling Gone--0
When Will I See You Again (feat. Fred Hammond)--0
After the Love--0
Goodbye My Love--0
On the Floor--0
Been So Long--0
All Night Long (feat. Nelly)--0
Everytime We Say Goodbye--0
Shoulda Woulda Coulda (live)--0
Anytime (live)--0
Back At One (Radio Version)--0
6, 8, 12 (Newly Recorded Version)--0
Just Enough--0
Don't Stop--0
She Doesn't Know--0
Overjoyed (live)--0
End and Beginning With You--0
Trying Not to Fall Asleep--0
Grown Man Business--0
You Should Be Mine--0
Just a Little Bit--0
Get U 2 Stay--0
One Mo Time--0
Love Me, Hold Me--0
Do You Ever Think About Me (live)--0
Husband 2.1--0
Back At One (2013 version)--0
Silent Night--0
The Christmas Song--0
Don't Let Me Go--0
Back At One (Live From Los Angeles, United States/2016)--0
U Turn--0
When Will I See You Again--0
Anytime (Newly Recorded Version)--0
Stay the Night--0
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