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Cat Stevens

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Father & Sontrad20
My Lady D'Arbanvilletrad8
Wild Worldtrad5
Father and Son--4
Wild World (live, Yusuf's Cafe)--4
Blackness Of The Night--4
How Can I Tell You--4
Morning Has Brokentrad4
Tea For The Tillermantrad4
Into White--3
Cats in the Cradle--3
Where Do The Children Playtrad3
Wild World (demo version)--2
The Boy With a Moon & Star On His Headtrad2
Morning Has Broken (Old Gaelic Melody)--2
Pop Star--2
Here Comes My Wife--1
Just Another Night--1
(I Never Wanted) to Be a Star--1
I Love Them All--1
Miles from Nowhere--1
Come on and Dance--1
I Love My Dog--1
Was Dog a Doughnut?--1
I Think I See the Light--1
Wild World - Live--1
Into White - Live--1
See What Love Did to Me--1
If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out (instrumental version)--1
Maybe You'Re Righttrad1
Sad Lisatrad1
Hard Headed Womantrad1
Last Love Song--1
Another Saturday Nighttrad1
The Laughing Apple--1
The Wind--1
Lady d'Arbanville--1
How Many Times--1
Peace Traintrad1
The Day They Make Me Tsar--0
Love Lives in the Sky--0
The Joke--0
Hard Headed Woman (live)--0
Tuesday's Dead (live)--0
God Is the Light--0
Ruins (live)--0
Honey Man (feat. Elton John)--0
If Only Mother Could See Me Now--0
Bad Brakes--0
100 I Dream--0
Bad Penny (live)--0
Crab Dance--0
A Bad Night--0
Monad's Anthem--0
Portobello Road--0
I See a Road--0
The Tramp--0
When I Speak to the Flowers--0
Banapple Gas--0
Sweet Scarlet--0
I've Found a Love--0
Novim's Nightmare--0
Majik of Majiks--0
School Is Out--0
Lovely City--0
Child for a Day--0
Sweet Jamaica--0
It's a Super (Dupa) Life--0
Image of Hell--0
Northern Wind--0
I'm So Sleepy--0
Smash Your Heart--0
I'm Gonna Be King--0
Come on Baby (Shift That Log)--0
Foreigner Suite--0
On the Road to Find Out (live, KCET-TV)--0
If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out (alternate version)--0
Granny (Mono single version)--0
Doves (Majikat Earth Tour Theme Song) - Single Version--0
Sad Lisa (Majikat Earth Tour)--0
Ceylon City (Stereo Version)--0
Tea for the Tillerman / Just Another Night--0
Bitterblue - Live--0
May Be You Are Right--0
King Of Trees - Live--0
Another Saturday Night - Live--0
A Bad Penny - Live--0
Longer Boats - Live--0
On The Road To Find Out - Live--0
Tuesday's Dead - Majikat Earth Tour 1976--0
Peace Train - Royal Albert Hall--0
Doves (Majikat Earth Tour Theme Song)--0
In The End--0
Heaven/ Where True Love Goes--0
Father & Son (with Paul Shaffer and the Hall of Fame Orchestra) [Live]--0
Peace Train (with Paul Shaffer and the Hall of Fame Orchestra) [Live]--0
Wild World (with Paul Shaffer and the Hall of Fame Orchestra) [Live]--0
Mighty Peace--0
Oh Very Young - Live At The Old Vic Theatre--0
Changes IV - Demo Version--0
The Wind - From "Sing" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack--0
Miles from Nowhere (Live)--0
Foreigner Suite (abridged)--0
Where Do The Children Play? - Live--0
Don't Be Shy (demo version)--0
Where Are You? (mono single version)--0
Here Comes My Wife (stereo version)--0
If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out (banjo instrumental)--0
Longer Boats (live, Troubadour)--0
Miles From Nowhere (demo version)--0
Into White (live, Troubadour)--0
Blackness of the Night (mono single version)--0
The Laughing Apple (mono single version)--0
Come On & Dance--0
Indian Ocean--0
Matthew and Son (1966)--0
Here Comes My Wife (mono single version)--0
Hard Headed Woman (live, Japan)--0
Where Do the Children Play? (live, Majikat Earth Tour)--0
Bitterblue (live)--0
How Can I Tell You (demo version)--0
Peace Train (live)--0
School Is Out (Stereo version)--0
School Is Out (Mono single version)--0
Portobello Road (Mono single version)--0
If I Laugh (demo version)--0
Rubylove (demo version)--0
A Bad Penny--0
Sad Lisa (live, Majikat Earth Tour)--0
Father and Son (live, Yusuf's Cafe)--0
Tea for the Tillerman (live, BBC)--0
Moonshadow (live)--0
Blackness Of The Nights--0
Longer Boats (Live at the Troubadour)--0
The Artist--0
The Foreigner Suite (Excerpt)--0
The Boy With the Moon and Star on His Head--0
Love Shack Was the Original Theme Song for Apocalypse Now, Pt. 3--0
Fill My Eyes--0
The Boy With a Moon and Star on His Head--0
Morning Has Broken (Wiener Walzer)--0
18th Avenue (Kansas City Nightmare)--0
The Hurt--0
Two Fine People--0
Sun / C79--0
The First Cut Is the Deepest (Stereo Version)--0
I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun--0
Home in the Sky--0
Mona Bone Jakon--0
Freezing Steel--0
Changes IV--0
Moonshadow - Live at the Troubadour--0
Land o' Free Love & Goodbye--0
On the Road to Find Out--0
I've Got a Thing About Seeing My Grandson Grow Old--0
Father and Son (live)--0
Where Are You--0
The First Cut Is the Deepest--0
Where Do The Children Play?--0
Can't Keep It In--0
Here Comes My Baby--0
If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out--0
Oh Very Youngtrad0
Matthew And Sontrad0
If I Laughtrad0
Don't Be Shytrad0
I Wish, I Wishtrad0
Lady D'Arbanvilltrad0
(Remember the Days of the) Old Schoolyard--0
Matthew & Son--0
But I Might Die Tonight--0
Lady D Arbaville--0
Peace Train - Live--0
Hard Headed Woman - Live in Japan--0
Silent Sunlight--0
First Cut Is the Deepest--0
Lady d'Arbanville (1970)--0
Moon Shaddow--0
Bring Another Bottle Baby--0
Nascimento (Instrumental)--0
Where Do the Children Play? (Majikat Earth Tour)--0
Portobello Road (Stereo Version)--0
Time / Fill My Eyes--0
Foreigner Suite (Excerpt 1999)--0
Tea For The Tillerman - Live At The BBC--0
On the Road to Find Out (Live at KCET-TV)--0
Baby Get Your Head Screwed On--0
Foreigner Suite (Full Version)--0
Into White (Live at the Troubadour)--0
Where Do the Children Play? (Majikat Live Version)--0
Sad Lisa (Majikat Live Version)--0
Here Comes My Wife (Electronic Stereo Version)--0
Where Are You (Stereo Version)--0
18th Avenue--0
Tuesday's Dead--0
New York Times--0
Ghost Town--0
Foreigner Suite (excerpt)--0
The Day They Make Me Tsar (Demo Version)--0
Instrumental (cuts out)--0
Boy With a Moon and Star on His Head--0
I Want to Live in a Wigwam--0
Foreigner Suite (Excerpt 2000)--0
Time / Fill My Eyes (Demo Version)--0
Blue Monday--0
Back to the Good Old Times--0
The Foreigner Suite--0
Morning Has Broken (demo version)--0
Midday (Avoid City After Dark) (Yusuf Islam)--0
Lady d'Arbanville (live)--0
Killin' Time--0
The View From the Top--0
Oh Very Young - Live--0
Sitting - Live--0
Bitterblue - Royal Albert Hall 1972--0
The Wind - Yusuf's Café--0
Lovely City (When Do You Laugh?)--0
Longer Boats--0
The Wind (live)--0
Don't Be Shy (alternate version)--0
Where Do The Children Play? - Live On The Majikat Earth Tour--0
Sad Lisa - Live On The Majikat Earth Tour--0
Ceylon City--0
Come on Baby--0
King of Trees--0
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