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Chaka Khan

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Ain't Nobody--7
Ain't Nobody (Live)--1
You Belong to Me (feat. Michael McDonald)--1
Shining Star--1
I'm Every Womantrad1
Reconsider (U Betta)--0
The Drama--0
I Remember U--0
Love You All My Lifetime (album version edit)--0
Love You All My Lifetime (The Diva edit)--0
Journey 2 the Center of Your Heart--0
This Crazy Life of Mine--0
Come 2 My House--0
Pop My Clutch--0
I'll Never B Another Fool--0
Love You All My Lifetime (Garage mix With Strings)--0
Love You All My Lifetime (Love Suite 12'' mix Act 2 Dub)--0
Tearin' It Up (Long Vocal Mix)--0
I Believe--0
Pass It On (A Sure Thing)--0
I'm Every Woman ('Life Is A Dance' Album Remix)--0
Best In the West--0
Tearin' It Up (Instrumental)--0
Diamonds Are Forever--0
To Sir With Love--0
Give Me All (extended version R&B)--0
Give Me All (Classic Club mix)--0
Give Me All (Fierce Club version)--0
The Best is Yet to Come--0
Is That All There Is?--0
I'm in the Mood for Love--0
Love You All My Lifetime (Love Suite 12'' mix Act 1)--0
Father He Said--0
Love of a Lifetime--0
I'll Be Around--0
Where Are You Tonite--0
Earth to Mickey--0
Watching the World--0
My Destiny--0
The Other Side of the World--0
Make It Last--0
Baby Me--0
Signed, Sealed, Delivered--0
Don't Look at Me That Way--0
Soul Talkin'--0
It's My Party--0
Sticky Wicked--0
I Can't Be Loved--0
It's You--0
Any Old Sunday--0
I Was Made to Love Him--0
We Got Each Other--0
Night Moods--0
Heed the Warning--0
Some Love--0
We Got the Love--0
Tight Fit--0
So Close--0
Who's It Gonna Be--0
Coltrane Dreams--0
Life Is a Dance--0
Sleep On It--0
I Know You, I Live You (reprise)--0
So Not Worry--0
Sweet Thing [Live] (45 Version)--0
I Feel For You - Remastered Album Version--0
Ain't Nobody - Remastered Album Version--0
Any Old Sunday - Remastered--0
Tell Me Something Good - Live W/Longer Fadeu--0
I'm Every Woman - Remastered Album Version--0
I'm Every Woman (Live) - Remastered--0
Clouds (2006 Remastered Version)--0
Tell Me Something Good (feat. Rufus Feat)--0
I'm Every Woman (full length)--0
I'm Every Woman ('89 remix edit)--0
I'm Every Woman (Remix)--0
Ain’t Nobody (feat. Rufus) (Hallucinogenic version)--0
Once You Get Started--0
I’m Every Woman (Dancing Danny D mix)--0
Pack My Bags (Live)--0
Any Old Sunday (Remastered Album Version)--0
Ain't Nobody (WSM Compilation Edit)--0
Through The Fire - Remastered--0
I'm Every Woman (Edit)--0
Back In The Day (UK Edit)--0
Don't Look at Me That Way (edit)--0
Will You Love Me? (UK Edit)--0
Tell Me Something Good - Live Version--0
Free Yourself--0
Ain't Nobody (DM mix)--0
One Million Kisses--0
Ain’t Nobody (Re-Recorded)--0
Fate (Remix Album Version)--0
This Is My Night (Extended Version)--0
Fate (Todd Terje edit)--0
The Christmas Song--0
I Feel for You (feat. Melle Mel)--0
Never Miss the Water (feat. Me'Shell'ndgeocello) (Stylus club anthem)--0
I'm Every Woman (single version)--0
What's Cha' Gonna Do for Me--0
Move Me No Mountain--0
Get Ready, Get Set--0
Never Miss the Water (feat. Me'Shell'ndgeocello) (Frankie's sunday mix)--0
Never Miss the Water (feat. Me'Shell'ndgeocello) (Stylus club mix)--0
Love With No Strings--0
Never Miss the Water (feat. Me'Shell'ndgeocello) (Stylus remix)--0
Never Miss the Water (feat. Me'Shell'ndgeocello) (Franktified club mix)--0
Never Miss the Water (feat. Me'Shell'ndgeocello) (Papillon (aka Hot Butterfly)--0
Never Miss the Water (feat. Me'Shell'ndgeocello) (Stylus street mix)--0
So Naughty--0
Too Much Love--0
Miles Blowin'--0
I'm Every Woman (remix edit)--0
I Know You, I Love You--0
Love You All My Lifetime (radio edit)--0
Eye to Eye (remix version)--0
This Is My Night (remix version)--0
Super Life--0
Pack'd My Bags / You Got the Love (feat. Tony Maiden)--0
Lullaby of Birdland--0
What You Did--0
Back in the Day--0
Foolish Fool--0
Disrespectful (feat. Mary J. Blige)--0
Castles Made of Sand--0
Be Bop Medley: Hot House / East of Suez (Come On Sailor) / Epistrophy (I Wanna Play) / Yardbird Suite / Con Alma / Giant Steps--0
Facts of Love--0
Eye to Eye--0
Stronger Than Before--0
This Is My Night--0
Hold Her--0
Papillon (Asa Hot Butterfly)--0
You Can Make the Story Right--0
Love You All My Lifetime--0
Somethin' Deep--0
Tell Me Something Good (live)--0
Sweet Thing (Live)--0
Ain't Nobody - Remix--0
Pack My Bags--0
Have a Little Faith in Me--0
I Feel for You (Live)--0
Love Has Fallen on Me--0
Will You Love Me?--0
One for All Time--0
Ain't Nobody (remix '89)--0
Tell Me Something Good (with Longer Fadeu) [Live]--0
Fate - WSM Compilation Edit--0
And the Melody Still Lingers On (A Night in Tunisia)--0
Own the Night--0
Teach Me Tonight--0
And the Melody Still Lingers On (Night in Tunisia)--0
The Message in the Middle of the Bottom--0
Don't Talk 2 Strangers--0
Hey Big Spender--0
Stormy Weather--0
I Feel for You (Edit)--0
Hazel's Hips--0
Sweet Thing--0
My Funny Valentine--0
The Woman I Am--0
Sweet Thang--0
Papillon (a.k.a. Hot Butterfly)--0
Tell Me Something Good--0
Got To Be There--0
Keep Your Head Up--0
Through the Fire--0
What Cha' Gonna Do for Me--0
Everlasting Love--0
You Got the Love--0
Ain't Nobody (LP remix version by Frankie Knuckles)--0
The End of a Love Affair--0
Papillon (Hot Butterfly)--0
I Know You, I Live You--0
I'm Every Woman (Remastered Version)--0
Christams Only Once a Year--0
I Feel You (Soulwax remix)--0
Thru the Fire--0
I Feel for You (remix)--0
Your Love Is All I Know--0
Roll Me Through the Rushes--0
Never Miss the Water--0
We Can Work It Out--0
マイ・ ファニー・バレンタイン--0
Love Me Still--0
I Feel For You [Edit] (45 Version)--0
I Feel for You (extended mix 12″ version)--0
Life Is a Dance (David Morales remix)--0
I Feel for You (Disconet remix)--0
I'm Every Woman (12″ version)--0
I Know You, I Live You (Tony Humphries remix)--0
This Is My Night (Marley Marl remix)--0
Slow Dancin' (Eric Sadler & Hank Shocklee remix)--0
Eye to Eye (Paul Simpson remix)--0
Sweet Thing (Kon remix)--0
Please Pardon Me--0
Slow Dancin'--0
Tearin' It Up--0
Nothing's Gonna Take You Away--0
All Night's All Right--0
I'm Every Woman (dub version)--0
Our Love's In Danger--0
Fate (David Shaw & Winston Jones remix)--0
I'm Every Woman (remix version by Dancin' Danny D)--0
Give Me All--0
Keep Givin' Me Lovin'--0
I Feel For Youtrad0
Be My Eyes--0
I Want--0
Everything Changes--0
I Feel for You (Paul Simpson remix)--0
One Million Kisses (David Shaw & Winston Jones remix)--0
Every Little Thing--0
My Love Is Alive--0
Caught In The Act--0
La Flamme--0
A Woman in a Man's World--0
I Feel for You (12" mix)--0
Hollywood (Live)--0
Everlasting Love (Live)--0
Once You Get Started (Live)--0
You Got the Love (Live)--0
Stay (Live)--0
My Funny Valentine (Live)--0
Through the Fire (Live)--0
Slow Dancin' (Remix Album Version)--0
Life Is a Dance (Remix Album Version)--0
'Round Midnight--0
Pass It On (A Sure Thing) [Pasa Lo Esta Seguro]--0
Sign 'O' The Times--0
Sweet Thang (Live)--0
I Feel for You (Remastered Version)--0
I Feel For You (Live) (Re-Recorded)--0
Stronger Than Before (Live)--0
I'm Every Woman (Live)--0
I Feel For You (Remastered)--0
Ain't Nobody (45 Version)--0
I'm Every Woman (Remastered)--0
Ain't Nobody (Remastered)--0
Ain't Nobody (12" version)--0
Through the Fire (Remastered Version)--0
Ain't Nobody (Hallucinogenic Version)--0
What Cha' Gonna Do for Me (with Rufus)--0
I Feel for You (Re-Recorded)--0
I Feel for You (Dubstep Remix)--0
Sweet Thing (Re-Recorded)--0
I'm Every Woman (Re-Recorded)--0
I Know You, I Live You (Live)--0
What Cha' Gonna Do for Me (Remastered) [with Rufus]--0
This Time--0
parole traduction visites
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