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Quand Je Pense À Toi--12
Le Cœur d'une femme--5
Without You--5
Carry Me (Like a Fire in Your Heart)--4
One Life, One Love--3
The Traveler--3
Natasha Dance (Live)--2
The Same Sun--2
Love Is My Decision--2
Spaceman Came Travelling (Live)--1
There's a New Star Up in Heaven Tonight--1
Carry Me (Like a Fire In Your Heart) [Live]--1
All for Love--1
When Winter Comes--1
Patricia the Stripper--1
You Look Beautiful--1
Don’t Look Back--1
A Rainy Night In Paris--1
The Getaway--1
Africa (Live)--1
I'm Going Home--1
The Lady In Redtrad1
Missing You--1
The Shadow of the Mountain--1
Fatal Hesitation--1
Spanish Train--1
So Beautiful--1
The Mirror of the Soul--1
Don't Pay the Ferryman--1
The Last Time I Cried--1
Always on My Mind--1
The Secret of the Locket--0
The Moonfleet Overture--0
The Light On the Bay--0
The Ecstasy of Flight (I Love the Night)--0
I Had the Love in My Eyes--0
Something Else Again--0
Man on the Line--0
Every Step of the Way--0
The Ecstacy of Flight--0
The Moonfleet Finale--0
Time In a Bottle--0
Borderline (Live Version)--0
The Snows of New York (Live)--0
Don't Pay the Ferryman (Live)--0
Making The Perfect Man--0
A Spaceman Came Travelling (89)--0
Love & Time--0
Already There--0
Just in Time--0
Lady Madonna--0
While You See a Chance--0
On a Christmas Night--0
Quiet Moments--0
Crying and Laughing--0
Lonesome Cowboy--0
Watching the World--0
Simple Truth (A Child Is Born)--0
I'm Counting On You--0
Leather on My Shoes--0
Light A Fire--0
All the Love I Have Inside--0
New Moon--0
What About Me?--0
By My Side--0
Talk to Me--0
She Means Everything To Me--0
The Devil's Eye--0
Old-Fashioned People--0
Crusader: The Fall of Jerusalem / In the Court of Saladin / The Battlefield / Finale--0
One Word (Straight to the Heart)--0
The Ballroom of Romance--0
Last Night--0
You and Me--0
Carry On (reprise)--0
Five Past Dreams (Live)--0
Sailor (Live)--0
Crusader (Live)--0
High On Emotion (Live Version)--0
Don't Pay the Ferryman (Live Version)--0
Say Goodbye to It All (Live Version)--0
Eastern Wind (Live)--0
Tourist Attraction (Live)--0
Quiet Moments (Solo Acoustic) [Live]--0
The Painter (Live)--0
Flying Home (Live)--0
In a Country Churchyard (Live)--0
Missing You (Live Version)--0
Patricia the Stripper (Live Version)--0
The Revolution (Live Version)--0
Sailing Away (Live Version)--0
Last Night (Live Version)--0
It's Such a Long Way Home--0
I'm Not Scared Anymore (Live Version)--0
Spanish Train (Live Version)--0
A Spaceman Came Travelling (Live Version)--0
The Lady In Red (Live Version)--0
The Last Time I Cried (Live Version)--0
The Risen Lord (Live Version)--0
Broken Wings (Solo Acoustic) [Live]--0
Turn, Turn, Turn--0
Snow Is Falling (Live)--0
Say Goodbye to It All (Live)--0
Songbird (Live)--0
A Rainy Night In Paris (Live)--0
Lebanese Night (Live)--0
Up Here In Heaven (Live)--0
Sailing Away (Live)--0
Living In the World (Live)--0
The Journey (Live)--0
Where Peaceful Waters Flow (Live)--0
The Revolution (Live)--0
Here for You (Live)--0
In Dreams--0
The Road to Freedom (Live)--0
Broken Wings (Live)--0
The Snows of New York (Live Version)--0
When Winter cCmes--0
The Getaway (Live)--0
Sight and Touch (Live)--0
Once Upon a Time (Live)--0
Moonlight and Vodka (Live)--0
Last Night (Live)--0
The Same Sun (Live)--0
Read My Name (Live)--0
This Weight On Me--0
A Spaceman Came Travalling--0
The Ecstacy of Flight (I Love the Night)--0
The Lady in Red (A Dama De Vermelho)--0
Polly Von--0
Corrina, Corrina--0
Shine On - Re-Recorded Version--0
American Pie (Live)--0
Footsteps 2 Theme--0
You'll Never Walk Alone--0
Evey Step of the Way--0
The Snows Of New York - Re-Recorded Version--0
The Last Thing on My Mind--0
Spaceman Came Travelling--0
First Steps--0
Little Angel--0
Kiss Me From A Distance--0
Even Now--0
Where Have All the Flowers Gone?--0
Poly Von--0
Corinna, Corinna--0
All Along the Watchtower--0
We Can Work it Out--0
Carry On / Traveller (Live)--0
Day After Day--0
Transmission Ends (Live)--0
Footsteps (Live)--0
Leather on My Shoes (Live)--0
Oh My Brave Hearts (Live)--0
Two Sides to Every Story (feat. Shelley Nelson)--0
Hope in the Human Heart--0
Falling Rain--0
By My Side - Edit--0
Carry On (Bonus Track)--0
Sailing Away - Edit--0
Bethlehem - Single Edit--0
The Footsteps 2 Theme--0
Carry On / Traveller--0
In Love Forever (97 Version)--0
Lonely Sky (97 Version)--0
The Last Moments of the Dream--0
Nothing Ever Happens Around Here--0
The Grace of a Dance--0
Don't Pay The Ferrymann--0
St Peter's Gate (Live)--0
A Spaceman Came Travelling (1989)--0
Don't Pay The Ferryman - Edit Version--0
The Words 'I Love You' (Live)--0
Medley (Live)--0
The Head and the Heart (live)--0
A Spaceman Came Travelling (live)--0
Love's Got a Hold on Me--0
The Connemara Coast--0
Up Here In Heaven--0
Blond Hair, Blue Jeans--0
Oh My Brave Hearts--0
Old Friend--0
One Word--0
Do What You Do--0
Perfect Day--0
Summer Rain--0
Live for the Day--0
This Is Love--0
I Want It, (And I Want It Now!)--0
I Want It, (And I Want It Now!) (DJ Q-Ball mix)--0
Nothing Ever Happens Round Here--0
Living in the World--0
Broken Wings (Live Version)--0
A Spacemen Came Travelling--0
Missing You 2001--0
This Silent World--0
The Lady in Red (live in Volendam)--0
I Want It (And I Want It Now) (DJ Q-Ball remix)--0
Two Sides to Every Story--0
The Connemara Coast (feat. The Chieftains)--0
Borderline (Live)--0
My Father's Eyes (feat. Hani Hussein)--0
A Spaceman Game Travelling--0
The Sweetest Kiss of All--0
Raging Storm--0
Brocken Wings--0
Spanish Train (live)--0
Strangers on a Train--0
The Ballroom of Romance (live)--0
In a Country Churchyard (Let Your Love Shine On)--0
The Grace of a Dancer--0
The Storyman Theme--0
The Silent World--0
One Word (Straight From the Heart)--0
Medley: Living on the Island / A Night on the River / Save Me / What You Mean to Me / Crying and Laughing / Tender Hands / Disco--0
St. Peter's Gate--0
Once Upon A Time--0
The Risen Lord (live)--0
The Last Time I Cried (live)--0
Riding on a Rainbow--0
High on Emotion (live)--0
The Painter--0
Carry On / The Traveller--0
Every Drop of Rain--0
The Land of the Free--0
For Rosanna--0
Flying Home--0
Fire on the Water--0
Carry On--0
Moonlight in Vodka--0
The Risen Lord--0
In Your Eyes--0
What You Mean to Me--0
Diamond in the Dark--0
I See You Everywhere--0
It's Me (And I'm Ready to Go)--0
Why Mona Lisa Smiled--0
Greater Love--0
The Road to Freedom--0
Waiting for the Hurricane--0
One More Mile to Go--0
Eastern Wind--0
The Journey--0
Another Rainbow--0
My Heart's Surrender--0
For two days and nights... (Narration)--0
The Bells of Christmas--0
Empty Rooms--0
I Will--0
The Tower--0
Letting Go--0
When the Dream Is Over--0
Where Would I Be--0
Big City Sundays--0
The Soldier--0
The Bridge--0
One More Goodbye--0
With heavy heart... (Narration)--0
Rhythm of the Rain / Crying In the Rain--0
The Ghost of Old King Richard--0
Shipboard Romance--0
Save Me--0
Love and Time--0
The Best That Love Can Be--0
The Lady in Red (live)--0
The Lady In Red 2011 (25th Anniversary Version)--0
Separate Tables (97 Version)--0
Chain of Command--0
The Open Door--0
Once in a Lifetime--0
When Winter Comes (Live)--0
Turning Round--0
Satin Green Shutters--0
Saint Peter's Gate--0
La dama de ayer--0
I'm Not Crying Over You--0
The Traveller--0
You Are the Reason--0
The Words I Love You--0
Everywhere I Go--0
Cry No More--0
Sealed With a Kiss--0
Sailing Away--0
Moonlight and Vodka--0
Say Goodbye to It All--0
Here Is Your Paradise--0
Lady in Red--0
Blonde Hair, Blue Jeanstrad0
High On Emotiontrad0
A Spaceman Came Travelling--0
Carry Me--0
A Woman's Heart--0
Flying (Turning Round)--0
In Love Forever--0
I’m Not Scared Anymore--0
The Last Moments of the Dawn--0
Shine On--0
Suddenly Love--0
The Revolution--0
Heart and Soul--0
The Lady In Red (La Dama de Ayer)--0
The Storm--0
And So It Was... - Narration--0
Long Train Running--0
Let It Be--0
Hold On--0
The Girl With April in Her Eyes--0
Tender Hands--0
The Head and the Heart--0
If You Really Love Her, Let Her Go--0
Lonely Sky--0
Here for You--0
The Hands of Man--0
Lebanese Night--0
Rainy Night In Paris--0
A Spaceman Came Travelling 2010--0
Just Another Poor Boy--0
The Ecstasy of Flight--0
Round and Around--0
Broken Wings--0
My Father's Eyes--0
The Storyman--0
The Simple Truth--0
Patricia the Stripper (live)--0
The Simple Truth (A Child Is Born)--0
This Song for You--0
One World--0
Read My Name--0
A Spaceman Come Travelling--0
Patricia the Stripper 2000--0
A Spaceman Came Traveling--0
Quiet Revolution--0
My Lover Is--0
This Waiting Heart--0
Timing Is Everything--0
Rose of England--0
Five Past Dreams--0
Snow Is Falling--0
The Son and the Father--0
The Long and Winding Road--0
Treasure and Betrayel--0
My Father's Eyes (Single Edit)--0
When I Think Of Youtrad0
Hold On (I'm on My Way)--0
There Goes My Heart Again--0
The Gost of Old King Richard--0
The Keeper of the Keys--0
Through These Eyes--0
The Candlestick--0
Nights In White Satin--0
Always On My Mind - Re-Recorded Version--0
The Lady in Red (From "Working Girl")--0
High on Emotions--0
Love Is My Decision (Theme From Arthur 2 On the Rocks)--0
American Pie--0
Lady in Red (La Fille En Rouge)--0
Guilty Secret--0
Bal Masque--0
She Must Have Known--0
There's Room In This Heart Tonight--0
If Beds Could Talk--0
The Rivers of Abraham--0
Natasha Dance--0
People of the World--0
Satin Green Shutter--0
Pure Joy--0
The Nightingale--0
In the years that followed... (Narration)--0
Sight and Touch--0
Taking It to the Top--0
The Spirit of Man--0
Transmission Ends--0
Much More than This--0
The Sound of a Gun--0
Moonfleet Bay--0
Treasure and Betrayal--0
Seven Bridges--0
Blue Bayou--0
The Living Years--0
Fire On Water--0
In the Ghetto--0
The village of Moonfleet... (Narration)--0
The Days of Our Age--0
The Escape--0
Go Where Your Heart Believes--0
Have a Care--0
The Leader--0
The Vision--0
Heart of Darkness--0
Separate Tables--0
Where We Will Be Going--0
Just a Word Away--0
A Night on the River--0
Connemara Coast--0
Brother John--0
Love of the Heart Divine--0
In A Country Churchyard--0
The Snows of New York--0
A Celebration--0
Where Peaceful Waters Flow--0
Ship to Shore--0
The Record Company Bash--0
Sin City--0
Windy Night--0
The Key--0
Wall of Silence--0
Living On the Island--0
Tourist Attraction--0
Some Things Never Change--0
Shadows and Lights--0
The Fields of Agincourt--0
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