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Paroles de Cathedral

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Cathedral est une chanson en Anglais

I came from the valley and you came from the sea
You smelt like the sand
How far up the river would you go, would you go
To meet me again?

And I build a cathedral
With the shells that you hid
In the hole in a tree
And I loved the words you said
When I told you what the ravens sing
In my dreams

You pushed on my heart every night and every day
To keep me alive
And you kissed my mouth and I learnt to walk
And I learnt to try

Oh can you hear the horses?
It means the season changes
It means the season changes
When the river overflows
I'll run to the bridges
I'll run to the bridges

And for now don't be afraid
If the sun never rises
The sun never rises
There's a time to let it grow
There's a time to let it slow
And a time to let it go
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Auteurs: Marc Daumail, Morgane Imbeaud

Commentaires sur les paroles de Cathedral

#1 siemens
13/12/2012 à 22:06:59
cette chanson est magnifique..
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