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Coldplay lyrics
Fiche de Coldplay


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The Scientisttrad24
A Sky Full Of Starstrad14
Fix Youtrad14
Viva La Vidatrad13
Beautiful Worldtrad10
O (Hidden Track)--6
Colour Spectrum--6
Adventure Of a Lifetimetrad4
Hymn For The Weekend (ft. Beyoncé)trad4
Princess Of China Ft Rihannatrad4
Sky Full Of Stars--3
Us Against The Worldtrad3
Fly On--3
In My Placetrad3
A Head Full Of Dreamstrad3
Atlas (From "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" Soundtrack)--2
Til Kingdom Cometrad2
Violet Hilltrad2
Medley: Yellow / In My Place (Live)--2
Speed Of Soundtrad2
Broken Like An Angeltrad2
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfalltrad2
Midnight (Jon Hopkins remix)--2
Paradise (instrumental)--2
Rastafarian Targaryen--2
White Shadowstrad2
Your Love Means Everythingtrad1
Where Is My Boy (ft Faultline)trad1
Mylo Xyloto--1
Paradise (radio edit)--1
A Sky Full of Stars (Robin Schulz Remix)--1
Fix You (Jakob Liedholm's Ibiza Mix)--1
Clocks (Deep Dish mix)--1
Lips Like Sugar--1
Fix You (Stuck in Reverse mix)--1
A L I E N S (Markus Dravs Remix)--1
Clocks (DJ Twister vs PVD club remix)--1
Everything Not's Lost--1
Trouble (live at KCRW)--1
A Hopeful Transmission--1
Ghost Story--1
Hymn for the Weekend (Seeb Remix)--1
Clocks (G and D)--1
Midnight (Kygo remix)--1
Clocks (Live)--1
A L I E N S--1
Amazing Daytrad1
The Scientist (acoustic)--1
Green Eyestrad1
Warning Signtrad1
What Iftrad1
Swallowed In The Seatrad1
A Messagetrad1
Yellow (Alpha remix)--0
Life in Technicolor ii (radio edit)--0
The Scientist / What a Wonderful World / [encore break]--0
Charlie Brown (album version)--0
Oceans (live, 2014-03: Los Angeles, California, USA)--0
Midnight (live, 2014-03: Los Angeles, California, USA)--0
Life in Technicolor ii (live)--0
The Scientist (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
Life in Technicolor ii (instrumental)--0
Viva la Vida (remix interlude)--0
Til Kingdome Come--0
Talk (Thin White Duke remix)--0
Life in Technicolour II--0
O - Album version contains hidden track 000:06:18-000:07:47--0
Your Love Means Everything, Part 2 (Faultline, feat. Chris Martin)--0
Life in Technicolor ii (Prospekt's March version)--0
No More Keeping My Feet Off the Ground--0
High Speed (live)--0
Everything's Not Lost (live @ Rockefeller Music Hall)--0
In My Place (Live At Glastonbury)--0
Talk (video)--0
The Hardest Part (video)--0
Paradise (Soundmaestro dubstep remix)--0
Clocks (Airplay remix)--0
Clocks (Planet Rockers remix)--0
Don't Panic (acoustic)--0
'til Kingdom Come (acoustic)--0
Daylight (live)--0
Lips Like Sugar (live)--0
Clocks (Yaron Deephouse remix)--0
Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas (live)--0
Life Is for the Living--0
Always in My Head (live, 2014: The Royal Albert Hall, London, England)--0
Oceans (live, 2014: E-Werk, Cologne, Germany)--0
Photo Gallery--0
Life In Tehcnicolour Ii--0
Square One (Live from Austin City Limits)--0
Midnight (Henrik Schwarz remix)--0
Midnight (Tong & Rogers Remix)--0
A Sky Full of Stars (Kölsch Remix)--0
A Sky Full of Stars (Disciples Remix)--0
Oceans (Live)--0
Speed of Sound (Live from Austin City Limits)--0
Til Kingdom Come (Live from Austin City Limits)--0
In My Place (Live In Sydney)--0
Amsterdam (Live In Sydney)--0
Clocks (Gabriel & Dresden Bootleg mix)--0
Everything's Not Lost (Live In Sydney)--0
A Rush of Blood To the Head (Live In Sydney)--0
Politik (Live In Sydney)--0
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face (Live In Sydney)--0
Don Quixote--0
Where Is My Boy (Faultline, feat. Chris Martin)--0
Clocks (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
Charlie Brown (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
Hymn for the Weekend (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
Yellow (The Alpha Mix)--0
Norwegian Sparks (live at Rockefeller Music Hall)--0
Such a Rush (new song)--0
Clocks - Live At The Enmore Theatre, Sydney--0
A Sky Full of Stars (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
Oceans - Live At The Enmore Theatre, Sydney--0
Viva La Vida - Live At The Enmore Theatre, Sydney--0
A Sky Full of Stars - Live At The Enmore Theatre, Sydney--0
Adventure of a Lifetime (Yotto Remix (ST Edit))--0
Viva La Vida (Anton Corbijn Version)--0
Up&Up (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
Magic (live, 2014: The Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia)--0
Only Superstition (remix From Brothers & Sisters)--0
Yellow (Live from Austin City Limits)--0
Shiver (Live In Sydney)--0
Moses (Live In Sydney)--0
A Sky Full of Stars (Robin Schulz Remix) [Live - iTunes Festival London 2014]--0
Paradise (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
Charlie Brown (instrumental)--0
Talk (Junkie XL dub remix)--0
What a Wonderful World - Live--0
Life In Technicolor 2--0
Viva La Vida (Live in France 2009)--0
You Only Live Twice (Glastonbury 2000)--0
Trouble (BT remix)--0
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face (Def Inc. remix)--0
No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground (new song)--0
Paradise (Fedde Le Grand Edit)--0
Midnight (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
In My Place (Live 2012)--0
Sapnish Rain (Don Quixote)--0
Green Eyes (acoustic)--0
Paradise (Ianborg remix)--0
Shiver (live @ Rockefeller Music Hall)--0
Sparks (live @ Rockefeller Music Hall)--0
See You Soon (remix From live 2003)--0
Everything's Not Lost (Live)--0
In My Place (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
Atlas (Lyric Video)--0
Spies (live)--0
Dont Panic (Blue Room version)--0
Adventure of a Lifetime (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
'til Kingdom Come (live)--0
In My Place / [stage banter]--0
Trouble (edit)--0
Shiver (live: 2000-06-24: Glastonbury Festival, UK)--0
What a Wonderful World--0
Don't Panic (live: 2000:-07-05: Tim Lovejoy Show, XFM Studios) (acoustic)--0
The Scientist (acoustic BBC session)--0
Clocks (Röyksopp Trembling Heart mix)--0
Life In Technicolor ii (Live At the O2, London)--0
Intro / Politik (Live)--0
Life In Technicolor II (Live @ the O2, London)--0
Clocks (Live In Sydney)--0
Magic (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
Midnight (Phones 4AM remix)--0
One I Love (Live In Sydney)--0
See You Soon (Live In Sydney)--0
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall (We Don'’t Belong In Pacha Club Remix)--0
Hurts Like Heaven (edit)--0
Clocks (Tom Middleton's Cosmos mix)--0
Life Is for Living (new song)--0
Lost? (with Jay-Z) / Viva la Vida [Live at the 51st Annual GRAMMY Awards]--0
Viva La Vida (Grant's Uplifting original mix)--0
Paradise (Electrolightz remix)--0
Charlie Brown (Dave Audé radio edit)--0
Intermission 1--0
Oceans (Alternate Live Take)--0
Everglow (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
Fix You (Radio Edit)--0
Billie Jean--0
The One I Love--0
God Put a Smile--0
How You See the World No. 2--0
The Hardest Part (piano)--0
High and Low--0
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
Always in My Head (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
Viva La Vida (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
Yellow (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
Magic - Live At The Enmore Theatre, Sydney, 2016 Remaster--0
Talk (François Kevorkian remix)--0
Violet Hill (edit)--0
Bigger Stronger (new song)--0
Shiver (Joe Whiley Lunchtime Social)--0
Speed of Sound (Edit)--0
Yellow (live: 2000:-07-05: Tim Lovejoy Show, XFM Studios) (acoustic)--0
Yellow (live: 2000-06-24: Glastonbury Festival, UK)--0
God Put a Smile on Your Face (live)--0
Speed of Sound (radio edit)--0
Trouble (Trans remix)--0
True Love (live, 2014-03: Los Angeles, California, USA)--0
Clocks (H.E.D. remix)--0
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Jo Whiley / BBC R1 session)--0
White Shadows (Morgan Page Bootleg remix)--0
Talk (François Kevorkian dub)--0
Clocks (Gabriel & Dresden “I Gotta Thank You” mix)--0
Trouble (Kcrw)--0
Always in My Head (live, 2014-03: Los Angeles, California, USA)--0
Ink (live, 2014-03: Los Angeles, California, USA)--0
Ladder in the Sun--0
Talk (Junkie XL remix)--0
A Sky Full of Stars (live, 2014-03: Los Angeles, California, USA)--0
We Never Change (acoustic)--0
Midnight (Tong and Rogers remix)--0
You Only Live Twice (live Glastonbury 2000)--0
Shining Light--0
Don't Panic (alternate)--0
Talk (Live from Austin City Limits)--0
Viva la Vida (Africa Mix)--0
Yellow (acoustic) (live, Jo Whiley Lunchtime Social)--0
Shiver (live at UHQ)--0
Trouble (live at UHQ)--0
O (live, 2014-03: Los Angeles, California, USA)--0
Clocks (Heaven & Earth Division mix)--0
Sparks (acoustic)--0
True Love (live, 2014: The Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia)--0
Lost! (Live)--0
Midnight (live, 2014: The Royal Albert Hall, London, England)--0
Square One (live in Holland)--0
Lips Like Sugar (live in Paris, Summer 2002)--0
Viva la Vida (Thin White Duke mix)--0
Life in Technicolor ii (pop edit)--0
Strawberry Swing (radio edit)--0
The Dubliners--0
Death Will Never Conquer (acoustic)--0
Til Kingdom Come / Pour Me (live)--0
Chinese Sleep Chant--0
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face (techno version)--0
A Sky Full of Stars (Chilled Edit)--0
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face (live from Arnhem)--0
The Scientist - Live Lounge--0
Talk (techno version)--0
Speed of Sound (C-64 radio edit)--0
Talk (Jacques Lu Cont / Thin White Duke remix)--0
Trouble (Alice in Winterland Show)--0
How Coldplay discovered music--0
The Hardest Part (Tom Lord-Alge mix)--0
Don't Panic (OUI FM acoustic session)--0
Talk (Junkie XL mix)--0
Clocks (Ill mix)--0
Clocks (David X mix)--0
The World Turns Upside Down--0
Trouble (Lost Witness remix)--0
Til Kingdom Come / How You See the World--0
Clocks (live in Holland)--0
The Scientist (edit - video reversed)--0
Daylight / [stage banter]--0
Yellow - (live at Triple M Studios)--0
Violet Hill (Dirty Funker remix)--0
Talk (Francois K remix)--0
Talk (FK dub)--0
Viva la Vida (Dirty Funker remix)--0
Ring of Fire--0
Yes / Chinese Sleep Chant--0
Talk (Ulrich Schnauss remix)--0
Intermission 2--0
Shiver (live, Jo Whiley Lunchtime Social)--0
Easy to Please (remix From Brothers & Sisters)--0
Don’t Panic (live on BBC R1)--0
Help Is Round the Corner (new song)--0
For You (new song)--0
Clocks (House mix)--0
Clocks (Judge Jules remix)--0
Clocks (Trifactor 5AM remix)--0
Brothers and Sisters (remix From Brothers & Sisters)--0
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall (We Do Not Belong in Pacha club remix)--0
Paradise (Dead Appeal remix)--0
Paradise (Joep van der Linden remix)--0
Paradise (Hypersonic remix)--0
Paradise (Merk Kemont remix)--0
Speed of Sound (video)--0
O (live, 2014: Royce Hall, Los Angeles, California, United States)--0
Clocks (club mix)--0
Clocks (Gabriel & Dresden I Gotta Thank You remix)--0
Charlie Brown (Star Panel Remix)--0
Charlie Brown (Jacques Lu Cont remix)--0
Talk (Francois K Dub)--0
Lost? (+Jay-Z) / Viva La Vida [Live At the 51st Annual GRAMMY Awards]--0
Life in Technicolor (instrumental)--0
Ghost / Merry Little Christmas--0
Charlie Brown (Dave Audé club remix)--0
Viva La Vida (Mike Koglin remix)--0
Paradise (Tiësto club remix)--0
Paradise (Fedde Le Grand club remix)--0
Paradise (Tall Boys remix)--0
Live Is for Living--0
Mooeie Ellebogen--0
Ticking Clocks (Dash Berlin's Essential 'Warmplay' rework)--0
Intermission 3--0
Paradise (We Plants Are Happy Plants remix)--0
A Sky Full of Stars (Sunset Soul Edit) (Robin Schulz Edit)--0
X&Y track by track interview--0
Harmless (new song)--0
Don't Panic (acoustic session)--0
Clocks (Röyksopp Trembling Heart instrumental remix)--0
Clocks (Live Röyksopp remix)--0
Clocks (Illicit White Label remix)--0
In My Place (acoustic BBC session)--0
Hunting High and Low (live)--0
Spies (live, 2000: Lowlands)--0
Bigger Stronger (live, 2000: Lowlands)--0
Intermission 5--0
Telescope Lens--0
Careful Where You Stand (new song)--0
Shiver / Spies--0
Life Is for Living / Lips Like Sugar--0
Spies (Nikolai Levey remix)--0
Clocks (Psyclone remix)--0
White Shadows (DJ Preach Bootleg remix)--0
Speed of Sound (Taste It remix)--0
Speed of Sound (Steve Porter remix)--0
Clocks (White Label mix)--0
Trouble / [stage banter]--0
Life Is for Living (live from Glastonbury 2011)--0
Midnight (Sunset Soul Edit) (Kygo Remix)--0
Talk (Max Graham vs. Alex Nelson remix)--0
Bigger Stronger (live)--0
Clocks (Röyksopp Trembling Heart remix)--0
Clocks (Cosmos remix)--0
Trouble / Du Hast (tease)--0
Harmless (live)--0
Don't Panic (alternate version)--0
Brothers & Sisters (new version)--0
Violet Hill (New Edit)--0
Major Minus - Single Version--0
Fun Ft. Tove Lotrad0
All Your Friendstrad0
Wish I Was Heretrad0
Always In My Headtrad0
True Lovetrad0
Army Of Onetrad0
A Sky Full of Stars (Hardwell remix)--0
Strawberry Swing--0
Miracles (Someone Special)trad0
Hymn for the Weekend--0
Another's Armstrad0
The World Turned Upside Downtrad0
Up With The Birdstrad0
Hearts Like Heaventrad0
Hurts Like Heaventrad0
Charlie Browntrad0
Up In Flamestrad0
Major Minustrad0
Moving To Marstrad0
Princess Of Chinatrad0
Lover In Japan/Reign Of Lovetrad0
Don't Let Break Your Hearttrad0
A Hopefull Transmission--0
Postcards From Far Away--0
In The Sun (ft Michael Stipe)trad0
Things I Don't Understandtrad0
The Goldrushtrad0
Everglow - Single Version--0
Atlas (From "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire")--0
O (reprise)--0
Everglow - Single Version Edit--0
A Sky Full of Stars (Robin Schulz edit)--0
Magic (Live At the Enmore Theatre, Sydney)--0
The Scientist (live)--0
Paradise (Tiësto remix)--0
Hardest Part--0
Everything's Not Lost - Includes Hidden Track 'Life Is For Living'--0
Lovers In Japan - Osaka Sun Mix--0
X Marks The Spot--0
Always In My Head (Live At the Royal Albert Hall, London)--0
In My Place (album version)--0
Paradise (Fedde le Grand remix)--0
Prospekt's March/Poppyfields--0
Yellow (acoustic version)--0
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall (Coldplay vs. Swedish House Mafia)--0
I See You Soon--0
Viva La Vida (Live)--0
The Scientist (Kcrw)--0
Lovers in Japan / Reign of Love--0
Up&Up (Radio Edit)--0
Another's Arms (Live At the Beacon Theatre, New York)--0
A Sky Full Of Stars - Radio Edit--0
Don't Let It Break Your Heart--0
Yellow (acoustic)--0
Yellow (Kcrw)--0
Adventure of a Lifetime (Radio Edit)--0
Yellow (live)--0
A Sky Full of Stars (Live At the Royal Albert Hall, London)--0
Fix You (Live)--0
X & Y (Live from Austin City Limits)--0
All I Can Think About Is You--0
Adventure of a Lifetime (Matoma Remix)--0
Lost+ / Viva la Vida--0
Christmas Lightstrad0
Under The Trackstrad0
For Youtrad0
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmastrad0
Careful Where You Standtrad0
Easy To Pleasetrad0
Only Superstitiontrad0
No More Keeping My Feet On the Groundtrad0
Help Is Round The Cornertrad0
Square Onetrad0
The Hardest Parttrad0
X & Ytrad0
You Only Live Twicetrad0
What The World Needs Nowtrad0
What's Going Ontrad0
Brothers And Sisterstrad0
Such a Rushtrad0
Don't Panictrad0
A Rush Of Blood To The Headtrad0
A Whispertrad0
God Put a Smile Upon Your Facetrad0
Let's Talktrad0
Bigger Strongertrad0
See You Soontrad0
Everything's Not Losttrad0
High Speedtrad0
We Never Changetrad0
Twisted Logictrad0
Strawberry Swingstrad0
Poor Metrad0
One I Lovetrad0
Life In Technicolor Iitrad0
Ode To Deodoranttrad0
Life Is For Livingtrad0
Deat Will Never Conquertrad0
Glass Of Watertrad0
A Spell a Rebel Yelltrad0
Sleeping Suntrad0
Now My Feet Won't Touch The Groundtrad0
Rainy Daytrad0
Prospekt's Marchtrad0
Ladder To The Suntrad0
Hunting High And Lowtrad0
Death And All His Friendstrad0
Reign Of Lovetrad0
The Escapist--0
Lovers In Japantrad0
Cemeteries Of Londontrad0
Life In Technicolor--0
Rush Of Blood To The Headtrad0
Till Kingdom Cometrad0
Crests Of Wavestrad0
How You See The Worldtrad0
Gravity 2trad0
I Ran Awaytrad0
I Bloom Blaumtrad0
I Bloom Blaumtrad0
Paradise (Live)--0
Fix You (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
Oceans (Live At E-Werk, Cologne)--0
Major Minus (Live)--0
A Head Full of Dreams (Live in Buenos Aires)--0
See You Soon (Simon Patterson bootleg)--0
Life in Technicolor ii (Vocal)--0
Everything Is Not Lost--0
Another’s Arms (live, 2014: The Beacon Theater, New York, New York, United States)--0
Up in Flames (Live)--0
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall (Single Version)--0
Shiver (live)--0
Politik (live)--0
Yellow (live Glastonbury 2000)--0
Shiver (acoustic)--0
Trouble (live)--0
Fix You (video)--0
Fix You (live in Holland)--0
Violet Hill (Live)--0
O (Live At Royce Hall, Los Angeles)--0
Adventure of a Lifetime (Live from BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge)--0
True Love (Live At the Enmore Theatre, Sydney)--0
Paradise (original version)--0
Clocks (Röyksopp Trembling Heart instrumental)--0
Yellow (The Alpha remix)--0
Gone but not F. Cotton--0
Magic (Radio Edit)--0
Charlie Brown (Dave Audé Remix)--0
Talk (radio edit)--0
Wedding Bells--0
Pour Me (live at the Hollywood Bowl)--0
Always in My Head (artwork animation)--0
Viva La Vida - Live from One Love Manchester--0
Trouble (live: 2000:-07-05: Tim Lovejoy Show, XFM Studios) (acoustic)--0
Where Is My Boy--0
Fix You - Live from One Love Manchester--0
You Only Live Twice (live)--0
'Til Kingdom Come / Ring of Fire--0
Crest of Waves--0
Lost? (Bonus Track)--0
Every Teardrop--0
Viva La Vida (Grant's Uplifting club mix)--0
Ink (live at The Royal Albert Hall)--0
Sweet Marianne--0
Pour Me (live)--0
Talk (Thin White Duke mix)--0
You Only Live Twice (live from Norway)--0
Yellow (live @ Rockefeller Music Hall)--0
Talk (live in Holland)--0
Lhuna (feat. Kylie Minogue)--0
[Chris Martin talks]--0
How You See The World No.2 (War Child)--0
Viva la Vida (radio edit)--0
Swallowed in the Sea (live in Holland)--0
Green Eyes / Mooie Ellebogen (live)--0
Clocks (Radio Edit)--0
Til Kingdom Come (live in Holland)--0
Trouble (live @ Rockefeller Music Hall)--0
Some Birds--0
A Warning Sign--0
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face (live in Holland)--0
Charlie Brown (Radio Edit)--0
A Rush of Blood to the Head (Live)--0
The Scientist (edit - video)--0
Midnight (Live At the Royal Albert Hall, London)--0
[email protected] (Live At United Center, Chicago)--0
What If (Tom Lord Alge mix)--0
A Message 2010--0
Clocks (Live from Austin City Limits)--0
Speed of Sound (Live)--0
One I Love (Live)--0
Christmas Light--0
[Warning Sign intro]--0
Chapter 1--0
Talk (album version)--0
Shiver (Jo Whiley's Lunchtime Social)--0
Everglow (Single Version) [Radio Edit]--0
Fix You - Live from The Gelredome, Arnhem--0
Can't Get You Out of My Head--0
Yellow (live, 2000: Lowlands)--0
Paradise - Fedde Le Grand Remix Edit--0
Charlie Brown (live from Glastonbury 2011)--0
[Yellow intro]--0
Hypnotised (EP Mix)--0
Death Will Never Conquer--0
Fix You (Four Tet Remix)--0
Amsterdam (Live)--0
Everything's Not Lost / Life Is for Living--0
Shiver (Jo Whiley Lunchtime Social)--0
Yellow (acoustic version from Jo Whiley's Lunchtime Social)--0
Fix You (Live from Austin City Limits)--0
True Love (Davide Rossi Remix)--0
The Scientist (Maarten de Jong Bootleg)--0
Death and All His Friends / The Escapist--0
Us Against the World (Live)--0
Fix You (Video Edit)--0
Brothers & Sisters--0
See You Soon (Live)--0
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall (Live)--0
A Sky Full of Start--0
In My Place (live)--0
In My Place (Kcrw)--0
Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Swedish House Mafia remix)--0
Your Love Means Everything, Part 2--0
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall (live from Glastonbury 2011)--0
In My Place (acoustic)--0
The Hardest Part / Postcards From Far Away--0
Hurts Like Heaven (Live)--0
Up&Up (Freedo Remix)--0
Lost! (feat. Jay-Z)--0
Always In My Head (Alternate Live Take)--0
God Put a Smile on Your Face--0
Moses (live)--0
Lovers in Japan (acoustic version)--0
Birds (Live At Glastonbury 2016)--0
Clocks (edit)--0
A Ghost--0
Gold in Them Hills (Ron Sexmith, feat. Chris Martin)--0
Clocks (album version)--0
Strawberry Swing (instrumental)--0
Clock (Deep Dish remix)--0
Clocks (Riva remix)--0
Lost+ (With Jay-Z)--0
Princess of China (Live)--0
See You Soon (acoustic)--0
We All Fall In Love Sometimes--0
How You See The World - Live From Earls Court--0
Trouble (acoustic)--0
Ladder to the Sun (live)--0
Fix You (edit)--0
Don't Panic (live)--0
Paradise (Glebstar Dubstep remix)--0
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face (Live)--0
Mylo Xyloto (Live)--0
Ink (live, 2014: Le Casino de Paris, Paris, France)--0
Viva La Vida [Itunes]--0
Ink (Live At Le Casino De Paris, Paris)--0
Yellow (Live In Sydney)--0
Speed of Sound (album version)--0
Charlie Brown (Live)--0
2000 Miles--0
The Scientist (Dub Psychedelic re-construction by Leo Zero)--0
A Sky Full of Stars (live, 2014: The Royal Albert Hall, London, England)--0
Midnight (Giorgio Moroder Remix)--0
Magic (live, 2014-03: Los Angeles, California, USA)--0
Help Is Around the Corner--0
Paradise (System Dubstep remix)--0
Ink [Live at Le Casino de Paris]--0
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