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Colin Hay

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Overkill (Alfred Heinrichs Remix)--3
Lonely Without You--1
Where the Sky Is Blue--1
Going Somewhere--1
She Keeps Me Dreaming--1
Goodnight Romeo--1
Don't Believe You Anymore--1
Waiting for My Real Life to Begin--1
Down Under (acoustic version)--1
Beautiful Worldtrad1
Overkill (acoustic version)--1
Small Town Big Hell--0
I Got Woken Up--0
Dear J--0
Lucky Bastard--0
Small Price to Be Free--0
No Win Situation--0
Company of Strangers--0
How Long Will It Last--0
Lose to Win--0
Up in Smoke--0
Are You Lookin' at Me?--0
I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You (radio edit)--0
And If You Only Knew--0
The Flying Song--0
Against the Tide--0
Sometimes I Wish--0
Sea Dogs--0
Beautiful World (alternate mix)--0
Melbourne Song--0
Into the Cornfields--0
Keep on Walking--0
Storm in My Heart (new recording)--0
Looking for Jack (new recording)--0
I Haven't Seen You in a Long Time--0
I Think I Know--0
No One Knows--0
Love Is Innocent--0
Be Good Johnny (new recording)--0
Don't Be Afraid--0
It's a Mistake (new recording)--0
Road to Mandalay--0
Pure Love--0
Mr. Grogan--0
Down Under 2012--0
Down Under (Acoustic)--0
To There From Here--0
Scattered in the Sand--0
Waiting For My Real Life To Begin - Re-Release--0
Did You Just Take the Long Way Home--0
Lived In Vain--0
Down Under 2012 (Solo Acoustic)--0
A Thousand Million Reasons--0
The Best in Me--0
Lost Generation--0
To Have and to Hold (Previously Unreleased)--0
American Sunshine--0
Dream On--0
American Sunshine (instrumental)--0
Pleased to Almost Meet You--0
The End Of Wilhelmina--0
I Wish I Was Still Drinking--0
Freedom Calling--0
Land of the Midnight Sun--0
Storm In My Heart--0
Me and My Imaginary Friend--0
Prison Time--0
There's Water Over You--0
The End of Wilhemina--0
Baby Can I See You Tonight?--0
I Can't Get Up Out of This Bed--0
Broken Love--0
I Came Into Your Store--0
No Time--0
What Would Bob Do?--0
Goodbye My Red Rose--0
If I Had Been a Better Man--0
Next Year People--0
Waiting for My Real Life to Begin (Album Version)--0
Oh California--0
Waiting for My Real Life to Begin (radio edit)--0
Dream On (In the Night)--0
Go Ask an Old Man--0
Don't Be Afraid (Previously Unreleased)--0
Can't Take This Town--0
Walk Amongst His Ruins--0
I Don't Know Why (Live)--0
Down Under (Live) [The Birth of the Song]--0
Can I Hold You?--0
She Put the Blame on You--0
This Time I Got You--0
I Don't Need You Anymore--0
Looking for Jack--0
Hold on to My Hand--0
My Brilliant Feat--0
Who Can It Be Now? (acoustic version)--0
I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You--0
To Have and to Hold--0
Down Under (feat. Cecilia Noël & The Wild Clams)--0
Send Somebody--0
Who Can It Be Now?--0
Love Is Innocent (Previously Unreleased)--0
Here in My Hometown--0
Into My Life--0
Trying to Get to You--0
Company of Strangers (acoustic)--0
Send Somebody (Stripped mix)--0
Don't Wait Up--0
Children On Parade--0
Wayfaring Sons--0
Circles Erratica--0
Fisherman's Friend--0
Water Song--0
I Don't Know Why--0
Death Row Conversation--0
Wash It All Away--0
I'm Doing Fine--0
Transcendental Highway--0
If I Go--0
Puerto Rico--0
These Are Our Finest Days--0
Gathering Mercury--0
Half a Million Angels--0
Dear Father--0
Family Man--0
Half a Million Angels (Stripped mix)--0
Where the Sky Is Blue (Stripped mix)--0
Far from Home--0
A Simple Song--0
Hold Me--0
Master of Crime--0
Be Good Johnny--0
It's a Mistake--0
Wish I Was Still Drinking--0
Down Under--0
I'll Leave the Light On--0
parole traduction visites
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