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Merciless Fate--1
Dissolution Factor Red--1
Day to End--1
Still Moving Sinews--0
Atom Heart 243.5--0
Scythe, Rage and Roses--0
Alone '94--0
Away, Delight, Away--0
With the Flaming Shades of Fall--0
The Dividing Line--0
The One Brooding Warning--0
Ex Nihilo--0
The Emptiness From Which I Fed--0
The Mind's Eye--0
Emptier Still--0
Unfurled by Dawn--0
Misery in Me--0
The Endless Feed (Chaos Seed remix)--0
Midwinter (intro)--0
Vernal Awakening--0
Beyond Enlightenment--0
My Faeryland Forgotten--0
Sacred Reich--0
Zodijackyl Light--0
Shadowlit Façade--0
In Tears Bereaved--0
Insanity's Crescendo (live)--0
Format C: For Cortex (live)--0
Indifferent Suns (live)--0
Hours Passed in Exile (live)--0
The Sun Fired Blanks (live)--0
Lethe (live)--0
Damage Done (live)--0
Monochromatic Stains (live)--0
Punish My Heaven (live)--0
Sorrow's Architect--0
The Lesser Faith (live At Summerbreeze Festival, Germany 2007)--0
Shadowlight Facade--0
Hedon (live)--0
Haven (live)--0
White Noise/Black Silence (live)--0
Not Built to Last (live)--0
Zodijackyl Light (live)--0
Of Chaos and Eternal Night--0
To a Bitter Halt--0
Nightfall by the Shore of Time--0
Crimson Winds--0
Bringer of Torture--0
Zero Distance (promo video)--0
Iridium (promo video)--0
Photon Dreams--0
Final Resistance (live)--0
Dream Oblivion (live, 2010-07-02: With Full Force Open Air, Roitzschjora airport, Löbnitz, Germany)--0
The Fatalist (live, 2010: London, UK)--0
Iridium (live, 2010-08-19: Summer Breeze Open Air, Dinkelsbühl, Germany)--0
The Grandest Accusation (promo video)--0
Shadow Duet--0
Winter Triangle--0
Scythe, Rage and Rose--0
Enditme Hearts--0
Not Build to Last--0
The Treason Wall - Live in Poland, October 7th 2002--0
The Wonders at Your Feet - Live in Poland, October 7th 2002--0
Void of Tranquility - Demo--0
Exposure - Bonus Track--0
Focus Shift (live at rehearsal room)--0
Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive) (promo video)--0
Final Resistance (live in Milan)--0
Dreamlike Degenerate--0
Deivation Tnb--0
Archetype (Bonus Track)--0
Hedon - Live in Poland, October 7th 2002--0
Punish My Heaven - Live in Poland, October 7th 2002--0
Zodijackyl Light - Live in Poland, October 7th 2002--0
Not Built to Last - Live in Poland, October 7th 2002--0
Final Resistance - Live in Poland, October 7th 2002--0
Uniformity (edit)--0
Uniformity (radio edit)--0
Zero Distance (radio edit)--0
Lethe - Live in Poland, October 7th 2002--0
Damage Done - Live in Poland, October 7th 2002--0
Indifferent Suns - Live in Poland, October 7th 2002--0
Monochromatic Stains - Live in Poland, October 7th 2002--0
Format C: For Cortex - Live in Poland, October 7th 2002--0
Insanity's Crescendo - Live in Poland, October 7th 2002--0
The Sun Fired Blanks - Live in Poland, October 7th 2002--0
Hours Passed in Exile - Live in Poland, October 7th 2002--0
Yesterworld / Punish My Heaven (Live in Milan 2008)--0
Dreamlore Degenerate (Live in Milan 2008)--0
The Lesser Faith (live at Summer Breeze 2007)--0
Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive) (live at Summer Breeze 2007)--0
Misery's Crown (live at Bang Your Head 2007)--0
The Endless Feed (live at Summer Breeze 2007)--0
The New Build (live at Summer Breeze 2007)--0
UnDo Control (live)--0
Final Resistance (live at Bang Your Head 2007)--0
Blind at Heart (live at Bang Your Head 2007)--0
Terminus (where Death Is Most Alive) (live At Summerbreeze Festival, Germany 2007)--0
Below the Radiance--0
The Lesser Faith (live)--0
Focus Shift (live rehearsal video)--0
Focus Shift (promo video)--0
Punish My Heaven (demo version)--0
Away, Delight, Away (demo version)--0
Freecard (Live in Milan 2008)--0
Out of Gravity--0
Nothing to No One (Live in Milan 2008)--0
Edenspring (Live in Milan 2008)--0
Lethe (Live in Milan 2008)--0
Insanity's Crescendo (Live in Milan 2008)--0
Surface the Infinite--0
Asleep in the Bandaged Light--0
Punish My Heaven (alternative version)--0
The Gallery (demo version)--0
The Treason Wall (live)--0
The Wonders at Your Feet (live)--0
To Where Fires Cannot Feed--0
Star of Nothingness--0
Of Chaos and Eternal Light--0
No One--0
Zero Distance--0
The Silence in Between--0
Cathode Ray Sunshine--0
White Noise/Black Silence--0
Through Smudged Lenses--0
The Wonders at Your Feet--0
The Science of Noise--0
The Pitiless--0
One Thought--0
The New Build--0
The Lesser Faith--0
Empty Me--0
When the World Screams--0
Senses Tied--0
Blind At Heart--0
The Sun Fired Blanks--0
UnDo Control--0
On Your Time--0
The Treason Wall--0
I, Deception--0
Format C: for Cortex--0
Weight of the End--0
What Only You Know--0
Our Proof of Life--0
Dream Oblivion--0
Caves and Embers--0
Punish My Heaven--0
None Becoming--0
The Enemytrad0
Damage Donetrad0
Hours Passed In Exiletrad0
Her Silent Languagetrad0
For Broken Wordstrad0
Midway Through Infinity--0
Silence, And The Firmament Withdrewtrad0
Final Resistancetrad0
Nothing To No Onetrad0
The Fatalisttrad0
The Grandest Accusationtrad0
The Mundane And The Magictrad0
In My Absencetrad0
I Am The Voidtrad0
At The Point Of Ignitiontrad0
Forward Momentum--0
Lost to Apathy--0
Mine Is the Grandeur...--0
The Gallery--0
Shadow in Our Blood--0
Faithless by Default--0
Endtime Hearts--0
Clearing Skies--0
State of Trust--0
Monochromatic Stains--0
Insanity's Crescendo--0
Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)--0
Force of Hand--0
Dreamlore Degenerate--0
Indifferent Suns--0
Single Part of Two--0
My Friend of Misery--0
Tidal Tantrum--0
Feast of Burden--0
Not Built to Last--0
Through Ebony Archways--0
Iridium (Live at Summerbreeze, 2010)--0
Dream Oblivion (Live at With Full Force 2010)--0
A Memory Construct--0
The Bow and the Arrow--0
A Bolt of Blazing Gold--0
Nether Novas--0
The Same--0
Broken (Sentenced Cover)--0
Inside the Particle Storm (Live in Milan 2008)--0
Haven - Live in Poland, October 7th 2002--0
Misery's Crowntrad0
Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive) [Live in Milan 2008]--0
Midwinter / Beyond Enlightenment--0
Yesterworld / Punish My Heaven--0
Ego Drama--0
In Sight--0
Void of Tranquillity--0
Silence in the House of Tongues--0
Lady in Black--0
Final Resistance (Live in Milan 2008)--0
The Mundane and the Magic (Live in Milan 2008)--0
The Poison Well--0
22 Acacia Avenue--0
Inside the Particle Storm--0
Derivation TNB--0
Focus Shift--0
My Negation--0
Am I 1?--0
At Loss for Words--0
Out of Nothing--0
The Endless Feed--0
Dry Run--0
Mind Matters--0
A Closer End--0
Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive) (Brick Movie)--0
The Wonders At Your Feet (Live in Milan 2008)--0
The Lesser Faith (Live in Milan 2008)--0
Lost To Apathy (Live in Milan 2008)--0
Misery's Crown (Live in Milan 2008)--0
My Negation (Live in Milan 2008)--0
ThereIn (Live in Milan 2008)--0
Focus Shift (Live in Milan 2008)--0
The Treason Wall (Live in Milan 2008)--0
ThereIn - Live in Poland, October 7th 2002--0
Therein (live)--0
...of Melancholy Burning--0
Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive) (live)--0
The New Build (Live in Milan 2008)--0
22 Acacia Avenue (Bonus Track)--0
Am I I?--0
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