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Darkest Hour

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Infinite Eyes--1
Rapture In Exile--1
The Mark of the Judas--0
Part II--0
The Legacy--0
Escape Artist--0
A Blessing in Tragedy--0
How the Beautiful Decay--0
District Divided--0
This Will Outlive Us--0
For the Soul of the Savior--0
Sadist Nation--0
Messiah Complex--0
Seven Day Lie--0
Broken Wings--0
This Side of the Nightmare--0
This Curse--0
Reflections of Ruin--0
Choir of the Prophecy Fulfilled--0
Treason in Trust--0
Last Dance Massacre--0
Coda XIII--0
The Patriot Virus--0
The Misinformation Age--0
These Fevered Times--0
Marching to the Killing Rhythm--0
The Sadist Nation--0
Pay Phones and Pills--0
Veritas, Aequitas--0
This Is the Truth--0
Timeless Numbers--0
The Flesh & the Flowers of Death--0
Go Back to the Gym--0
Be Forewarned--0
By the Starlight--0
Man and Swine--0
Those Who Survived--0
Another Headless Ruler of the Used--0
Knife in the Safe Room--0
Beyond the Live You Know--0
Beneath It Sleeps--0
In the Name of Us All--0
Enter Oblivion--0
The Last of the Monuments--0
Into the Grey--0
Black Sun--0
An Epitaph--0
The Misanthrope--0
A Cold Kiss--0
Choir of the Propechy Fulfilled--0
This Curse (alternate version)--0
Blessed Infection--0
No God--0
Death Worship--0
The Tides--0
So Sedated, So Secure--0
Your Everyday Disaster--0
Violent by Nature--0
Man & Swine--0
Full Imperial Collapse--0
Deliver Us--0
Severed Into Separates--0
Beyond the Life You Know--0
Stand and Receive Your Judgment--0
Fire In the Skies--0
The Light at the Edge of the World--0
A Paradox With Flies: The Light--0
The Hollow--0
Accessible Losses--0
An Ethereal Drain--0
The Goddess Figure--0
With a Thousand Words to Say But One--0
The Misery We Make--0
Savor the Kill--0
Doomsayer (The Beginning of the End)--0
Beneath the Blackening Sky--0
The Last Dance Massacre--0
Sound the Surrender--0
The World Engulfed in Flames--0
Terra Solaris--0
Closing on the Day--0
Devolution of Flesh--0
Wound (Instrumental)--0
Terra Solaris (Instrumental)--0
Severed into Separates (Instrumental)--0
Purgatory (Instrumental)--0
Your Everyday Disaster (Instrumental)--0
Violent by Nature (Instrumental)--0
Beyond the Life You Know (Instrumental)--0
Devolution of the Flesh--0
Love As a Weapontrad0
Another Reason--0
Terra Noctunus--0
Hierarchry of Heathens--0
Hierarchy of Heathens (Bonus Track)--0
Terra Nocturnus--0
Love as a Weapon (Instrumental)--0
Man & Swine (Instrumental)--0
Lunar Divide--0
The Great Oppressor--0
Surrealist - Bonus Track--0
A Distorted Utopia--0
Lunar Divide (Bonus Track)--0
The Great Opresser--0
The World Engulfed in Flames (Instrumental)--0
Savor the Kill - instrumental--0
Terra Nocturnus (Instrumental)--0
Lost for Life--0
Hypatia Rising--0
No Closer Than a Stranger--0
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