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Demis Roussos

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Mourir Auprès De Mon Amourtrad158
Goodbye My Love Goodbyetrad78
Come Waltz With Me--75
On écrit sur les murs--54
Longtemps je t'aimerai--54
To Gelakaki (Live)--45
Quand Je T'Aime--18
Le Peintre Des Étoiles--18
Mourir Aupres De Mon Amour (Je Te Dirai Des Mots)--16
Far Awaytrad15
A Whiter Shade of Pale--13
Forever and Never--13
Far Away (feat. Hasna)--10
Summer In Her Eyes--9
Loin des yeux, loin du cœur--9
I Dig You--9
From Souvenirs To Souvenirstrad8
Le Grec--8
Adiós mi amor, adiós--7
Follow Me (Live)--7
Rain & Tears--6
Ave Maria--5
My Friend The Windtrad5
Forever & Ever--5
Goodbye My Love Goodbye (Live)--5
Follow Me--5
Tes yeux me disaient adieu--5
Le destin--5
Lovely Sunny Days--4
Maybe Forever--4
We Shall Dancetrad4
Mañanas de terciopelo--4
When a Child Is Born--4
I Miss You--4
Lovely Lady Of Arcadia--4
Futureless Forever--4
Rain and Tears (Live At Rosmalen, April 1987)--3
Plaisir D'amour--3
Trying to Catch the Wind--3
I Want to Live--3
Les Oiseaux de ma jeunesse--3
San Pedros Children--3
I Found You--3
My Broken Souvenirs--3
Rain and Tears--3
Una Paloma Blancatrad3
I wiil love you forever--3
Les Moulins De Mon Coeur--3
Ainsi soit-il--3
My Only Fascination--3
September (I'm on My Way)--2
Red Rose Cafe--2
Comme le vent d'hier--2
Tu libertad--2
Profeta Non Saro--2
A Flower's All You Need--2
La Vie en rose--2
Amapola (version française)--2
I Need You--2
Amazing Grace--2
Morir Al Lado De Mi Amortrad2
My Reason--2
Velvet Mornings--2
From Souvenir to Souvenir--2
It's Five O'clock (Remastered)--2
It's Five O'Clock (feat. Aphrodite's Child)--2
Après la fin du monde--2
Mary Was An Only Child--2
Senora (I Need You)--2
Gloria In Excelsis Deo--2
Adiós Amor, Adiós--2
Time and Tide--2
Ich Hab Das Glück Gesehen--1
When I'm a Kidtrad1
Loving Arms--1
I'll Be Your Friendtrad1
Lovely Lady of Arcadia (Live)--1
Sandra, princesse rebelle--1
Souvenirs Sopo (Live)--1
Looking for You--1
It's Five O'clock--1
Say You Love Me--1
Let It Be Me (Live At The Sydney Opera House / 1980 Australia)--1
Forever and Ever (1987)--1
Danse à la vie--1
Forever and Ever--1
Who Gives a Fuck--1
Feel Like I'll Never Feel This Way Again--1
The Wedding Song--1
End of the World (Live)--1
Il tocco dell'amore--1
I Want to Live (feat. Aphrodite's Child)--1
Winter Rains--1
Sometimes When We Touch--1
Can't Say How Much I Love You--1
Tout ce que je cherche est en toi--1
Rain and Tears (live version)--1
Quesiera bailar esta cancion--1
I Almost Lost My Mind--1
She Came Up From the North--1
Mourir après de mon amour--1
Les nuits d'Emylyne--1
Lost in a Dream--1
Mon Amour--1
With You--1
Santa Lucia--1
Auf Wiedersehn--1
Schönes Mädchen aus Arcadia--1
This Time It Isn't Au-Revoir--1
End of the World--1
Dans a La Vie--1
La Mer--1
My Face in the Rain--1
Nature Boy--1
Sing an Ode to Love--1
Gypsy Lady--1
In My Dreams--1
Fire And Ice--1
When Forever Has Gone--1
White Wings (Asa Branca) (Live)--1
Velvet Morning--1
I Know I'll Do It Again--1
Happy to Be on an Island in the Sun--1
What They Say--0
Morir al lado se mi amor--0
My Emotion--0
Lovely Lady of Acardia--0
Feel Like I'll Never Feel This Way Again - Live--0
Sing An Ode To Love - Live--0
Margarita - Live--0
Let It Be Me - Live--0
Un himno al amor--0
Un mundo de hombres niños--0
Sometimes When We Touch (Live At The Sydney Opera House, Austrlia / 1980)--0
Man of the World--0
Goddbye My Love, Goodbye--0
Sometimes When We Touch (Live)--0
Una fábula para mayores--0
Mamy Blue--0
We Shall Dance (Live Concert 1971)--0
Lord of the Flies--0
Schön wie Mona Lisa (Wenn ich ein Maler wär)--0
Need To Forget--0
Someday Somewhare--0
Song for the Free--0
I'll Find My Way Home--0
Vagabund der Liebe--0
Komm in meine Arme--0
Bridge Over Troubled Water--0
Schönes Mädschen aus Arcadia--0
Silent Night--0
Miss You Nights--0
Rain and Teard--0
When a Man Loves a Woman--0
Love Me Tender--0
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes--0
Lost In Dream--0
The Other Woman--0
Give Me Back My Love--0
Feliz Navidad--0
Ich Liebe Dich Noch Immer--0
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself--0
All Is Vanity--0
No Way Out--0
Mountains Beyond--0
Lay It Down--0
Lovely Sunny Day--0
Good Days Have Gone--0
Sing an Ode To Love (Live At The Sydney Opera House / 1980 Australia)--0
Una favola per grandi--0
So wie bist du--0
Sometimes When We Touch (Live At The Sydney Opera House / 1980 Australia)--0
Forever and Ever (Live At The Sydney Opera House / 1980 Australia)--0
My Friend the Wind (Live Version)--0
Feel Like I'll Never Feel This Way Again (Live At The Sydney Opera House / 1980 Australia)--0
Margarita (Live At The Sydney Opera House / 1980 Australia)--0
Yellow Paper--0
On The Greek Side Of My Mind--0
Summerwine (Duet With Nancy Boyd)--0
Un día igual a los demás--0
Chantez enfants du monde--0
Mon amour (Duet With Annny Schilder)--0
Eine Rose Entsprungen--0
Take My Hand--0
Goodybe My Love Goodbye--0
I'm a Kid--0
Happy to Be on a Island in the Sun--0
Schön wie Mona Lisa--0
Tell Me Now--0
Action Lady--0
My Blue Ship's A-Sailin'--0
Oh Come All Ye Faithfull--0
I'm Gonna Fall In Love--0
C'est peut-être une fable--0
Lovely Love De Paris--0
New Horizon--0
I Just Live--0
Someday Somewhere--0
We Shall Dance (Live)--0
My Friend the Wind (Live)--0
Forever and Ever (Rerecorded)--0
Happy to Be an Island in the Sun--0
Goodbye My Love--0
That Once in a Lifetime--0
Mamy Blue (Live)--0
Goodby My Love Goodbye--0
Lonely Lady of Arcadia--0
Canción de boda--0
Can't I Say How Much I Love You--0
No More Boleros--0
Goodbye My Love Godbye--0
Goodbye My Love Goodbye (1973)--0
My Reasons--0
My Friend the Wind (Single Version)--0
When I Am A Kid--0
Rozando nuestra piel--0
Rain and Tears (Live)--0
Bridge over Trouble Water--0
Goodbye My Love (Live)--0
Quisiera bailar esta canción--0
Lovelly sunny days--0
As Time Goes By--0
Stand by Me--0
Stormy Weather--0
O My Friends You've Been Untrue To Me--0
Velvet Mornings (Rerecorded)--0
Race to the End--0
Forever and Ever (Live)--0
Spring Summer Winter & Fall--0
Such a Funny Night--0
Midnight Is the Time I Need You--0
Spring, Summer, Winter And Fall--0
Die Nächte von Athen--0
Morning has broken--0
Too Many Dreams--0
Happy to Be on an Island in the Sun (Remastered)--0
Mi Razon--0
Ave Marie--0
My Reason (Remastered)--0
I Want to Live (Remastered)--0
Let It Be Me (Remastered)--0
Santa Lucia (Remastered)--0
Una Furtiva Lagrima (Remastered)--0
So Dreamy--0
Smile, Tho' Your Heart Is Aching--0
Torna a Surriento--0
Una furtiva lagrima--0
Life in the City--0
Song for You--0
The Promise--0
Il mago--0
Dolce veleno--0
Let It Happen--0
Lost in Love (Remastered)--0
Les Moulins de mon cœur--0
Por siempre y para siempre--0
Bailaré bailarás--0
Rain and Tears (feat. Aphrodite's Child)--0
Funny Man--0
How Glad I Am You Came--0
Without You--0
House of the Rising Sun--0
Lovely lady from Arcadia--0
Paloma Blanca--0
Before the Storm--0
Lost in Love--0
Marie Jolie--0
We Pretend--0
Let It Be Me--0
Island of Love--0
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