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Devo lyrics
Fiche de Devo


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Whip Ittrad3
I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)--3
Gates of Steel--1
Time Out For Fun--1
Uncontrollable Urge--1
Freedom of Choice--1
Huboon Stomp--1
Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA--1
Gut Feeling--1
Witch Doctor--1
S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain)--1
Shrivel-Up (live)--1
Smart Patrol – Mr. DNA - Remastered--1
Think Fast--1
Girl U Want - Version #2 Live Version--0
It's Not Right - Live Version--0
Come Back Jonee - Live Version--0
Snowball - Live Version--0
Planet Earth - Version #2 Live Version--0
Secret Agent Man - Live Version--0
Gates Of Steel - Version #2 Live Version--0
Be Stiff - Version #2 Live Version--0
Blockhead - Live Version--0
Whip It - Version #2 Live Version--0
S.I.B. - Swelling Itching Brain Live Version--0
Freedom Of Choice - Live Version--0
Jocko Homo - Live Version--0
Clockout - Remastered--0
Mongoloid - Live Version--0
Uncontrollable Urge - Live Version--0
Race of Doom - Live Version--0
Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA - Live Version--0
Gut Feeling - Live Version--0
Be Stiff - Live Version--0
Super Thing - Live Version--0
Beautiful World (Live Version) [Bonus Track]--0
Gates of Steel - Live Version--0
Freedom Of Choice - Version #2 Live Version--0
The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprize - Remastered--0
Space Junk - Remastered--0
Sloppy [I Saw My Baby Gettin'] - Remastered--0
Mr. B's Ballroom - Remastered--0
Don't You Know - Remastered--0
Ton O' Luv - Remastered--0
Cold War - Remastered--0
Shrivel-Up - Remastered--0
Through Being Cool - Remastered--0
Race Of Doom - Remastered--0
Love Without Anger - Remastered--0
Going Under - Remastered--0
Soft Things - Remastered--0
Jerkin' Back 'N' Forth - Remastered--0
Pity You - Remastered--0
Freedom Of Choice - Remastered--0
Gates Of Steel - Remastered--0
Secret Agent Man - Remastered--0
Soo Bawlz - Remastered--0
Triumph Of The Will - Remastered--0
S.I.B. [Swelling Itching Brain] - Remastered--0
Blockhead - Remastered--0
Strange Pursuit - Remastered--0
Be Stiff - Stiff Version Remastered--0
Penetration In The Centrefold - Remastered--0
Planet Earth - Remastered--0
Be Stiff - Remastered--0
Snowball - Remastered--0
Jerkin' Back 'N' Forth - Remastered Version--0
Secret Agent Man - Live Remastered--0
Timing X - Remastered--0
Jerkin' Back and Forth - Live Version--0
Gates of Steel (demo)--0
Nu-Tra Speaks (New Traditionalist Man)--0
Snowball (demo)--0
Let's Get to It--0
What We Do--0
Signal Ready--0
Sloppy (demo)--0
Social Fools (demo)--0
Baby Doll (extended mix)--0
Agitated (Hyperextended mix)--0
Soo Bawls--0
It's a Beautiful World (E-Z Listening version)--0
One Dumb Thing--0
Secret Agent Man (live)--0
S.I.B. (Swell Itching Brain)--0
Girl U Want (Black Light Odyssey mix)--0
Ton o' Love--0
Girl You Want--0
Devo Corporate Anthem (live)--0
Too Much Paranoias (live)--0
Jocko Homo (live)--0
Mongoloid (demo)--0
Uncontrollable Urge (live)--0
Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin’) (live)--0
Words Get Stuck in My Throat--0
Come Back Jonee (live)--0
Space Junk (live)--0
Praying Hands (live)--0
Whip It (remix)--0
Whip It (HMS & M mix)--0
Watch Us Work It--0
Jerkin' Back and Forth (Live)--0
March On--0
No Place Like Home--0
Later Is Now--0
Words Get Stuck In My Throat - Live--0
Gut Feeling - Slap Your Mommy - Live--0
Soft Things - Live Version--0
Girl U Want - Live Version--0
The Super Thing - Remastered--0
Through Being Cool - Live Version--0
Going Under - Live Version--0
Step Up--0
Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Getting)--0
Can U Take It?--0
Disco Dancer (12″ version)--0
Disco Dancer (karaoke version)--0
That's Good (Disconet remix)--0
Disco Dancer (bonus Beat)--0
Mecha-Mania Boy--0
Shout (LP version)--0
Mind Games--0
Human Rocket--0
Don't Shoot (I'm a Man)--0
Please Baby Please--0
Shout (E-Z Listening version)--0
Planet Earth - Live Version--0
Stop Look and Listen (Live)--0
Opening Theme--0
Super Thing--0
Big Dog--0
Message of Hope--0
Working In a Coal Mine (Live) [Bonus Track]--0
Raise Your Hands--0
Booji Boy's Funeral--0
Freedom of Choice Theme Song--0
Freedom Of Choice Theme Song - Live--0
Smart Patrol--0
(Slap Your Mammy)--0
Psychology Of Desire - Demo--0
It Takes a Worried Man--0
Beautiful World (Live) [Bonus Track]--0
Super Thing (Live)--0
Fresh (Live)--0
That's Good (Live)--0
Going Under (Live)--0
What We Do (Live)--0
Don't Shoot (I'm a Man) (Live)--0
Peek-A-Boo (Live)--0
Gut Feeling (Live)--0
Beautiful World (Live)--0
Pity You (Live)--0
Race of Doom (Live)--0
Soft Things (Live)--0
Jerkin' Back 'n' Forth (Live)--0
Through Being Cool (Live)--0
Mr. DNA--0
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (live)--0
Satisfaction - Remastered--0
Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Seamus Unleashed)--0
[I Can't Get No] Satisfaction - Remastered--0
Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA (Live / San Francisco 1977)--0
Mechanical Man--0
Mongoloid (Live 1980 FM Broadcast)--0
Uncontrollable Urge (Live 1980 FM Broadcast)--0
Come Back Jonee (Live 1980 FM Broadcast)--0
Secret Agent Man (Live 1980 FM Broadcast)--0
Freedom of Choice (Live 1980 FM Broadcast)--0
Gates of Steel (Live 1980 FM Broadcast)--0
Be Stiff (Live 1980 FM Broadcast)--0
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Live / San Francisco 1977)--0
What We Do (Single Edit)--0
Praying Hands (Live / San Francisco 1977)--0
Uncontrollable Urge (Live / San Francisco 1977)--0
Too Much Paranoias (Live / San Francisco 1977)--0
Merry Something To You--0
Auto Modown / Space Girl Blues--0
Mongoloid (Live / San Francisco 1977)--0
Jocko Homo (Live / San Francisco 1977)--0
The Words Get Stuck In My Throat (Live / San Francisco 1977)--0
Gut Feeling - Edit--0
Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Getting) (Live / San Francisco 1977)--0
Gut Feeling (Live / San Francisco 1977)--0
Clockout (Live / San Francisco 1977)--0
Sloppy [I Saw My Baby Gettin'] - Live At The London HMV Forum--0
Come Back Jonee - Live At The London HMV Forum--0
Come Back Jonee - Remastered--0
Gut Feeling (Remastered)--0
Mr. DNA (Remastered)--0
Smart Patrol (Remastered)--0
Uncontrollable Urge - Remastered--0
Jocko Homo - Remastered--0
Red Eye (Remastered)--0
Whip It (Remastered Live Version)--0
Secret Agent Man (Remastered Live Version)--0
Pink Pussycat (Remastered Live Version)--0
Planet Earth (Remastered Live Version)--0
Girl U Want (Remastered Live Version)--0
Snowball (Remastered Live Version)--0
Praying Hands - Remastered--0
Too Much Paranoias - Remastered--0
Modern Life - Remastered--0
Space Girl Blues (Live)--0
One Dumb Thing - Remastered--0
Nu-tra Speaks [New Traditionalist Man] - Remastered--0
Enough Said - Remastered--0
Fraulein (Live)--0
Bamboo Bimbo (Live)--0
Wiggly World (Remastered)--0
Pink Pussycat (Remastered)--0
Fountain of Filth (Live)--0
Social Fools (Live)--0
Fraulein (demo)--0
Blockhead (Remastered Live Version)--0
Satisfaction (Remastered Live Version)--0
Uncontrollable Urge - Live At The London HMV Forum--0
Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA (Live)--0
Gates of Steel (Version #2) [Live]--0
Be Stiff (Version #2) [Live]--0
S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain) [Live]--0
Blockhead (Live)--0
[I Can't Get No] Satisfaction - Live At The London HMV Forum--0
Praying Hands - Live At The London HMV Forum--0
Too Much Paranoias - Live At The London HMV Forum--0
Gut Feeling/ [Slap Your Mammy] - Live At The London HMV Forum--0
Jocko Homo - Live At The London HMV Forum--0
Mongoloid - Live At The London HMV Forum--0
Space Junk - Live At The London HMV Forum--0
Planet Earth (Version #2) [Live]--0
Girl U Want (Version #2) [Live]--0
Freedom of Choice (Remastered Live Version)--0
Jocko Homo (Remastered Live Version)--0
Be Stiff (Remastered Live Version)--0
Mongoloid (Remastered Live Version)--0
Uncontrollable Urge (Remastered Live Version)--0
U Got Me Bugged (Booji Boy) (Live)--0
R U Experienced--0
Snowball (Live)--0
It's Not Right (Live)--0
Whip It (Version #2) [Live]--0
Freedom of Choice (Version #2) [Live]--0
Freedom of Choice (Live)--0
Beautiful World - Remastered--0
Mongoloid (live)--0
Baby Doll (DEVO single mix)--0
Head Like a Hole--0
Post Post-Modern Man (Sub Post-Modern mix)--0
Post Post-Modern Man (album version)--0
Post Post-Modern Man (Post Post Post-Modern edit)--0
Post Post-Modern Man (Pre Post Post-Modern instrumental)--0
Here to Go (Go Mix version)--0
I Wouldn't Do That to You--0
The Words Get Stuck in My Throat--0
Theme From Doctor Detroit (dance mix)--0
Thanks to You--0
Stuck in a Loop--0
It Doesn't Matter to Me (live 1988)--0
Post Post-Modern Man (Ultra Post Modern dub)--0
Post Post-Modern Man (Neo Post Modern mix)--0
Gut Feeling / (Slap Your Mammy) (live)--0
Timing X / Space Junk--0
Shrivel-Up - Live At The London HMV Forum--0
Gates of Steel (Remastered Live Version)--0
Whip It (Remastered)--0
Disco Dancer (7" version)--0
Whip It - Remastered Version--0
Post Post-Modern Man (Macro Post Modern mix)--0
Theme From Doctor Detroit--0
Satisfaction (I Can Get Me No)--0
Disco Dancer (7-inch version)--0
Working in the Coal Mine--0
Let's Talk--0
Wiggly World--0
Timing X--0
Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin’)--0
Devo Corporate Anthem--0
Strange Pursuits--0
Triumph of the Will--0
Redeye Express--0
Pity You--0
Secret Agent Man--0
Pink Pussy Cat--0
The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprise--0
Too Much Paranoias--0
Praying Hands--0
What I Must--0
I Desire--0
Out of Sync--0
Deep Sleep--0
It's Not Right--0
Planet Earth--0
Turn Around--0
Mr. B's Ballroom--0
That's Pep--0
Girl U Want - Remastered--0
Mongoloid (Booji Boy version)--0
Social Fools--0
Don't You Know--0
Peek-A-Boo (Dance Velocity)--0
Mongoloid (Remastered)--0
Disco Dancer (12-inch version)--0
Bread and Butter--0
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini--0
(I Can’t Get Me No) Satisfaction--0
I'm a Potato--0
Whip It - Live Version--0
Jerkin' Back 'n' Forth--0
Satisfaction (I Can't Get No)--0
Jocko Homo--0
That's Good--0
Aku PerlukanMu--0
Whip It - Remastered Album Version--0
Girl U Want--0
Big Mess--0
Beautiful World--0
Whip It (demo alternate version)--0
Satisfaction (Live)--0
Through Being Cool--0
Going Under--0
Speed Racer--0
Ton O' Luv--0
Peek-a-boo! (DEVO dub)--0
Disco Dancer--0
Are You Experienced--0
The 4th Dimension--0
I Need a Chick--0
Be Stiff (Stiff version)--0
Some Things Never Change--0
Don't Be Cruel--0
Somewhere With DEVO (studio version demo)--0
Whip It (Live)--0
Happy Guy (demo)--0
Some Things Never Change (demo)--0
Modern Life--0
All of Us--0
Be Stiff--0
Come Back Jonee--0
Gut Feeling / Slap Your Mammy--0
Space Junk--0
Cold War--0
Love Without Anger--0
The Super Thing--0
Buttered Beauties--0
Stop Look and Listen--0
Baby Doll--0
Jocko Homo (Booji Boy version)--0
Working in a Coalmine--0
Soft Things--0
Race of Doom--0
I'd Cry If You Died--0
The Shadow--0
Plain Truth--0
Red Eye--0
Penetration in the Centrefold--0
Man Turned Inside Out--0
Sexi Luv--0
Race of Doom (demo)--0
I Desire (demo)--0
Beautiful World (demo)--0
Some Things Never Change (cassette version)--0
Blow Up--0
Strange Pursuit--0
Pity You (demo)--0
Strange Pursuit (demo)--0
The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprise (demo)--0
Goo Goo Itch (alternate version)--0
Pink Pussycat (demo)--0
Be Stiff (alternate mix)--0
Girl U Want (demo alternate version)--0
Turn Around (demo alternate version)--0
Cold War (demo alternate version)--0
That's Pep (demo alternate version)--0
Planet Earth (demo alternate version)--0
Gates Of Steel (demo alternate version)--0
Snowball (demo alternate version)--0
Big Mess (demo)--0
The 4th Dimension (alternate version rough mix)--0
Peek-A-Boo (second take)--0
Peek-A-Boo (third take)--0
What I Must Do (second take)--0
Luv-Luv (instrumental)--0
Shout (E-Z Listening Muzak version 1)--0
Gut Feelings/Slap Your Mammy--0
Devo Corporate Anthem (demo)--0
Clockout (demo)--0
Shrivel Up (demo)--0
Secret Agent Man (demo)--0
Blockhead (demo)--0
Uncontrollable Urge (demo)--0
Growing Pains--0
Planet Earth (Live)--0
Baby Doll (single mix)--0
Baby Doll (instrumental single mix)--0
Plain Truth (demo)--0
Baby Doll (demo)--0
Here to Go (alternate version rough mix)--0
Subhuman Woman--0
Goin' Under--0
Gates of Steel (Live)--0
Be Stiff (Live)--0
Girl U Want (Live)--0
It's a Beautiful World--0
Jurisdiction of Luv--0
Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin') (demo)--0
The Words Get Stuck in My Throat (live)--0
Bamboo Bimbo--0
A Plan for U--0
Can You Take It?--0
O No (Live)--0
Midget (Live)--0
The Rope Song--0
Goo Goo Itch--0
Dogs of Democracy--0
U Got Me Bugged--0
Baby Talkin' Bitches--0
Golden Energy--0
Soo Bawlz--0
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Booji Boy Version)--0
Mechanical Man (Booji Boy Version)--0
Be Stiff (Booji Boy Version)--0
The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprize--0
Enough Said--0
Post Post-Modern Man--0
It Doesn't Matter to Me--0
Mechanical Man (Live)--0
Space Girl Blues--0
Are You Ready?!--0
Somewhere With Devo: (Suite Includes Shout and Disco Dancer)--0
Happy Guy--0
Bottled Up--0
DEVO Has Feelings Too--0
Pink Jazz Trancers--0
A Change Is Gonna Cum--0
The Big Picture--0
Go Monkey Go--0
Jerkin' Back and Forth--0
Find Out--0
Here to Go (Here to Dub version)--0
Part of You--0
What I Must Do--0
Morning Dew--0
Spin the Wheel--0
Snowball (single remix)--0
The Satisfied Mind--0
Let's Go--0
Fountain of Filth--0
I Been Refused (Live)--0
Don't Rescue Me--0
Please Please--0
When We Do It--0
Puppet Boy--0
Jurisdiction of Love--0
Here to Go--0
I'm a Potato (demo)--0
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