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Paroles de la chanson Try par Doja Cat lyrics officiel

Try est une chanson en Anglais

How I'm suppose to say this
Nigga, I don't really know
I don't give a fuck
These Niggas think it's way more
Always throwing meanings into things
They out of line, I mean it is art I
Do my part and that is fine
I don't fuckin' rap to be the best
Or fuckin' shine, I don't want your Grammy
Why she want her titties signed?
What the fuck you doin' up on WorldStar
Watchin' Vines, Nigga go outside
Bitches so behind

People fucking with me
I ain't even fuckin' tryin' [x4]

This whole fuckin' rap
Sounds like a fuckin' nursery rhyme [x2]

People fucking with me
I ain't even fuckin' trying
Even fuckin' trying
I ain't even fuckin' trying
Even fuckin' trying
Fuckin' trying
I ain't even fuckin' trying
I ain't even fuckin' trying

Money, money pour up
How about get sober, (shut the fuck up)
How about you treat your momma right
And do your homework (do your homework)
How about you be the one to buy the fuckin' soda
When you see a movie with your girlfriend
Making mo' bucks
Tell your kids exactly how important education is
Even if you didn't get a fucking education, bitch
Everybody fucking up on something we ain't perfect
People out projecting and I see it all the time
I can't waste a breath on something feeble
That ain't right, I'm so sick of
Texting stupid people all the time
It is in my nature, loving people
I don't even needa, I don't even needa

I don't need to fucking try
Need to fucking try [x4]

Need to fuckin' try
I don't need to fuckin' try
(try, try, try, try, try)
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