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Paroles de Bernie Mac (feat. Edaac)

Interprète Don Juan

Paroles de la chanson Bernie Mac (feat. Edaac) par Don Juan lyrics officiel

Bernie Mac (feat. Edaac) est une chanson en Anglais

She wanna ride with Ac
I told her slide in it
Say she wanna ride with me
I aint pour no fucking line in this bitch
I poured a four nigga
You cant get high with me
Up the four nickel
I made a lil money now
I move a lil different
My cup a lil muddy now
I feel it in my liver
Hit the dog with fentanyl
The cops come and get me
I done ran up digits
Not to mention
Yeah I did it
Make one move we get em
Watch my homie split em
Cops come around
I dont know who did it
Fuck it we gone get in there
She already know who wit it now
She aint got no titties
But that bitch got her titties out
Ridin through my city with some hoes
They screamin Acy back
I just turned the pink soda black
That shit like Bernie Mac
Like Michael Jack
I can turn the pink soda black just like Bernie Mac
I can take the bitch inside the crib if she wanted that
Know my cup muddy i call that my heart attack
I done seen Cali trees
Yeah yeah
I been places you wanna be
Places you wanna be
They aint sayin shit to me
What Ima do when I see the priest
What he gone do when its really beef
What he gone do when Im on his feets
What you gone do when Im at yo window creepin
They told me hop inside that fuckin jeep then
I done fell asleep the drink done freed me
I remember we would drink Capri Sun
I remember we didnt have a reason
But that money come in clutch everytime
I can really make the drank in slo mo
I can put my wrist on top the bowl woah
I remember college bitch a doe hoe
I could never break a bitch a bowl woah
I can tell that bitch a fuckin boe hoe
Bobble head bitch breaking down the door
Catch him with my side bitch he gotta go
Stiff bitch bad bitch but pink toes
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