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Paroles de Vanity Angel

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Paroles de la chanson Vanity Angel par Don Juan lyrics officiel

Vanity Angel est une chanson en Anglais

So sick I don't wanna die in my mind
Does it hurt me
Each day
Every single time it's a thought there
Waterfront of tears I can't kick
I'm a off set
At the same time I ain't shit
When the light hit
I'm illuminated like a star
German spaceship
It look like it's floating when it start
Look around tho
Is they really with you like they say they are
That fluke shit
I'll kill you for I ever let you break my heart
I see vanity in many things
I seen dog switch
I lost everything
Brody took his life and it damaged me
Ask me for too much
You won't get anything no
Seventh heaven she is so angelic I'm in awe
It a take faith in destiny to heals my scars
Mud flow through my denim I can't clean my image we lay side by side
I still feel that distant
Paradise is a long way
I travel the idea
But sometimes I'm in my own way
I won't go without you so don't ask me
Falling out of life will you catch me
Look at me
Tell me what you see
It's a sudden shift
The fortunes underneath
And I won't cop a plain jane rolex no
Flood it wit ice
I don't want the one that tic
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Auteur: DonJuan Staples
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