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Fiche de Donovan


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Season Of The Witch--17
Hurdy Gurdy Man--4
Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness)--3
Hi It's Been a Long Time--3
Candy Man--3
The Universal Soldier--3
Deep Peace--2
Summer Day Reflection Song--2
The War Drags On--2
Universal Soldier--2
Epistle to Derroll (live)--1
Mellow Yellow--1
Universal Soldiers--1
The Alamo--1
Voyage of the Moon--1
Mellow Yellow (2005 Remastered Version)--1
I Love My Shirt--1
Jennifer Jumper--1
To Try for the Sun (live)--1
The Ballad Of Geraldine--1
Please Don't Bend--1
Catch the Wind--1
Epistle to Dippy--1
Bert's Blues--1
Sand and Foam--1
Superlungs My Supergirl (2005 Remastered Version)--1
Young But Growing--1
Half Moon Bay--0
The Actor--0
Your Broken Heart--0
Lady of the Flowers--0
Tinker Tune (live)--0
The Year Is Awakening--0
Love of My Life--0
How Silly--0
The Mountain (Derroll Adams)--0
Children of the World--0
The Ordinary Family--0
Tinker and the Crab--0
Widow With a Shawl (A Portrait)--0
Lullaby of Spring--0
Someone Singing--0
My Love Is True (Love Song)--0
Black Widow--0
Island of Circles--0
Sun Magic--0
Mandolin Man and His Secret--0
Gentle Heart--0
The Hills of Tuscany--0
Slow Down World--0
Liberation Rag--0
Little Teddy Bear--0
No Hunger--0
To Susan On the West Coast Waiting (Live)--0
Jennifer Juniper (Live)--0
Sailing Homeward (Live)--0
Barabajagal (feat. The Jeff Beck Group)--0
Lovely Day--0
Kalifornia Kiddies--0
International Man--0
Sing My Song--0
Maya's Dance--0
Sunshine Superman (full version)--0
Sadness (Live)--0
The Pee Song - Live--0
Mellow Yellow - Live--0
Beat Café--0
Hurdy Gurdy Man - 2005 Remastered Version--0
Happiness Runs - Live--0
A Well Known Has-Been - Live--0
Catch the Wind (Single Version With Strings)--0
Sunshine Superman (full length version)--0
Cosmic Wheels (Live)--0
Brave New World--0
Dare to Be Different--0
Keep on Truckin' (live)--0
We Are One--0
Only to Be Expected--0
Marjorie Margerine--0
Johnny Tuff--0
Love Is Only Feeling--0
Only to Be Expected (acoustic)--0
Car Car--0
Dirty Old Town--0
Isle of Sadness--0
Astral Angel--0
The Light--0
Hurdy Gurdy Man (Live)--0
Sunshine Superman (Live)--0
The Fat Angel (Live)--0
Wear Your Love Like Heaven (Live)--0
Colours (Live)--0
Lay Down Lassie--0
Good Trip (demo)--0
Lazy Daze--0
Life Goes On--0
There Is an Ocean--0
Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth--0
The Garden--0
Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do (original single B side) [Bonus Track]--0
Every Man Has His Chain [Bonus Track]--0
Dignity of Man--0
Divine Daze of Deathless Delight--0
Universal Soldier (live)--0
Poorman's Sunshine--0
Beat Cafe--0
Catch the Wind ('69 version)--0
Colours ('69 version)--0
Boy for Every Girl--0
Life Is a Merry-Go-Round--0
Catch the Wind (original single version with strings) [Bonus Track]--0
Tangarine Puppet--0
The Fat Angel--0
Sunshine Superman (W/Rain)--0
Superlungs My Supergirl--0
The Trip (single version)--0
Ferris Wheel--0
The Quest--0
What the Soul Desires--0
Where Is She--0
The Love Song--0
Catch the Wind (Live)--0
Rock and Roll Soldier--0
Car Car (Riding In My Car)--0
Wear Your Love Like Heavan--0
Hamstead Incident--0
Pamela Jo--0
Yin My Yang--0
Catch the Wind (LP version)--0
Wear You're Love Like Heaven--0
The Intergalactic Laxitive--0
Sunshine Superman (extended version)--0
Peregrine - 2005 Remastered Version--0
Superlungs (First version)--0
Sunshine Superman (Stereo version)--0
Good Time--0
Superlungs (Second Version)--0
The Tinker and the Crab (live)--0
The Song of the Wandering Aengus--0
She Moved Through the Fair--0
Someone's Singing (live)--0
Pebble and the Man--0
Writer in the Sun (demo)--0
Museum (demo)--0
Museum (First version)--0
Breezes of Patchulie--0
The Cuckoo--0
Do Not Go Gentle--0
Lover o Lover--0
Lord of the Universe--0
Two Lovers--0
The Question--0
Atlantis (Live)--0
Runaway (demo)--0
Hey Gyp--0
Catch The Wind (Single Version)--0
What a Beautiful Creature You Are--0
Poor Cow--0
Lord of the Universe (demo)--0
The Entertaining of a Shy Girl--0
Young but Growing (live)--0
Guinevere - 2006 Remastered Version--0
Jennifer Juniper (Italian Version)--0
Happiness Runs (2005 Remastered Version)--0
To Susan On the West Coast Waiting (2005 Remastered Version)--0
Hi It's Been a Long Time (2005 Remastered Version)--0
Epistle to Dippy (Alternative Arr) [Stereo]--0
Sunshine Superman (Stereo)--0
Epistle to Dippy (Stereo)--0
Oh Gosh (2008 Remastered Version)--0
Sunshine Superman (Original)--0
Sunshine Superman (New Stereo Recording)--0
Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot) [With the Jeff Beck Group]--0
Sunshine Superman (Studio Rerecord)--0
Sunshine Superman (w/ Rain) (Re-Recorded)--0
Catch the Wind (Mono Single Version)--0
The Tinker & the Crab--0
Sunshine Superman (Mono)--0
Colours (Single Version With Strings)--0
Sand and Foam (2005 Remastered Version) [Mono]--0
The Observation (2005 Remastered Version) [Mono]--0
Young Girl Blues (2005 Remastered Version) [Mono]--0
Writer in the Sun (2005 Remastered Version) [Mono]--0
Celeste (2005 Remastered Version) [Mono]--0
Guinevere (2005 Remastered Version) [Mono]--0
The Fat Angel (2005 Remastered Version) [Mono]--0
Hampstead Incident (2005 Remastered Version) [Mono]--0
Epistle to Dippy (Stereo) [2005 Remastered Version]--0
Sunshine Superman - Single Version--0
Bye Bye Girl--0
Remember the Alamo (Without Harmonica)--0
Lalena (Single Version)--0
Epistle to Dippy (alternative Arrangement)--0
Sunshine Superman (In Session)--0
Sunshine Superman (original Longer Stereo version)--0
Sunshine Superman (Studio Re-recording)--0
Sunshine Superman (W/Rain Mix)--0
Teas (2005 Remastered Version)--0
Sun (2008 Remastered Version)--0
Catch the Wind - Live - Remastered--0
Hurdy Gurdy Man - Single Version--0
To Susan On The West Coast Waiting - Single Version--0
Writer in the Sun - 2005 Remastered Version; Mono--0
Sun - 2008 Remastered Version--0
Epistle To Derroll - 2006 Remastered Version--0
Epistle to Derroll - 2008 - Remaster--0
There Is a Mountain - 2005 Remastered VersionStereo--0
Season of the Witch (with John Mellencamp & Paul Shaffer and the Hall of Fame Orchestra) [Live]--0
Sunshine Superman (with Paul Shaffer and the Hall of Fame Orchestra) [Live]--0
There Is A Mountain - 2006 Remastered Version--0
Catch The Wind - Original--0
Epistle to Dippy - Stereo; 2005 Remastered Version--0
Epistle to Derroll - 2008 Remastered Version--0
Sun - 2008 - Remaster--0
Writer In The Sun - 2006 Remastered Version--0
Sunshine Superman (Re-Recorded)--0
Epistle to Dippy (alternative)--0
Sunshine Superman (Long Version)--0
Sunshine Superman (Original Artist Re-Recording)--0
Sunshine Superman (Re-Recorded Version)--0
Sunshine Superman (2006 Re-Recorded)--0
Riding in My Car (Live)--0
Sunshine Superman (Re-recording)--0
Shape in the Sky--0
Superlungs My Supergirl (2005 Remastered Version) [Mono]--0
Epistle to Dippy (alternative Arr.)--0
Riding in My Car--0
Theme No. 1--0
New Years Resolution (Donovan's Celtic Jam)--0
The Trip (2005 Remastered Version) [Mono]--0
Season of the Witch (2005 Remastered Version) [Mono]--0
The Lullaby of Spring - 2008 - Remaster--0
Sand and Foam - 2005 Remastered Version; Mono--0
Sunshine Superman - 2005 Remastered Version; Mono--0
The Land of Doesn't Have to Be - 2008 - Remaster--0
Skip-A-Long Sam - 2008 - Remaster--0
Wear Your Love Like Heaven - 2008 - Remaster--0
Mad John's Escape - 2008 - Remaster--0
Legend of a Girl Child Linda - 2005 Remastered Version; Mono--0
Ferris Wheel - 2005 Remastered Version; Mono--0
Every Man Has His Chain--0
Colours (Single Version)--0
Colours - Live--0
The Fat Angel - 2005 Remastered Version; Mono--0
Guinevere - 2005 Remastered Version; Mono--0
Season of the Witch - 2005 Remastered Version; Mono--0
The Trip - 2005 Remastered Version; Mono--0
Catch The Wind (Part) - 2006 Remastered Version--0
Mellow Yellow - 2006 Remastered Version--0
To Susan On the West Coast Waiting - 2005 Remastered Version--0
Atlantis - 2005 Remastered Version--0
Colours - 2005 Remastered Version--0
Happiness Runs - 2005 Remastered Version--0
West Indian Lady - 2005 Remastered Version--0
As I Recall It - 2005 Remastered Version--0
Get Thy Bearings - 2005 Remastered Version--0
Catch the Wind - 2005 Remastered Version--0
The Fat Angel - Live--0
The Lullaby Of Spring - 2006 Remastered Version--0
Sand And Foam - 2006 Remastered Version--0
To Try For The Sun - 2006 Remastered Version--0
Rock and Roll Souljer--0
The Fat Angel - 2006 Remastered Version--0
Guinevere - Live--0
Epistle To Derroll - Live--0
Sunshine Superman - Live--0
Catch The Wind - Live--0
Jennifer Juniper - 2005 Remastered Version--0
Mellow Yellow - 2005 - Remaster;Mono--0
Sunshine Superman - 2003 Remastered VersionStereo--0
Sunshine Superman - 2003 Digital Remaster--0
Mellow Yellow - Single Version--0
I Like You - Single Version--0
Catch The Wind - Single Version--0
Sunshine Superman (2005 Remaster) [Stereo]--0
Legend of a Girl Child Linda (2005 Remastered Version) [Mono]--0
Three Kingfishers (2005 Remastered Version) [Mono]--0
Ferris Wheel (2005 Remastered Version) [Mono]--0
Bert's Blues (2005 Remastered Version) [Mono]--0
Sunshine Superman (2005 Remastered Version) [Mono]--0
Colours (original single version)--0
Jennifer Juniper (2005 Remastered Version)--0
Every Man Has His Chain (From 'Every Man Has His Chain' French EP)--0
Jennifer Juniper - Single Version--0
Sand And Foam - Live--0
Sunshine Superman (w/ Rain)--0
Wear Your Love Like Heaven - 2008 Remastered Version--0
Mad John's Escape - 2008 Remastered Version--0
Make Your Mind Up--0
Make Your Mind Up - Live--0
Universal Soldier - Live--0
Wear Your Love Like Heaven - Live--0
Skip-A-Long Sam - 2008 Remastered Version--0
The Land of Doesn't Have to Be - 2008 Remastered Version--0
Mellow Yellow - 2005 Remastered Version--0
There Is A Mountain - Single Version--0
Three King Fishers--0
Sunshine Superman - 2005 Remastered VersionStereo--0
The Lullaby of Spring - 2008 Remastered Version--0
Sunshine Superman - Full Version; 1998 Remastered Version--0
The Entertaining of a Shy Girl - 2005 Remastered Version--0
Roots of Oak--0
I Love My Shirt (2005 Remastered Version)--0
The Love Song (2005 Remastered Version)--0
Atlantis (2005 Remastered Version)--0
Where Is She (2005 Remastered Version)--0
The Sun Is a Very Magic Fellow (2005 Remastered Version)--0
Tangier (2005 Remastered Version)--0
A Sunny Day (2005 Remastered Version)--0
Trudi (2005 Remastered Version)--0
Pamela Jo (2005 Remastered Version)--0
Little Boy in Corduroy (2008 Remastered Version)--0
Under the Greenwood Tree (2008 Remastered Version)--0
The Land of Doesn't Have to Be (2008 Remastered Version)--0
There Was a Time (2008 Remastered Version)--0
Skip-A-Long Sam (2008 Remastered Version)--0
Wear Your Love Like Heaven (2008 Remastered Version)--0
Mad John's Escape (2008 Remastered Version)--0
The River Song (2005 Remastered Version)--0
West Indian Lady (2005 Remastered Version)--0
The Observation (2005 - Remaster;Mono)--0
Bleak City Woman (2005 Remastered Version; Mono)--0
House of Jansch (2005 Remastered Version; Mono)--0
Sand and Foam (2005 - Remaster;Mono)--0
Writer in the Sun (2005 - Remaster;Mono)--0
Celeste (2005 - Remaster;Mono)--0
Mellow Yellow (2005 - Remaster;Mono)--0
Young Girl Blues (2005 - Remaster;Mono)--0
Museum (2005 Remastered Version; Mono)--0
The Entertaining of a Shy Girl (2005 Remastered Version)--0
As I Recall It (2005 Remastered Version)--0
Get Thy Bearings (2005 Remastered Version)--0
Peregrine (2005 Remastered Version)--0
Hurdy Gurdy Man (2005 Remastered Version)--0
Hampstead Incident (2005 - Remaster;Mono)--0
Sunny South Kensington (2005 Remastered Version; Mono)--0
Someone Singing (2008 Remastered Version)--0
Song of the Naturalists Wife (2008 Remastered Version)--0
Catch the Wind (2005 Remastered Version)--0
Barabajagal (with the Jeff Beck Group) [Single Version]--0
Barabajagal (Single Version) [With the Jeff Beck Group]--0
Colours (2005 Remastered Version)--0
Aye My Love (Mono; 2005 Remastered Version)--0
Poor Cow (2005 Remastered Version)--0
Lalena (2005 Remastered Version)--0
Jennifer Jumper (Live)--0
To Susan On the West Coast (Live)--0
Sunshine Superman (Remastered 2005) [Stereo]--0
Catch the Wind (Remastered)--0
Season Of The Witch (Re-Recorded / Remastered)--0
Hurdy Gurdy Man (Live in Concert)--0
Love Will Find a Way (Live)--0
Young Girl Blues (Live)--0
Stealing (Live)--0
Teen Angel (2005 Remastered Version)--0
There Is a Mountain (2005 Remastered VersionStereo)--0
Lay of the Last Tinker (2008 Remastered Version)--0
The Tinker and the Crab (2008 Remastered Version)--0
Widow With Shawl (A Portrait) (2008 Remastered Version)--0
The Mandolin Man and His Secret (2008 Remastered Version)--0
Isle of Islay (2008 Remastered Version)--0
The Enchanted Gypsy (2008 Remastered Version)--0
Voyage Into the Golden Screen (2008 Remastered Version)--0
The Lullaby of Spring (2008 Remastered Version)--0
The Magpie (2008 Remastered Version)--0
Epistle to Dippy (Stereo; 2005 - Remaster)--0
Preachin' Love (2005 Remastered Version; Mono)--0
Superlungs (2005 Remastered Version; Mono)--0
Breezes of Patchulie (2005 Remastered Version; Mono)--0
Starfish-On-The-Toast (2008 Remastered Version)--0
Epistle to Derroll (2008 Remastered Version)--0
The Fat Angel (2005 - Remaster;Mono)--0
Guinevere (2005 - Remaster;Mono)--0
Ballad of Geraldine--0
Donna Donna--0
To Sing for You--0
London Town--0
To Susan on the West Coast Waiting--0
Love Will Find a Way--0
Lost Time--0
The Star--0
The Lullaby of Spring--0
Goo Goo Barabajagal--0
Teen Angel--0
Little Ben--0
Celia of The Seals--0
Lord of the Dance--0
Barabajagal (Love Is Hot) (2005 Remastered Version)--0
The Trip--0
Sunshine Superman (2005 Remastered VersionStereo)--0
There Is a Mountain--0
Dona, Dona--0
Jennifer Juniper--0
Wear Your Love Like Heaven--0
Sunshine Superman--0
Writer in the Sun--0
Sunshine Superman (Remastered)--0
Brother Sun, Sister Moon--0
Sunny South Kennsington--0
Lalena (Live)--0
I Like You--0
Young Girl Blues--0
Riki Tiki Tavi--0
Colours (original single version with harmonica on bridge) [Bonus Track]--0
Love Floats--0
Guinevere (Live)--0
Widow With Shawl (A Portrait) (Live)--0
Preachin' Love (Live)--0
Celeste (Live)--0
Sunny Goodge Street (Live)--0
There Is a Mountain (Live)--0
Poor Cow (Live)--0
Sand and Foam (Live)--0
Barabajagal (with The Jeff Beck Group)--0
Bert's Blues (2005 - Remaster;Mono)--0
Season of the Witch (2005 - Remaster;Mono)--0
The Trip (2005 - Remaster;Mono)--0
Ferris Wheel (2005 - Remaster;Mono)--0
Three Kingfishers (2005 - Remaster;Mono)--0
Sunshine Superman (2005 - Remaster;Mono)--0
Legend of a Girl Child Linda (2005 - Remaster;Mono)--0
Isle of Islay (Live)--0
Song of the Naturalist's Wife--0
Jersey Thursday--0
Epistle To Dippy - Single Version--0
Wear Your Love Like Heaven - Single Version--0
The Lovely Day (instrumental)--0
The Lovely Day--0
Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)--0
Age of Treason--0
Get Thy Bearings--0
Riki Tiki Tavi - Single Version--0
Joe Bean’s Theme--0
Wynken, Blynken and Nod--0
Cuttin' Out--0
You're Gonna Need Somebody on Your Bond--0
Your're Gonna Need Somebody on Your Bond--0
Ramblin' Boy--0
Mellow Yellow (Mono) [2005 Remastered]--0
Sunshine Superman (2003 Remastered VersionStereo)--0
Maria Magenta--0
Mad John's Escape--0
Skip-A-long Sam--0
Salvation Stomp--0
Aye My Love--0
Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)--0
Preachin' Love--0
There Was a Time--0
Someone's Singing--0
The Enchanted Gypsy--0
Voyage Into The Golden Screen--0
The Land of Doesn't Have to Be--0
Under the Greenwood Tree--0
Oh Gosh--0
Little Boy in Corduroy--0
Universe Am I--0
The Evernow--0
Queen Mab--0
La Moora--0
Give It All Up--0
Henry Martin--0
Lord of the Reedy River--0
The Song of Wandering Aengus--0
A Funny Man--0
Everlasting Sea--0
Be Mine--0
Lady of the Lamp--0
The Way--0
High Your Love--0
The Clear-Browed One--0
Isle of Islay--0
The Mandolin Man and His Secret--0
Poke at the Pope--0
Earth Sign Man--0
Wild Witch Lady--0
Season of Farewell--0
Clara Clairvoyant--0
Celtic Rock--0
Riki Tivi Tavi--0
The Music Makers--0
The Intergalactic Laxative--0
Hampstead Incident--0
Sunny South Kensington--0
Claira Clairvoyant--0
House of Jansch--0
Bleak City Woman--0
Only the Blues--0
People Used To--0
Curry Land--0
Epistle to Derroll--0
The Entertainment of a Shy Girl--0
As I Recall It--0
The Magpie--0
Lay of the Last Tinker--0
Widow With Shawl (A Portrait)--0
West Indian Lady--0
The River Song--0
Song for John--0
The Sun Is a Very Magic Fellow--0
A Sunny Day--0
In an Old-Fashioned Picture Book--0
Can Ye Dance--0
Sailing Homeward--0
Cosmic Wheels--0
To Susan on the West Coast--0
The Tinker and the Crab--0
Lady of the Stars--0
Catch the Wind (original single version with strings)--0
Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do--0
Catch the Wind (album version without strings)--0
Till I See You Again--0
Every Reason--0
Local Boy Chops Wood--0
Super Lungs--0
Sunshine Superman (Stereo) [Remastered]--0
Dark-eyed Blue Jean Angel--0
Cryin' Shame--0
Sunshine Superman (Re-Recorded / Remastered)--0
Sunshine Superman (Re-Recorded / Remastered Version)--0
I Love You Baby--0
Jennifer Juniper (2005 Remaster)--0
A Well Known Has-Been--0
Happiness Runs--0
The Mountain--0
The International Man--0
Living for the Love Light--0
The Dignity of Man--0
Saint Valentine's Angel--0
Breezes of Patchuli--0
Colours (album version Without Harmonica)--0
Belated Forgiveness Plea--0
The Seller of Stars--0
The Little White Road--0
Coulter's Candy--0
The Walrus and the Carpenter--0
The Observation--0
Three Kingfishers--0
The Road--0
Things to Wear--0
The Pee Song--0
The Voyage of the Moon--0
The Unicorn--0
Mr. Wind--0
Fishes in Love--0
The Owl and the Pussycat--0
Legend of a Girl Child Linda--0
Do You Hear Me Now--0
To Try for the Sun--0
Sunny Goodge Street--0
Remember the Alamo--0
Little Tin Soldier--0
The Ballad of a Crystal Man (alternative version)--0
Goldwatch Blues--0
Oh Deed I Do--0
The Summer Day Reflection Song--0
The Ballad of a Crystal Man--0
Ballad of a Crystal Man--0
Circus of Sour--0
Tangerine Puppet--0
The Little Tin Soldier--0
Yellow Star--0
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