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Eminem lyrics
Fiche de Eminem


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Mom's Spaghetti--552
Suck My Dick--134
My Name Is (clean version)--84
Rap Godtrad81
If I Die Young (feat. Lil Wayne & Gudda Gudda)trad77
Sorry Mamatrad50
Not Afraid (Radio Edit)--45
Lose Yourselftrad45
See You in Hell--45
Lose Yourself (clean)--31
My Salsatrad24
No Love Feat. Lil Waynetrad20
Love The Way You Lie (ft. Rihanna)trad19
My Motherfucking Name Is--18
Oops! the Real Slim Shady Did It Again (vs. Britney Spears)--18
The Real Slim Shady (clean version)--17
Superman (clean radio edit)--16
Battle Rap--16
Slimshank Redemption--14
Love The Way You Lie ( Feat. Rihanna )trad13
When I'm Gone (clean version)--13
If I Die Youngtrad11
Not Afraidtrad9
Shake That Ass (feat Nate Dogg)trad8
Without Me (clean radio edit)--8
Without Metrad8
A Drop In The Ocean (feat. Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, Ron Pope)trad8
Fly Away (feat. Just Blaze)trad8
8 Mile Freestyle Pt.III vs "Papa Doc"--7
Please Stand Up--7
Cleanin' Out My Closet (radio edit)--6
'Till I Collapse--6
Ass Like That (clean)--5
It's Only Fair to Warn (freestyle)--5
Detroit Grammer (Nelly diss)--5
The Real Slim Shady (Mister E remix)--5
Pussy Girls--5
My Name Is (Slim Shady radio edit)--5
Eminem - Respect Me--5
Quitter Hit 'Em Up (Everlast diss)--4
Victory (remix)--4
Forever (with Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne)trad4
Gone Again Pt. 2 (feat. Rihanna, Jay-Z)trad4
When I'm Gone (instrumental)--4
Fucking Crazy (Semi Blend)--3
Be Careful What You Wish For--3
Bagpipes From Baghdadtrad3
Welcome To Detroit Citytrad3
Ass Like That ((Explicit))--3
The Dirty Dozen--3
Space Bound (Clean)--3
Mockingbird (Instrumental)--3
The Warning (Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Diss)--3
Like Toy Soldiers (radio edit)--3
I Run Rap (Massive Trip Blnd)--3
Sing for the Moment (instrumental)--3
Marshall Matherstrad3
Bad Influencetrad3
Shake That--3
Go To Sleep (with Obie Trice, DMX)trad3
Just Lose Ittrad3
The Real Slim Shadytrad3
Listen To Your Hearttrad3
Superman (instrumental)--3
I Stay Higher--3
The People's Champ (intro)--2
Must Be The Ganjatrad2
Lounge (Skit)trad2
Diamond Style (feat. 50 Cent & 2Pac)trad2
Lose Yourself (Original Demo Version)--2
You're Never Over (instrumental)--2
Love You More (Bonus Track)--2
Shake That (radio edit)--2
Respect My Conglomerate--2
'till I Collapse (feat Natedogg)trad2
Bling Bling (remix)--2
When I'm Gone (clean)--2
Puke - Album Version (Edited)--2
Shake That Ass (instrumental)--2
Freestyle (Eminem's Basement)--2
Mockingbird (clean version)--2
The Real Slim Shady (instrumental)--2
No Apologiestrad2
Second Chance (feat. Ludacris & Lil Wayne)trad2
Lose Yourself (remix)--2
Mystical Diss--2
Met a Retarded Kid Named Greg--2
Don't Call Me Marshall (intro)--2
Freestyle Gone Crazy (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys & N'Sync diss)--2
Superman (Cry Me a River remix)--2
Almost Haunted (feat. Taylor Swift)trad1
The Ruler's Back--1
Space Bound (Dirty)--1
Wicked Ways / Ken--1
Shake That (Remix) (feat. Obie Trice, Bobby Creekwater)trad1
Lose Yourself - Soundtrack Version--1
Demon Inside of Me--1
Evil Twin / Silence / Ken (Skit)--1
My Name Is (explicit version)--1
We're Back (feat. Stat Quo, Obie Trice, Bobby Creekwater, Ca$his)trad1
Shady CXVPHER Freestyle--1
Hellbound (With J-Black & Masta Ace)[H&H Remix]--1
Detroit Rap City--1
My Name Is (ACDC mix)--1
Never Enoughtrad1
Rape Game (Bump Heads)--1
Eminem Speaks--1
Big Weenie - Album Version (Edited)--1
Ode to Detroit Spoken Word--1
Talkin' 2 Myself--1
The Way I Am - Instrumental--1
Go to Sleep--1
Chonkyfire Freestyle (Swag Juice)trad1
Big Weenietrad1
Intro (Curtain Call)trad1
Right for Me--1
Eminem - Hate Me Again--1
Never Can Say Goodbyetrad1
Things Get Worse (feat. B.o.B)trad1
My Name Istrad1
We Ain'ttrad1
I Get Money (Freestyle)--1
Love the Way You Lie (instrumental)--1
Till I Collapsetrad1
Mases Eyebrows Freestyle--1
Lose Yourself (instrumental)--1
Puke ((Explicit))--1
Hustlers and Hardcore--1
Eminem - Music Box--1
Rock Bottomtrad1
Rain Mantrad1
Rabbit Runtrad1
Won't Back Down (instrumental)--1
White Americatrad1
The List--1
When I'm Gone (Explicit Version)--1
No Apologies - Album Version (Edited)--1
Get My Guntrad1
Just Lose It (clean)--1
Evil Twin - Skit--1
Em Calls Paul (skit) ((Explicit))--1
Music Box - Album Version (Edited)--1
Ken Kanifftrad1
Business (instrumental)--1
Rare Studio Track 7--1
Pimp Like Me--1
My Name Is (Fatboy Slim mix)--1
Rhymin' Words Freestyle--1
Under The Influencetrad1
Premature Birth--1
White Trash Partytrad1
Going Through Changestrad1
Get Money--1
Ass Like That (explicit version)--1
Drunken Life--1
Big Meanie (Encore Premier)--1
My Darlingtrad1
2.0 Boys (feat. Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf)trad1
He Got Game--1
My Momtrad1
Hooker on the Corner (Christina Aguilera diss)--1
When I'm Gonetrad1
Chokin This Pig--1
Releasing Anger--1
My Name Is Fatboy Slim (vs. Fatboy Slim)--1
Rhymes You Never Heard Before--1
Medicine Balltrad1
Live (MTV Awards)--1
Same Song & Dancetrad1
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