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Ethel Waters

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Jeepers Creepers1
My Handy Man0
How Can I Face This Wearied World Alone ? (McRae-Mallory)0
When It's Sleepy Time Down South (Remastered)0
When Your Lover Has Gone (Remastered)0
West End Blues (Remastered)0
Three Little Words (Remastered)0
The New York Glide (Remastered)0
Sweet Georgia Brown (Remastered)0
Satisfyin' Papa (Remastered)0
Organ Grinder Blues (Remastered)0
One Man Nan (Remastered)0
Oh Daddy (Remastered)0
Moonglow (Remastered)0
Miss Otis Regrets (Remastered)0
Make Me a Pallet On the Floor (Remastered)0
I'll Get Along Somehow (Remastered)0
Harlem On My Mind (Remastered)0
Don't Blame Me (Remastered)0
At the New Jump Steady Ball (Remastered)0
Am I Blue0
I've Found a New Baby (Remastered)0
No Man's Mama (Remastered)0
What Goes Up Must Come Down (Remastered)0
I Got Rhythm (Remastered)0
Can't Help Lovin' That Man (Remastered)0
Taking a Chance On Love (Remastered, Part 2)0
Taking a Chance On Love (Remastered, Part 1)0
A Hundred Years from Today (Remastered, Part 2)0
Careless Love (Remastered)0
Taking a Chance On Love (Remastered, Part 3)0
Jeepers Creepers (Remastered)0
Cabin In the Sky (Remastered, Part 2)0
Miss Otis Regrets (She's Unable to Lunch Today)0
Stormy Weather (Remastered)0
Dinah (Remastered)0
If You Ever Change Your Mind (Remastered)0
Happinees Is a Thing Called Joe (Remastered)0
Supper Time (Remastered)0
Taking a Chance On Love (Remastered)0
Cabin In the Sky (Remastered)0
Honey in the Honeycomb (Remastered)0
No Man's Mama (A Woman's Choice)0
Frankie and Johnny (Remastered)0
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (Remastered)0
Paper Moon (Remastered)0
A Hundred Years from Today (Remastered)0
Memories of You (from "Blackbirds Of 1930")0
Heat Wave0
Someday, Sweetheart0
Kind Lovin' Blues0
There’ll Be Some Changes Made0
River, Stay 'way From My Door0
Supper Time0
Loud Speakin' Papa0
You Can't Do What My Last Man Did0
Tell 'em About Me0
I've Found a New Baby0
Make Me A Pallet On The Floor0
Bring Your Greenbacks0
After All These Years0
Throw Dirt in Your Face0
I'm Saving It All for You0
Refrigeratin' Papa0
If You Can't Hold That Man You Love0
Satisfyin' Papa0
I Wonder What's Become of Joe0
You'll Want Me Back0
Ev'rybody Mess Around0
We Don't Need Each Other Any More0
Take Your Black Bottom Outside0
One Sweet Letter From You0
Organ Grinder Blues0
My Baby Sure Knows How to Love0
When Your Lover Has Gone0
Stormy Weather (Keeps Rainin' All the Time)0
A Hundred Years From Today0
When It's Sleepy Time Down South0
Sweet Man Blues0
Down Home Blues0
The New York Glide0
At the New Jump Steady Ball0
Oh Daddy0
One Man Nan0
Dying With the Blues0
Kiss Your Pretty Baby Nice0
Royal Garden Blues0
Jazzin' Babies Blues0
Georgia Blues0
That Da Da Strain0
Oh Joe, Play That Trombone0
Memphis Man0
Midnight Blues0
Brown Baby0
Happinees Is a Thing Called Joe0
Paper Moon0
Can't Help Lovin' That Man0
Miss Otis Regrets0
Cabin in the Sky0
Sweet Georgia Brown0
Shake That Thing0
West End Blues0
Memories of You0
Stormy Weather0
Don't Blame Me0
Harlem on My Mind0
Taking a Chance on Love0
No Man's Mama0
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone0
Maybe Not at All0
Thief in the Night0
Honey in the Honeycomb0
I Got Rhythm0
Get Up Off Your Knees0
Frankie and Johnny0
I'll Get Along Somehow0
You're Mine0
They Say0
Lonesome Walls0
If You Ever Change Your Mind0
What Goes Up Must Come Down0
Love Is the Thing0
Sweet Man0
I Found A New Baby0
Heebie Jeebies0
Some Of These Days0
Three Little Words0
Shine on, Harvest Moon0
You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me0
Careless Love0
Down Home Blues - Remastered0
There'll Be Some Changes Made - Remastered0
Dying with the Blues - Remastered0
Kiss Your Pretty Baby Nice - Remastered0
Royal Garden Blues - Remastered0
Jazzin' Babies Blues - Remastered0
Kind Lovin' Blues - Remastered0
Georgia Blues - Remastered0
That da da Strain - Remastered0
Pacific Coast Blues - Remastered0
At the New Jump Steady Ball (Alternative Version) - Remastered0
Oh Joe, Play That Trombone - Remastered0
Memphis Man - Remastered0
Midnight Blues - Remastered0
Brown Baby - Remastered0
Throw Dirt In Your Face - Remastered0
Loud Speakin' Papa (You'd Better Speak Easy to Me) - Remastered 20150
You Can't Do What My Last Man Did - Remastered 20150
Sweet Man - Remastered 20150
Dinah - Remastered 20150
Tell 'Em About Me (When You Reach Tennessee) - Remastered 20150
Maybe Not at All - Remastered 20150
Shake That Thing - Remastered 20150
I've Found a New Baby - Remastered 20150
Make Me a Pallet on the Floor - Remastered 20150
Bring Your Greenbacks - Remastered 20150
After All These Years - Remastered 20150
Throw Dirt in Your Face - Remastered 20150
I'm Saving It All for You - Remastered 20150
Refrigeratin' Papa (Mama's Gonna Warm You Up) - Remastered 20150
Satisfyin' Papa - Remastered 20150
You'll Want Me Back - Remastered 20150
Heebie Jeebies - Remastered 20150
Ev'rybody Mess Aroun' - Remastered 20150
Am I Blue? (Alternate Take) - Remastered0
Stand by Me0
Harlem on My Mind (From "A Thousands Cheer")0
Am I Blue (From "On with the Show")0
A Hundred Years from Today (Blackbirds of 1933, Show)0
I Can't Give You Anything but Love (Blackbirds of 1928, Show & Harry Delmar's Revels, 1927 Show)0
Frankie and Johnny (Alternate Version 7)0
Love Is The Thing (Young-Washington)0
A Hundred Years From Today (Washington-Young)0
Frankie And Johnnie (trad.)0
Old Man Harlem (Vallee-Carmichael)0
No One Can Love Me (Like The Way You Do) (Williams)0
Brown Baby (Grant)0
My Handy Man (Remastered)0
My Baby Sure Knows How to Love (Remastered)0
Memories of You (Remastered)0
My Handy Man (Original)0
Georgia Blues - Original0
Am I Blue? (Am I Blue?)0
You Cant Stop Me From Loving You (You Cant Stop Me From Loving You)0
I'll Get Along Somehow (I'll Get Along Somehow)0
Am I Blue, Pt. 20
Heat Wave (Remastered)0
Lonesome Walls (Remastered)0
You Had It Comin' to You (Remastered)0
I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Remastered)0
Am I Blue (Remastered, Part 2)0
You Can't Stop Me from Lovin' You0
Porgy (12-22-32)0
A Hundred Years From Today (11-27-33)0
Take What You Want (09-14-26)0
I'm Coming Virginia (09-18-26)0
Home (Cradle Of Happiness) (05-06-27)0
Get Up Off Your Knees (08-23-28)0
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