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Fairport Convention

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The Youngest Daughter3
A Sailor's Life1
Who Knows Where the Time Goes?1
The Flowers of the Forest1
If It Feels Good, You Know It Can't Be Wrong1
The Hanging Song1
A Surfeit of Lampreys1
Tam Lin0
Matty Groves0
Sir Patrick Spens0
Genesis Hall0
Si Tu Dois Partir0
Crazy Man Michael0
Cajun Woman0
Percy's Song0
Time Will Show the Wiser0
The Deserter0
You Never Wanted Me0
Book Song0
Come All Ye0
Farewell, Farewell0
She Moves Through the Fair0
Banks of the Sweet Primroses0
Dear Landlord0
Clear Water0
John the Gun0
The Journeyman's Grace0
Matty Groves / High Road to Linton (Live)0
John Lee (Live)0
Mr. Lacey (Live)0
Walk Awhile (Live)0
The Bonny Black Hare (Live)0
Matty Groves / High Road To Linton (Live) [Live]0
John Lee (Live) [Live]0
Sir Patrick Spens (Live) [Live]0
Mr. Lacey (Live) [Live]0
Walk Awhile (Live) [Live]0
The Bonny Black Hare (Live) [Live]0
Meet On The Ledge (Live) [Live]0
Reynard the Fox (Live From The Mill, UK / 1987)0
The Widow of Westmorland's Daughter (Live From The Mill, UK / 1987)0
The Hiring Fair (Live From The Mill, UK / 1987)0
Crazy Man Michael (Live From The Mill, UK / 1987)0
Time Will Show the Wiser (Live)0
Suzanne (Live)0
Million Dollar Bash (Live)0
Reynardine (Live)0
Danny Boy (Live at The Cropredy Festival, 1997)0
Now Be Thankful (Live at The Cropredy Festival, 1997)0
Angel Delight (Live at The Cropredy Festival, 1997)0
Sloth (Live)0
Rosie (Live at The Cropredy Festival, 1997)0
John Barleycorn (Live)0
Red and Gold (Live)0
Jewel In the Crown (Live)0
Now Be Thankful(Live)0
The Hexhamshire Lass (Remastered)0
Polly On the Shore (Remastered)0
To Althea From Prison (Remastered)0
Big William (Remastered)0
Pleasure & Pain (Remastered)0
Possibly Parsons Green (Remastered)0
George Jackson (Live) [Remastered]0
Pleasure & Pain (Live) [Remastered]0
The Widow of Westmorland's Daughter (Live from XXXV 2002 Tour)0
Reynard The Fox (Studio Live Version)0
The Widow Of Westmorland's Daughter (Studio Live Version)0
The Hiring Fair (Studio Live Version)0
Crazy Man Michael (Studio Live Version)0
Jack O'Diamonds0
Angel Delight (Live)0
Duchess Anne (Live)0
Both Sides Now (Live)0
Sir Patrick Spens (Live At the LA Troubadour - 1986 Mix)0
White Dress (Live On LWT 9/8/1975)0
It'll Take a Long Time (Live At The Troubadour)0
She Moves Through the Fair (Live At The Troubadour)0
The Hexamshire Lass (Live At The Troubadour)0
Who Knows Where the Time Goes (Live At The Troubadour)0
Autopsy (Alternate Take)0
Mr. Lacey (Sandy Denny lead vocal version)0
Come All Ye (Take 1)0
Matty Groves (Take 1)0
Something You Got (Live)0
A Sailor's Life (original version)0
Solo (Live)0
If ( Stomp )0
Genesis Hall (live)0
Crazy Man Michael (live)0
Matty Groves (Live)0
Duchess Anne0
Matty Groves / High Road to Linton0
John Lee0
Mr. Lacey0
Walk a While0
Bonny Black Hare0
Journeyman's Grace0
Meet on the Ledge0
Flatback Caper0
Dirty Linen0
Now Be Thankful0
The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood0
One More Chance0
Knockin' on Heaven's Door0
Million Dollar Bash0
I Don't Know Where I Stand0
Chelsea Morning0
Sun Shade0
The Lobster0
It's Alright Ma, It's Only Witchcraft0
One Sure Thing0
The Hiring Fair0
Red and Gold0
Summer Before the War0
Claudy Banks0
Doctor of Physick0
Jewel in the Crown0
Slip Jigs and Reels0
The Naked Highwayman0
The Islands0
London Danny0
She's Like the Swallow0
Home Is Where the Heart Is0
Closing Time0
Spanish Main0
I Heard It Through the Grapevine0
Rising For the Moon0
White Dress0
Let It Go0
Stranger to Himself0
What Is True?0
Iron Lion0
After Halloween0
Night-Time Girl0
Sailor's Life0
Angel Delight0
Bridge Over The River Ash0
Breakfast in Mayfair0
Who Knows Where Time Goes?0
The Bonny Black Hare0
Bring Em Down0
Instrumental Medley '85: The Riverhead / Gladys' Leap / The Wise Maid0
The Hexhamshire Lass0
Polly On The Shore0
To Althea From Prison0
Big William0
Pleasure & Pain0
Possibly Parsons Green0
No Man's Land0
I'll Keep It With Mine0
Eastern Rain0
Nottamun Town0
Tale in Hard Time0
End of a Holiday0
John Barleycorn0
Flowers of the Forest0
Jack O'Rion0
The Widow of Westmorland0
Lord Marlborough0
Sir William Gower0
Wizard of the Worldly Game0
Instrumental Medley: The Cuckoo's Nest / Hardiman The Fiddler / Papa Stoor0
Sickness & Diseases0
If I Had a Ribbon Bow0
Come All Ye (Private Rehearsal Tape)0
Reynard the Fox0
Reno, Nevada0
Autopsy (outtake)0
Sir Patrick Spens (Liege and Lief rehearsal Tape)0
Bonny Bunch of Roses0
The Summer Before the War0
Poor Will and the Jolly Hangman0
Farewell Farewell (rehearsal Tape)0
Who Knows Where the Time Goes (Soft acoustic version)0
Matty Groves (Multi-version)0
The Widow of Westmorland's Daughter0
The Plainsman0
My Girl0
Dark Eyed Molly0
London River0
Ye Marine'rs All0
Three Drunken Maidens0
Lady of pleasure0
Danny Boy0
The Ballad of Easy Rider0
Night in the City0
Both Sides Now0
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