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Fiche de Filter


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It's My Time--3
American Cliché--1
Take a Picturetrad1
Jurrassitol (The Young Man Takes a Step Back, While the Old Man Walks by)--1
Where Do We Go From Here [Single Edit]--1
Hatred Is Contagious--0
Welcome to the Fold (live)--0
Hey Man, Nice Shot (live)--0
Where Do We Go From Here (album edit)--0
Where Do We Go From Here (X-Ecutioners' remix)--0
Where Do We Go From Here (DJ Hyper remix)--0
Welcome to the Fold (album version)--0
Hey Man, Nice Shot (Big Mac mix)--0
Cold (Anthem for the Damned)--0
The Only Way (is The Wrong Way)trad0
The Take--0
Hey Man, Nice Shot (demo)--0
I Keep Flowers Around--0
Soldiers of Misfortune (album version)--0
Soldiers of Misfortune (Richard Patrick and Timmy the Terror Brade Runna mix)--0
Kill the Day (Ben Wise Club Mix)--0
The Take (Stormin Norman mix J.O'B.)--0
Cold (Desert Sky)--0
I Keep Flowers Around (Love's Labour's Lost)--0
In Dreams (Chase the White Rabbit Into Pakistan)--0
Kill the Day (Drunken Forgive Mes)--0
Kill the Day (Gonzo in the club)--0
Dose (Critter Main mix edit)--0
Welcome to the Fold (Moving Fusion remix)--0
Lie After Lie (Stripped)--0
Take a Picture (H & H mix)--0
It Can Never Be the Same--0
The 4Th--0
Hey Man Nice Shot (Full Extension mix)--0
Hey Man Nice Shot (1/4 LB mix - Dust Brothers remix)--0
Hey Man Nice Shot (Full Extension mix - instrumental)--0
Where Do We Go From Here (Richard Morel's Pink Noise vocal mix)--0
Hey Man Nice Shot (Bud Gets the Lead Out)--0
Hey Man Nice Shot (Sawed Off edit)--0
Take a Picture (live)--0
Take a Picture (Club 69 Trans mix)--0
Take a Picture (Rennie Pilgrim mix)--0
Welcome to the Fold (radio edit)--0
Welcome to the Fold (Freq Nasty remix)--0
Welcome to the Fold (Freq Nasty's Bad Medicine mix)--0
Welcome to the Fold (Moving Fusion mix)--0
Hey Man Nice Shot (remix)--0
Take a Picture (edit)--0
Take a Picture (Rennie Pilgrem mix)--0
Dose (Triple-Sect Mescaline mix)--0
Take a Picture (rock album edit)--0
Take a Picture (H&H remix)--0
Take a Picture (Club 69 Transapella)--0
Take a Picture (Club 69 Transdub)--0
Welcome to the Fold (edit)--0
Kill the Day (Wired Sunset)--0
Soldiers of Misfortune (Turning Blood Into Oil)--0
Only You (Stripped)--0
Head of Fire--0
Jurrassitol (The Drum & Bass remix)--0
Can Stop This--0
Soldiers of Misfortune (10 Hits of X In Baghdad)--0
What's Next (The Art of Lying to Yourself)--0
Jurrassitol (original)--0
Fades Like a Photograph (Dead Angel) [Radio Edit]--0
Pride Flag--0
The City of Blinding Riots--0
Kid Blue from the Short Bus, Drunk Bunk--0
Seduce Me--0
Your Bullets--0
(Can't She See) Head of Fire, Pt. 2--0
(Can't She See) Head Of Fire, Part 2--0
Dose (2009 Remastered Album Version)--0
The Best Things (radio edit)--0
Jurassitol (radio edit)--0
Take Another (Remastered Album Version)--0
Welcome To The Fold [Radio Edit] (2009 Remastered Version)--0
Take a Picture (Radio Edit) [2009 Remastered Version]--0
Where Do We Go from Here (2009 Remastered Version)--0
The Only Way (Is the Wrong Way) [2009 Remastered Version]--0
The Deep Project--0
Soldiers of Misfortune (Justin Eyerly)--0
Take a Picture (club 69 Tranceappella)--0
My Long Walk to Jail--0
The Take (Rumsfeld Torture Party)--0
Soldier of Misfortune--0
Take Another (live)--0
Dose (live)--0
Where Do We Go From Here (Richard Vission's vocal Injection mix)--0
Hey Man Nice Shot (edit)--0
Take a Picture (club 69 Future mix)--0
Take a Picture (Rennie Pilgrem Thursday club mix)--0
Take a Picture (Club 69 trance mix)--0
Take a Picture (Club 69 trance dub)--0
Welcome to the Fold (clean version)--0
Surprise (Audrey Napoleon Remix)--0
Take a Picture (Letterman edit)--0
Under The Tongue--0
Hey Man Nice Shot (2009 Remastered Album Version)--0
Jurassitol (2009 Remastered Original Version)--0
The Only Way [Is The Wrong Way] (2009 Remastered Album Version)--0
Under (Remastered Album Version)--0
Stuck In Here (Remastered Album Version)--0
Gerbil (Remastered Album Version)--0
White Like That (Remastered Album Version)--0
It’s Got To Be Right Now--0
This Finger’s for You--0
So I Quit--0
Hey Man Nice Shot (Sober)--0
Nothing In My Hands--0
Thanks Brotrad0
Only Youtrad0
It's Just Youtrad0
Hey Man Nice Shot--0
I'm Not the Only One--0
Happy Together--0
One (Is the Loneliest Number)--0
Hey Man, Nice Shot (Remastered Album Version)--0
Fades Like a Photograph--0
What Do You Say--0
Take a Picture - Radio Edit--0
Welcome To The Foldtrad0
The Better Years--0
Hey Man Nice Shot (1995)--0
Take a Picture (Radio Edit)--0
Take Me To Heaven--0
American Cliche--0
Soldiers of Misfortune--0
Take a Picture (Hybrid mix)--0
Self Inflicted--0
My Life Beforetrad0
Burn It--0
Drug Boytrad0
The Missingtrad0
The Best Thingstrad0
Hey Man, Nice Shottrad0
Lie After Lietrad0
Soldiers Of Misfortunestrad0
Kill The Daytrad0
In Dreamstrad0
What’s Nexttrad0
The Waketrad0
The Inevitable Relapsetrad0
Absentee Fathertrad0
World Todaytrad0
No Lovetrad0
No Re-Entrytrad0
Down With Metrad0
Catch a Falling Knifetrad0
The Trouble With Angelstrad0
Fades Like a Photograph (Dead Angel)trad0
Where Do We Go From Heretrad0
Miss Bluetrad0
Captain Blightrad0
Stuck In Heretrad0
First You Break It--0
It's Gonna Kill Me--0
Take a Picture (Hybrid remix)--0
The Inevitable Relapse (Clayton Worbeck mix)--0
We Hate It When You Get What You Want--0
Watch the Sun Come Out Tonight--0
Take That Knife Out of My Back--0
Dose (album version)--0
Dose (Critter's Mescaline mix)--0
Dose (Lil Critter's instrumental W/Samples)--0
Dose (The Morning After)--0
One (edit)--0
One (LP version)--0
The Best Thing--0
This Finger's For You--0
Shot From the Sun--0
Take Another--0
It's Over--0
White Like That--0
Consider This--0
So Cool--0
Hey Man Nice Shot (Big Mac)--0
Drug Boy (remix)--0
It's Got To Be Right Now--0
I Will Lead You--0
What's Next (The Blood & Sand mix)--0
(Can't You) Trip Like I Do--0
You Walk Away--0
God Damn Me--0
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