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Take Me Outtrad4
Call me - Franz Ferdinand--2
Call Me--2
Michael (live) (Radio Sessions KCRW, California)--2
Stand On The Horizontrad2
The Dark Side Of The Matinee--2
The Outsiderstrad1
Dream Again--1
No You Girlstrad1
Eleanor Put Your Boots On (New Recording)--1
Lucid Dreamstrad1
Dark of the Matinée (Headman rave dub)--1
Right Action--1
Auf Acshetrad1
Love Illuminationtrad1
Auf Achse (Xfm live recording)--1
Your Diarytrad1
Do You Want Totrad1
Come On Hometrad1
Walk Away (radio edit)--0
Walk Away (Acoustic)--0
Dark of the Matinée (Headman synth dub)--0
Truck Stop (Auf Achse)--0
Tell Her Tonight (Live)--0
Darts of Pleasure (home demo)--0
Tell Her Tonight (home demo)--0
Take Me Out (Naoum Gabo Re-version)--0
Tell Her Tonight (original demo)--0
Get Up and Use Me--0
Tell Her Tonight (Paul sings)--0
Better in Hoboken--0
Dark of the Matinée (Headman vocal remix)--0
Get Away--0
This Fffire (Playgroup Remix)--0
Outsiders (Remixed by Isolée)--0
I'm Your Villain (Remixed by Lindstrom)--0
Jacqueline (live)--0
Ghost in a Ditch--0
Fade Together (Avalanches remix)--0
Dark of the Matinée (Headman remix)--0
Outsiders (JD Twitch & The Truffle club's Optimo Refreak)--0
What You Meant (acoustic)--0
Outsiders (Live)--0
Outsiders (Isolée remix)--0
Do You Want to (Erol Alkan's Glam Racket)--0
Darts of Pleasure (cut)--0
Take Me Out (Morgan Geist Re-version)--0
Do You Want To (LTD House re-edit)--0
The Fallen (Justice remix)--0
Do You Want To (Metronomy remix)--0
Do You Want To (Soft Pink Truth remix)--0
Walk Away (album version)--0
The Fallen (album version)--0
Ulysses (Zomby Gloop Remix)--0
This Fire (Live)--0
Lucid Dreams (Live)--0
No You Girls (John Disco Reversion) [Vox]--0
No You Girls (Raffertie Vocal)--0
No You Girls (Trentemøller Mix)--0
What You Meant (Acoustic Version)--0
Can't Stop Feeling (Emperor Machine Inst)--0
The Fallen (Single Edit)--0
The Fallen (Live In Bologna)--0
I'm Your Villian (Remixed by Lindstrom)--0
Darts of Pleasure (Demo)--0
Ulysses (Beyond the Wizards Sleeve Remix)--0
Evil Eye (Live)--0
No You Girls (Juan Maclean Remix)--0
I'm Your Villian--0
No You Girls (Trentmoller Remix Edit)--0
No You Girls (Trentmoller Remix)--0
Can't Stop Feeling (Tom Trago Remix)--0
Lucid Dreams (Mike Fraser Mix)--0
Do You Want To (Max Tundra instrumental remix)--0
No You Girls (Trentemøller remix)--0
Can't Stop Feeling (WhoMadeWho remix)--0
This Fire (Playgroup remix)--0
Do You Want To (Erol Alkan remix)--0
Lucid Dreams (Original Version)--0
Ulysses (Zomby 8 Bit remix)--0
Ulysses (Zomby 92 remix)--0
Can't Stop Feeling (Emperor Machine instrumental)--0
Can't Stop Feeling (Emperor Machine remix)--0
Ulysses (Ella Riot remix)--0
What You Waiting For? (Live)--0
The Dark of the Matinee (Chile Spice Mix)--0
Do You Want To (Max Tundra instrumental)--0
No You Girls (Gatto Fritto remix)--0
No You Girls (Trentemøller remix edit)--0
No You Girls (The Juan MacLean remix)--0
Truck Stop--0
Do You Want To (Max Tundra remix)--0
Darts of Pleasure (Live)--0
What You Waiting For? - Live Lounge--0
Darts of Pleasure / Jacqueline - Live--0
Eleanor Put Your Boots On (Live)--0
Katherine Kiss Me (Live)--0
Lucid Dreams (1)--0
Bite Hard (1)--0
Turn It On (Live)--0
No You Girls - Live from Spotify New York--0
Can't Stop Feeling - Live from Spotify New York--0
Jackie Jackson--0
The Fallen (Ruined by Justice remix)--0
The Fallen (Justice edit)--0
Michael (Simon Bookish version)--0
Hallam Foe Dandelion Blow--0
Bullet - Live from Spotify New York--0
Love Illumination - Live from Spotify New York--0
Right Action - Live from Spotify New York--0
Katherine Kiss Me (1)--0
Evil and a Heathen (1)--0
Brown Onions--0
All My Friends (Franz Ferdinand Version)--0
Fade Together (Avalanches Mix)--0
Walk Away (Live @ Pinkpop 2006)--0
Lazy Boy (Edit)--0
Always Ascending (Edit)--0
Paper Cages--0
Always Ascending - Radio Edit--0
Tell Her Tonight (Demo)--0
Can’t Stop Feeling (1/2)--0
Outsiders (1)--0
You Could Have It So Much Better (1)--0
What You Meant (1)--0
For The Love Of Money--0
Requiem Pour Un Con--0
Ulysses (album version)--0
Michael (album version)--0
Ulysses (radio edit)--0
Eleanor Put Your Boots On (original version)--0
Eleanor Put Your Boots On (radio edit)--0
New Kind of Thrill--0
Anyone in Love--0
Ulysses (Keith & Supabeatz remix)--0
Ulysses (Mickey Moonlight remix)--0
Feeling Kind of Anxious (Ulysses dub mix)--0
Outsiders (JD Twitch and The Truffle club remix)--0
Do You Want To (Max Tundra remix instrumental)--0
Michael (Go Home Productions remix)--0
Sound and Vision--0
The Dark of the Matinée (Headman remix)--0
Outsiders (Ewan Pearson remix)--0
Jeremy Fraser--0
No You Girls (John disco Reversion original Vox)--0
The Fallen (original version)--0
Be Afraid--0
No You Girls (radio mix)--0
No You Girls (John disco Reversion dub)--0
No You Girls (Raffertie remix dub)--0
No You Girls (Raffertie remix vocal)--0
No You Girls (The Grizzl remix)--0
No You Girls (The Grizzl remix radio edit)--0
Your Diary (exclusive track - previously unreleased)--0
Ulysses (The disco Bloodbath Effect)--0
Take Me Out (Naum Gaubo mix)--0
No You Girls (Nôze remix)--0
No You Girls (Vince Clarke remix)--0
What She Came for (Tigerstyle Remix)--0
What She Came for (Drums of Death Remix)--0
No You Girls (Vince Clark remix)--0
What She Came for (Lee Mortimer Vocal Remix)--0
What She Came for (Lee Mortimer Dub)--0
Ulysses (Max Tundra remix)--0
Ulysses (original version)--0
Michael (Thomas Eriksen remix)--0
Right Action (Golden Teacher remix)--0
No You Girls Never Know--0
Treason! Animals--0
Goodbye Lovers and Friends--0
40' - Acoustic Version--0
Auf Achse--0
Feel the Love Go--0
Always Ascending--0
Goodbye Lovers & Friends--0
The Universe Expanded--0
Brief Encounters--0
The Eyes Of Marstrad0
Words So Leisuredtrad0
Van Tangotrad0
Evil Eyetrad0
Fresh Strawberriestrad0
Send Him Away--0
Take Me Out (Live)--0
Fresh Strawberries (Live)--0
No You Girls (Live)--0
Leaving My Old Life Behind--0
Ulysses (Live)--0
Stand On the Horizon (Todd Terje Extended Mix)--0
Right Action (live from Avatar Studios)--0
Erdbeer Mund--0
Demagogue (30 Days, 30 Songs)--0
Walk Away (1)--0
What You Waiting For?--0
Take Me Out (Daft Punk Remix)--0
Lucid Dreams - New Album Version--0
Dark of the Matinée--0
Evil & a Heathen--0
All For You--0
Can't Stop Feeling - Live--0
Swallow, Smiletrad0
Shopping For Bloodtrad0
Walk Awaytrad0
This Boytrad0
Eleanor Put Your Boots Ontrad0
Well That Was Easytrad0
You Could Have It So Much Bettertrad0
I'm Your Villaintrad0
What You Meanttrad0
You're The Reason I'm Leavingtrad0
Evil And a Heathentrad0
Cheating On Youtrad0
The Dark Of The Matinéetrad0
This Firetrad0
Darts Of Pleasuretrad0
The Fallentrad0
40 Fttrad0
Fade Togethertrad0
All For You Sophiatrad0
Katherine Kiss Metrad0
Better On Holidaytrad0
Don't Starttrad0
Missing Youtrad0
Love & Destroytrad0
The Lobster Quadrilletrad0
Live Alonetrad0
Can't Stop Feelingtrad0
Bite Hardtrad0
Twilight Omenstrad0
Turn It Ontrad0
What She Came Fortrad0
Send Hime Awaytrad0
Bullet (live from Avatar Studios)--0
Can’t Stop Feeling (live from Avatar Studios)--0
Evil and a Heathen (Live)--0
The Darts of Pleasure--0
I'm Your Villain (1)--0
Feel the Love Go (Edit)--0
The Dark of the Matinée (Live)--0
Stand On the Horizon (Tom Furse Extrapolation)--0
Swallow Smile--0
Can'™t Stop Feeling (Live)--0
Take Me Out - Live from Spotify New York--0
If I Can't Have You Then Nobody Can--0
Die on the Floor--0
Feel the Pressure--0
Katherine Hit Me--0
Backwards on My Face--0
Ulysses (Disco Bloodbath Effect)--0
Feel the Envy--0
The Fallen (Live)--0
No You Girls (live from Avatar Studios)--0
Evil Eye (In Flagranti Rework)--0
Evil Eye (The New Sins FREAK Dub)--0
Evil Eye (The New Sins FREAK Version)--0
Bullet (live From Konk)--0
Fresh Strawberries (live From Konk)--0
Do You Want To (Erol Alkan's Glam Racket remix)--0
Do You Want To (live From Konk)--0
Evil Eye (Alan Braxe Dub)--0
Evil Eye (Alan Braxe Remix)--0
Right Action (Liv Spencer rework)--0
Brief Encounters (Live)--0
Auf Achse (Live)--0
Right Action (Liv Spencer dub)--0
Right Action (Matias Aguayo remix)--0
Tell Her Tonighttrad0
Right Action (Zero Set remix)--0
You Never Go Out Anymore--0
The Fallen (radio edit)--0
All for You, Sophia--0
Lazy Boy--0
You're the Reason I'm Leaving (1)--0
Medley: Darts of Pleasure / Jacqueline (Live)--0
Love Illumination (live from Avatar Studios)--0
Goodbye Lovers and Friends (Live)--0
Bullet (Live)--0
Take Me Out (live from Avatar Studios)--0
No You Girls (album version)--0
Feeling Kind of Anxious--0
Love Illumination (Live)--0
Do You Want To (Live)--0
Right Action (Live)--0
Stand On the Horizon (Live)--0
Fabulously Lazy--0
The Vaguest of Feeling--0
Sexy Boy--0
Treason! Animals. (Live)--0
Love and Destroy (Live)--0
Wine In The Afternoon--0
The Fallen (Ruined by Justice)--0
This Fffire (Rich Costey Re-Record)--0
L. Wells--0
Take Me Out (acoustic version)--0
Walk Away (Live)--0
All My Friends--0
Forty Feet--0
This Fffire--0
Evil Eye (Todd Terje Extended Mix)--0
No You Girls (Raffertie Remix)--0
The Fallen (acoustic)--0
Love and Destroy--0
Take Me Out (Naum Gabo Remix)--0
Michael (Live)--0
Ulysses (Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve Re-Animation)--0
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