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[Chorus: 50 Cent]

Aint it amazing, how crazy, the hood dun made me
Feels like my emotions are froze
I stay G'd Up
Its the things that I seen
And the shit ive been through that made my heart turn cold
I stay G'd Up,
I'm a gangsta ya find out fo sho if u eva step on my toes
I stay G'd Up,
When im hanigin' out tha window wit that AK
Fillin ya punk ass wit holes
I stay G'd Up

[50 Cent]

Cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, marijuana,
Mule on that Greyhound from the N-Y to the Carolinas,
Paper chase, different name
Same face, don't catch a case
My road dog's on parole
His baby gurls 4 years old
We play tha block, pistol cocked
You could shoot or get shot
Kill u for ur crack spot
Take everything your ass got
Semi-automatic spray
Bust back or run away
Niggaz talkin in tha hood
We'll handle his another day
In November, you make my shitlist
You did, you can cancel christmas
I'll send you a gift
Niggaz will come and leave yo' ass twisted
Dem hollowtip shells burn baby burn
As a nigga get murked, a babies born and tha world turns
I seen it all crystal clear
So I keep my pistol near
Hearts never full of fear
Homie I stay well aware
Of whats goin around me, muthafuckas want me dead
I go with a smile on my face, finish my time kid

Lil nigga I dun paved the way, y'all should thank 'em,
But if u think otherwise bring ya boy over here so i could
spank 'em
I'll put a end to your career bitch (bitch)
Before you speak on 50, buy .40 and a spare clip
These niggaz gassed up
Gettin too used to rap
Like I wont give them more blood clots than supercat
Niggaz'll snatch ya
I'm like a backcatcher (nigga)
I'll give a sign and they'll throw sumthin at ya
Round here niggaz die off hydro
And even when it aint 4th of July it sound like pyro
I'm smart enuff to creep and lay your dumb brains down
The pound (will) spin u around like tha young James Brown
I know im hot but hey (hey)
I'm icy too
Rocks will hit u from a block away
Like a beat from Dr.Dre
We takin' over this year
K's and the soldiers is here
Everyone knows that your scared (yeah)!


[Young Buck]
My popa never bothered to show me what it was to be a man
He just pop another bottle n smoke up a half a gram
I would hop in my Impala and ride all through the night
They gave my homeboy life
So when you do it do it right,
My fingernails still filled with cocaine residue
I still got tha heart to go and bust me a head or two (fo
No other solution
You think we hollerin n hootin'
Until you wake up (buck!)
Then you gotta here about these shootings
I take a pull from a loose one
And put tha clip in my pocket
Before I take another bullet I'm gonna pull it and pop it
And if its beef my nigga
Then let your guns do ya talkin'
The graveyard has got plenty room for a coffin (haha)
They say we responsible for boostin tha crime rate
They say that we da reason why these young niggaz buying
But im gonna keep this glock on my waist till my dyin'day
Its "Nuttin But A G Thang" G-Unit And Dr.Dre

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Reproduction parole interdite sans autorisation. Writer(s): CURTIS JACKSON, SCOTT STORCH, ANDRE ROMELL YOUNG, MICHAEL ELIZONDO, COREY LLOYD, DAVID BROWN Lyrics powered by
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G-Unit - G'd Up paroles
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