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Halestorm lyrics
Fiche de Halestorm


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Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover--2
All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You--2
Break In--1
Don't Know How to Stop--1
I Miss The Miserytrad1
I Am The Firetrad1
I Forgive You--1
Mistress for Christmas--1
Here's To Us - feat. Slash--0
Bet U Wish U Had Me Back - Live Room Version--0
Love Bites [So Do I] - Live Room Version--0
I Get Off - Live Room Version--0
Bet U Wish U Had Me Back (Rock radio version)--0
The Silence--0
Dirty Mind (Bonus Track)--0
I Bleed--0
No Clue--0
Boom City (Live from Philly 2010)--0
Familiar Taste of Poison (Live)--0
Not Enough--0
Rose in December--0
Gold Dust Woman--0
Bet You Wish You Had Me Back--0
Time Man--0
Takes My Life (Live)--0
Hate It When You See Me Cry--0
White Dress--0
You and I Could Fly--0
Unbreakable Promises--0
Bet U Wish U Had Me Back (Live From Philly 2010)--0
Show Me--0
Here's To Us (Live Room Version)--0
Blue Eyes--0
Empire State of Mind--0
Dirty Work (Live from Philly 2010)--0
Tell Me Where It Hurts (Live from Philly 2010)--0
Better Sorry Than Safe (Live from Philly 2010)--0
Nothing to Do With Love (Live from Philly 2010)--0
I'm Not an Angel (Live from Philly 2010)--0
It's Not You (Live from Philly 2010)--0
Innocence (Live from Philly 2010)--0
Here's to Us (Bonus Track)--0
Here's to Us (NOW What's Next Bonus Track)--0
Scream (Live from Chicago)--0
Everytime You Close Your Eyes--0
Takes My Life--0
The Hand--0
I Get Off (live)--0
Better Sorry Than Safe (live)--0
Blue Eyes (Live)--0
Show Me (Live)--0
Freak Like Me (Acoustic) [Live from Chicago]--0
I Am the Fire (Live from Chicago)--0
I Love You All the Time (Play It Forward Campaign) [Live]--0
Hell Is For Children--0
Familiar Taste of Poison (Live from Philly 2010)--0
I Get Off (Live from Philly 2010)--0
I Love You All the Time (Live) [Play It Forward Campaign]--0
As the Eagle Flies--0
Conversation Over (Bonus Track)--0
It's Not You (Live)--0
The Hand (Live)--0
Pieces of Change--0
Familiar Taste of Poison (radio version)--0
Ride the Lightning--0
Dear Daughter (Video Version)--0
Love/Hate Heartbreak (Live from Philly 2010)--0
Empire State Of Mind - Live Room Version--0
Private Partstrad0
Rock Showtrad0
I Hate It When You See Me Crytrad0
In Your Roomtrad0
Beautiful With Youtrad0
Mz. Hydetrad0
Love Bites (So Do I)--0
Dear Daughter--0
Sick Individual--0
You Call Me a Bitch Like It's a Bad Thing--0
I Like It Heavy--0
Bad Romance--0
Freak Like Metrad0
Better Sorry Than Safetrad0
Familiar Taste Of Poisontrad0
Here's To Ustrad0
American Boystrad0
I Get Offtrad0
Daughters Of Darknesstrad0
Love Bites(So Do I)trad0
It's Not Youtrad0
Bet U Wish U Had Me Backtrad0
Love/Hate Heartbreaktrad0
Conversation Overtrad0
Dirty Mindtrad0
Dirty Worktrad0
Tell Me Where It Hurtstrad0
Nothing To Do With Lovetrad0
What Were You Expectingtrad0
I'm Not An Angeltrad0
What Sober Couldn’t Say--0
Bad Girls World--0
Slave to the Grind--0
Black Vultures--0
Heart Of Novocaine--0
Here's to Us (Guest Version)--0
Shoot To Thrill--0
I Want You (She's So Heavy)--0
Tell Me Where It Hurts (Bonus Track)--0
Killing Ourselves To Live--0
Shadows of My Heart--0
In Your Room - Live Room Version--0
Drunk Pretty--0
Beautiful with You (Live from Chicago)--0
Out ta Get Me--0
Fell On Black Days--0
Dissident Aggressor--0
Straight Through the Heart--0
Still of the Night--0
New Modern Love--0
Jump the Gun--0
Private Parts (feat. James Michael of Sixx:A.M.)--0
Gonna Get Mine--0
Private Parts - feat. James Michael of Sixx:A.M. [Bonus Track]--0
The Reckoning--0
What Were You Expecting?--0
Get Lucky--0
Hate It When You See Me Cry (Bonus Track)--0
I Hate Myself For Loving You--0
Do Not Disturb--0
Don't Know How To Stop (Bonus Track)--0
Hunger Strike--0
Shout It Out--0
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