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Seven Enemies--1
Confide in No One--1
Honor Never Dies--1
Destroy Everything (live)--1
Looking Down the Barrel of Today--1
Empty Promises--0
Burn the Lies--0
Hallow Ground--0
Kill an Addict--0
Under the Knife--0
Conceived Through An Act of Violence--0
Last Breath--0
Suicidal Maniac--0
Evil Minds--0
Rat Pack--0
Worlds Apart--0
Mark My Words--0
This Is Now (Live)--0
Burial for the Living--0
Afflicted Past--0
Escape (New Diehard Edit)--0
Every Lasting Scar--0
Words Became Untruth--0
Condemned Until Rebirth--0
I'm in Pain--0
New Hate Rising--0
Give Wings to My Triumph--0
The Most Truth--0
Spitting Venom--0
Bloodsoaked Memories--0
Judgement Strikes (Unbreakable)--0
Set It Off--0
Lay It All to Waste (New Diehard 2010 Version)--0
Preservation of Belief (New Diehard 2010 Version)--0
Supertouch/shitfit (bad Brains)--0
Refuse / Resist (sepultura)--0
To The Threshold (live 2009)--0
Suicidal Maniac (suicidal Tendencies)--0
Live for This (Live)--0
Life Is Pain--0
Ghost of War--0
Escape (metallica)--0
Evil Minds (d.r.i)--0
Words Became Untruth [Explicit]--0
Honor Never Dies (Live At Wacken 2014)--0
A Call For Blood - Live - Explicit--0
Last Breath - Live--0
Thirsty & Miserable--0
Sick Of Talk (negative Approach)--0
Tear It Down - Album Version (Edited)--0
Outro (Hatebreed/ Perseverance)--0
Condemned Until Rebirth (Bonus Track)--0
Remain Nameless - Album Version (Edited)--0
A Call For Blood - Album Version (Edited)--0
Facing What Consumes You - Album Version (Edited)--0
Doomsayer - Album Version (Edited)--0
Voice of Contention - Album Version (Edited)--0
A Call For Blood - Live - Clean--0
All I Had I Gave (crowbar)--0
Defeatist (live)--0
The Most Truth (live)--0
To the Threshold (live)--0
Boxed In--0
Sick of Talk--0
I Will Be Heard (Live)--0
Your Mistake--0
Merciless Tide--0
Pollution of the Soul--0
Nothing Scars Me (Commentary)--0
Set It Off (madball)--0
Remain Nameless--0
Healing to Suffer Again--0
Escape (Diehard edit)--0
Below the Bottom--0
Final Prayer (feat. Kerry King)--0
Shut Me Out--0
Smash Your Enemies--0
Walking the Knife--0
Idolized and Vilified--0
To the Threshold--0
The Apex Within--0
From Grace We've Fallen--0
Put It to the Torch--0
Supremacy of Self--0
No Halos for the Heartless--0
A Call for Blood--0
As Diehard as They Come--0
Become the Fuse--0
Horrors of Self--0
Nothing Scars Me--0
Something's Off--0
Before the Fight Ends You--0
Dead Man Breathing--0
Never Let It Die--0
Tear It Down--0
This Is Now--0
Everyone Bleeds Now--0
Live for This--0
Destroy Everything--0
I Will Be Heard--0
Another Day, Another Vendetta--0
In Ashes They Shall Reap--0
Straight to Your Face--0
Voice of Contention--0
Choose or Be Chosen--0
Beholder of Justice--0
Facing What Consumes You--0
A Lesson Lived Is a Lesson Learned--0
Hollow Ground--0
Slaughtered in Their Dreams--0
It's the Limit--0
Hear Me--0
Between Hell and a Heartbeat--0
Divine Judgment--0
Mind Over All--0
Not One Truth--0
Prepare for War--0
Driven By Suffering--0
Hands of a Dying Man--0
We Still Fight--0
You Are Never Alonetrad0
Betrayed By Life--0
Bitter Truth--0
In the Walls--0
Serve Your Masters--0
Final Prayer--0
The Divinity of Purpose--0
Immortal Enemies--0
Ghosts of War--0
Thirsty and Miserable--0
Before Dishonor--0
Boundless (Time To Murder It)--0
Own Your World--0
The Language--0
All I Had I Gave--0
Not My Master--0
Ghosts Of War (slayer)--0
As Diehard As They Come (live 2009)--0
You're Never Alone--0
Remember When--0
Us Against Us--0
Through the Thorns--0
As Damaged as Me--0
Bound to Violence--0
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